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Taking a Break !

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Hi Everyone , Thanks for checking on me. Special thanks to DDMom for doing a post too. I was just trying to get a better URL , but then something went wrong and I could not revert to the previous one.Anyways , I like this better πŸ™‚ What do you say?

And yes, the big news is , I am taking a break. As I said earlier , office has restricted internet access now.I do have internet at home but I can hardly find time. I feel like spending all my time with Aryan.

So I have decided to take a sweet break.Time frame is not decided, but I will sure write in sometime.Anyways, I will be travelling for 20 days in November.

Heartfelt thanks to all who drop by…one word from you makes my day πŸ™‚

Inhuman Cops :(

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Ten policemen have been convicted by a court in Delhi for killing two innocent businessmen in the ten-year-old sensational Connaught Place shootout case. Read the full piece of news here.The widow of the victim explained , as to how one usual day turned out to be a nightmare for her life.

I do not know the inside out of this story ,except what I read and saw onTV , but then killing innocent people for the sake of promotions is beyond my imagination. What can promotion mean …ohh yes..may be it meant more black money for some.

I know there is a lot of debate about encounters and fake encounters , but what about this. Killing someone , planting pistols in their car and expecting promotions ..and they even did not take care of basics like firing some shots from the planted pistol. May be they were trying to copy some Ram Gopal Varma movie , without applying their own brains.Heights of inhumanity and insensitivity ..:(

Sweet Unexpected Prizes

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Last week was a Health week in our company. As part of that there was an online health quiz. So , I don’t think I am a health concious person , but I just attemped for time pass. To my surprise , I was one among the winner. But wait …so what, there were sixteen other winners too..heheh..they declared everyone who passed in first division as winners and I just made it. But still it was a sweet surprise and also made me feel happy that I am in top 17 among the 300 who attempted the quiz , when we consider the knowledge about health …well, not about if we apply that knowledge πŸ˜›

And the prize thats also not something to feel great about ..a water bottle that’s used by gymmers and joggers with a logo and a caption “Stay Fit” ..but then a prize is a prize ..right ?

TV Nostalgia

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NM’s post about a TV serial, brought back some fond memories, mostly of Doordarshan. There were certain shows which still stand unforgettable even today.

β€œKashish” : Sudesh Beri and Malvika Tiwari played the lead roles. It had just 6 episodes but you feel so connected as if you know them from ages. A director falling in love with his heroine, so well acted and directed. The title track was great, and portrayed the emotions well …”Na Jane Kyo , ek Kashish si hai …Dil haule se dastak deta hai ...” That was my favourite TV serial ever. You may blame it to my age then πŸ˜‰ though I still cannot resist love stories πŸ˜›

β€œFauji” : Shahrukh khan got introduced and became the talk of the school πŸ™‚

β€œCircus” : Who can forget that. Renuka Shahney , Shahrukh Khan and so many others became a part of our lives then.

β€œNukad” : Again Renuka Shahney and who can forget Khopari …the drunkard.

β€œDard” : Never watched the serial but loved the title track ..”Dil ka ek chehra dikhayi dega, Dard bola toh sunai dega …” wonderfully sung by Jagjit Singh.

β€œMrugnayani” : Ohh I became a fan of Pallavi Joshi since then , she looked beautiful.

β€œSwabhimaan” : One of its kind. First fancy serial on DD. Time was odd and so I never watched it , but I remember how the Rishab (Rohit Roy) of the serial made my friends crazy.

There have been certain small screen heros and heroines who have been my favourites for no obvious reasons :

Pallavi Joshi – β€œMrugnayani” fame
Kitu Gidwani – β€œSwabhimaan” and β€œShaktimaan” is all I can remember
Renuka Shahney – Circus, β€œNukad”, β€œKora Kagaj” and the movie “Hum aake Hain Kaun
Gracy Singh – β€œLaagaan” fame ..was first seen in TV serial β€œAmanat”
Malvika Tiwari – Probably due to β€œKashish” πŸ˜›
Off recent Prachi Desai – β€œKasam se”..Daily soap on Zee

Guys …

Sudesh Beri – Again for β€œKashish”
Maamik – Big brother from “Jo jeeta wohi Sikandar” and “Kya Kehna” was earlier a TV actor.
Ashutosh Gowarikar – When he had hair πŸ˜› Was seen in CID
Ronit Roy – Yes Yes …Mr Bajaj of “Kausauti..” fame.

There are a lot more ..cannot recall all ..What do you say ?


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You Google on …

“What makes a good mom”

Others in the list are :

“tara montessori hsr”
“silky hair fetish”
“when is the”best age to learn””
“books vs mind”
“sparrows hsr layout”
“guess middle name mind tricks”
“Childhood is the best age of all”
“how girls should not get attached too easily”
“I am judgemental”
“define good mother”
“tirupati woodside”
“tirupati mundan”
“blog confessions of my mind”
“Hindi Religious Storybooks”

Well , some of them are valid and they did improved on some, but still it was good fun checking them out πŸ™‚

Food Food Food …

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I am a hardcore foodie…you name any dish..ofcourse salads and soups are not included ..and what you get to hear from me …”Wow..thats my favourite”,”Aree waah…” and similiar sorts of statements..:-P My husbands says , “Is there anything , thats not your favourite , especially among the sweets.”..*sob*

Tell me , if your kids would react like that to foods , how would you react ? You sure will be the happiest Momma on earth. And even my Mom was. Whenever I used to get home from hostel, I would have something ready especially for me. My brother would tease me , that this “Kheer” or “Rajma” were prepared 2 days back and since no one liked it , we kept that for you. And you think I would give an ear to him …well thats not me…I would happily have whatever it is πŸ™‚

In college , I would cover my books with mother diary advertisements ..those tempting ice cream…*slurp*…and the explanation was I feel good to see them when I I get bored of reading. Before I had a kid , my wall papers would either have a landscape or a tempting ice cream.
But now things are not same. I was always a chubby little girl , but then no one wants a chubby big Mom or a Chubby (*fat*) big Wife. All that I ate then and all that I eat now , is showing everywhere. And I know well , that except for others , I need to reduce it for my own self too.
My father , my husband and all those who care for me , would tell me every alternate week (sometimes every week too) and all that it does is , it irritates me , coz I know what they have been telling and everything around me reminds me of that , especially my wardrobe 😦
And what do I do about it..barely anything. Yes I do try to control. Every afternoon , I would make resolutions like “to not to have sweets from tomorrow.” , “to have just one bite” , “to quit rice” etc etc. I may succeed for a day or two but then what do I do with my taste buds ..*sigh* ..why the hell can I be not determined.
So , since yesterday I have decided to quit sugar in milk..lets see for how long.

Whats My Colour ..

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Lets play a game πŸ™‚

WHITE __ straight forward
BLUE __ lovable
BLACK __ mysterious
RED __ hot/sexy
PINK __ pretty
GREEN __ sweet
PURPLE __ flirt
BROWN __ cool
ORANGE __ caring
MAROON __ attractive
GREY __ talkative
GOLDEN __ sharp
SILVER __ trust worthy
YELLOW __ understanding
RUST __ reserve

Scrap me back ANY 3 colors which you think I am..

Restricted Internet Access

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Sad news is ..My office has restricted internet access for personal use. So I am not able to read from all my friends regularly…SORRYYYY FRIENDS ..I AM THE ONLY LOOSER THOUGH…and I may even not be able to write regulary in future..*sob* *sob*

How to Train Parents

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Tricks our kids may use on us…funny article …must read !

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