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Nicknames tag passed on to me by Kodi. I have always loved nicknames and I myself have many. I think nicknames are nothing but an expression of love by our near and dear ones. Some of them are temporary while others stick forever.Ofcourse , at a certain age , we can find them embarrassing, especially since they do not suit the age and time then.Even I know a few 50 years old Baby(s) and Pappu(s).So I always thought I would get Aryan a nick name which will not get embarrasing with time. But we could not stick to a nick name for him and so though he has many , none of them is a permanent one.

I know there are different school of thoughts about it and probably thats why Kodi’s Mom called it as the most embarrasing tag ever. So I dropped the idea of writing this post on Times of Aryan. Since Aryan might grow up with a different opinion and would not like to read this post.

So here I go with all the new/old temporary funny / not-so-funny nicknames of Aryan.

Nanmun – Before he was born and before we knew he was a HE or a SHE , we called him Nanmum (Little one) This one lasted till he got his actual name. People who have not been informed of his real name (Friends/Relatives who contact us once in years), still know him as Nanmun.

Vishu and Veduu – As per horoscope , his name should have been from the letter ‘V’ , so this is what we initially thought of calling him.

Aru – Shortened version of Aryan.Anupam and I somestimes call him by this name.

Chotu (small) – Aryan’s Nana, Nani and Mamu usually address him as Chotu only. Definitely I do not want this one to stick with him.

Meethu (sweet) , Betu (son – malformed from ‘Beta’) and Pyaru (Lovable) – Aryan’s Taiji coined all these terms and his dada dadi also calls him Betu.

Baeboo – Aryan’s Papa calls him Baeboo , a malformed version of the word Baby.His dadi loved it and picked it.Definitely I do not want this one too to stick with him.

Kutti Baby – His caretaker calls him with this name.

Editted to Add :
Ganja Man – Anupam started calling him this after his Mundan and this still continues since Aryan has less hair.

Puchu Baby – Another name given to him by Papa.

Bhaiya – His Nanu -Nani calls him Bhaiya ..strange isn’t it..even I think so.

RoluPolu,Sonu,RajaBeta,Chuha (rat), khargosh(rabbit),Teddy Bear are some more used by me once in a while.

Now I pass this on to Trishna , NanhiPari ,JustLikeThat and WhatsinAName.


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