Whats on my mind literally ?

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The house ..we bought a new house (our first !) that will be our home from next month ! Its a dream come true. All the energy and thoughts these days is to get that ready. Majority of the work will be done by month end and rest we will keep doing as we go.

The kids ..so much is changing with both of them every single day.

He is growing up to be handome and smart. Always excited and happy and full of energy. May be in the second best phase of his childhood after the baby phase. He turns 6 tomorrow. His needs are aΒ lot of time especially with so much happening in school. However he is happy with his ownself nowadays. I am loving him the way he is now πŸ™‚

She is growing up to be naughty. A fussy eater. A charmer. She is on my mind even when she is not around.Β Her smiles keep me going even at midnights πŸ˜›

The job ..which I intend to change. I actually can change today(have something in hand). Just that I need a little more push and support from near and dear ones.

The husband ..who hardly gets any time from me these days and vice versa. Hope to spend more time with him once we settle down in our nest.

And there is more ..the future, the daycare that the kids will soon have to start and that we need to hunt , studies of the elder one , development of the younger one , the corners of the new house that are shaping up in my imaginations , the time which is always less with so much to do, the blog that has been neglected for too long now , the kids blog that is not been updated as often as it should be , my weight that I should loose and what not.

That was what is on my mind literally ..whats on your mind ?



10 things ..

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…that I wish to do in next 2 months

1. Set up the house completely and make it baby proof at the same time. There will not be any time for another iteration.
2. Get whatever is needed to make the stay of parents comfortable.
3. Train my cook well , request her to take care of some additional tasks (with extra pay) while I am on bed.
4. Find a full time househelp.
5. Spend lots and lots of time with Aryan. He will never get this kind of attention again !
6. Make sure that Anupam can manage to send Aryan school alone. Ofcourse he does a lot of it even now , but then I am around. Relief is that Aryan will hopefully have Dushera vacations then.
7. Paint 3 T-shirts , 2 for baby and 1 for Aryan. I painted 3 T-shirts before Aryan was born and I want to be fair to the second one too.
8. Do some crafts with Aryan , some greeting cards preferably.
9. Buy the stuff that we would need soon after the delivery for baby and myself Stock the baby basics , nappies , diapers , clothes , sheets etc etc , washed and packed.
10. Visit a baby store and drool over the stuff and imagine about the baby πŸ™‚

Two-third of the journey almost done !

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And how do I feel ? For past 2-3 days I feel like crying at the drop of a hat. Every single thing is making me cry and I am surprised at myself. For eg , I ordered something from a menu and it was not available and tears started rolling off my eyes πŸ˜› And I am feeling like dejected and angry with all , esp the poor husband 😦

The other things that we have to do in last few months are making my mood swings worse. Like house hunting and the stress of packing and unpacking. Like Aryan’s birthday which I wanted to be GRAND this year but husband is not agreeing since that would tire me out. Like the excitement of having a new baby soon and making the house baby ready and the impatience that has started kicking in πŸ™‚

Health is mostly fine except the minor aches that start appearing with the heavy body. Getting sleep at night is becoming tough and so is waking up in mornings. Have been experiencing BH from 3 weeks now and thats quite a new experience for me , since first time they appeared only in last month and that too I was not really sure if they were BH.

I have a doctor’s appointment on thursday and then I would know how much I gained this month πŸ˜€ I do show a lot in few of my dresses and do not show as much in others but Anupam feels that I did gain a lot this month. So making myself ready for doctor’s bashing πŸ˜€

Rest is all good πŸ™‚

Halfway :)

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Yeah ..I am already halfway and it deserves a post atleast. These 20 weeks have been full of ups and downs in my life.

There was a lot of stress at work. And I spent most of my time thinking about those things. There were times when I felt that I am doing injustice to the baby by not thinking about her/him as often as I should.

On top of that I had nausea , especially in the evenings and lots of acidity and gas. And my cook decided to leave us alone when we needed her most. Ofcourse together we managed the cooking somehow.

All this left little time for us to really realize that I am expecting and so time passed pretty fast. The baby however decided to tell mumma about her/his existence in 16th week , earlier than mumma thought. May be because mumma used to keep forgeting about her.

Since then she gives me a knock off and on whenever she wants attention. Since then mumma has decided to dedicate some of her time thinking about the little one.

The older brother however makes sure that we talk about baby every single day. Earlier it was mainly about excitement and waiting. In between he suddenly became envious. Then one day he told that the baby is bad since he is making the wait too long and not coming out πŸ™‚
These days suddenly the baby is not that bad again. He loves to know about the size of the baby and I used to give him comparison with fruits , inspired by baby center’s news letter.
So yesterday when I told him that baby is as big as a banana, he could not think of a fruit longer than that. So he was like now baby should come out πŸ™‚

We will have our next scan this month end and this time we plan to take Aryan with us. I am all excited to see how my kids react when they see each other for first time πŸ˜› , well not literally though πŸ™‚

So long , so good ..keeping my fingers crossed.

Sibling Rivalary

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I expected this but not so soon. These days if I am slightly loud with him , his response comes as one of these “Baby se gussa ho mujhse nahi” , “Baby ko daanto mujhe nahi” , “Baby bad hai” , “Aap keval mujh se paaru karo , baby se nahi”

And most of these times the reason for the scolding or me being loud has nothing to do with baby. The baby is no where in picture, but the elder brother blames the baby for everything. Sometimes he has gone to the extent of slapping my tummy , since that represents the baby.

I need to learn to handle this. Any suggestions are welcome.

Lets talk of Good things first !

March 28, 2011 at 3:29 pm | Posted in Aryan ka Baby | 25 Comments

I know most of you have guessed it already from my obviously obvious hint on this post. Yeah , Aryan ka baby is on its way(JLT , I hope you remember your promise !!). And no prizes for guessing who is most excited. The guy comes and gives n number of kisses on my tummy, n number of times in a day. I really wonder how will the little one survive so many kisses once she is born.

I have completed 13 weeks today and it was a long wait for me to digest the news for so long especially from my blog buddies. It was like I have so much to say but my lips are stitched πŸ™‚

How am I doing this time ? Oh I so much aggree with whoever said that each preganany is different. I was not pukish and tired during the beginings. But I am feeling a lot tired and pukish these days. I had bad bad acidity during the begining and thats a bit relaxed now. What ever I eat leaves a lingering taste in my mouth and it refuses to go. I hate apples , as much as I loved them during the first time. Past few days I have been having lots of mood swings and temper tantrums. I pity and LUUUUUUUVVVVVV my little guy for bearing it all and still running to get me water when I puke.

So thats about it , I have a lot of things to say about the other things happening in life but lets not mix the good and not so good πŸ™‚

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