An Educated woman of 53..

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brings shame to her country.

Can any reason be good enough ?


Where will this end ?

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Yesterday while flipping channels , we saw on one of the hindi news channels , that a crane fell over a car and the car was completely crushed. Any human would feel sad and painful looking at such a sight. We thought the channel was as usual criticising the authorties for not taking proper care. But what followed in the news was just too disgusting. The host of the show was asking a quiz question , “what do you think would have happened to those in car ?” sms Y for …

Freedom of press , is this it is for mock over human lives ?


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Your little hands that curl up my fingers,
Your tiny feet which tickle with a tap,
Your bright smile with tinkle in your eyes,
My heart melts with your kisses wet,
Your non stop chatter , with curious what and why,
Your ways to need me , to hug me and to snuggle,
The things that you do and the child that are YOU,
All make me wonder , if this is true!!
My little wonder, I love you !!

P.S :My submission here.

Too cute to be lunch bags ..

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check out here

Baby Shower ,Awards ,gift and a bit more

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Writer’s block is what I am going through I guess. Either I don’t have much to write or I dont have the time. I wonder when this will end. It will end some day for sure , that I know.
Meanwhile , please bear with me. As for now , here are tiny winy updates.

I received my Indus Lady Cap as a participation gift in women’s day contest for this piece of writing. Its a lovely cap , but I have been forgetting to click a pic everyday. Thanks a lot Indus Ladies !

We did a (Surprise ?) Baby shower for COS on 10th Apr and had loads and loads of fun. Wishing COS a happy baby !

I have registered to online library called Library Wala and have already finished reading my first book from them, which was India’s Bandit Queen ๐Ÿ™‚

Aryan is on vacation and is expecting lots and lots of my time. He is cuddling and talking a lot and we are also trying to do a bit of activities too ๐Ÿ™‚

Swaram has awarded me
and called me beautiful blogger ..awww

Passing it to Priya , Uma , MM, Pixie and COS!

Before this MM and Priya awarded me for the following :

Passing it to Swaram , Starry and MM.

And this one goes to all those who made it to COS baby know who you are !

And finally I thank MM, Priya and Swaram officially here for having me on their minds!

Toilet train at night ?

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Aryan has been diaper free during day for long long time now. But we still use diapers at night. All ideas to toilet train him at night are welcome. Needless to say I am a sleepaholic and once I sleep I cannot get up on my own i.e . with out a alarm or shake. But I do get up when Aryan calls me , even from my deepest sleep.


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On 22nd March , early in the morning , in our balcony.

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