Rains ..Then and now

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When I was a kid ..rains meant ..

paper boats

frogs , yellow ones and tadpoles

Ants ..loads of them and sitting in dark to avoid them and cuddling and joking with each other and stamping on ants when they find their way inside.

puddles and jumping in them

getting wet on way back to school and shivering in the living room to make mummy shout at us for making everything wet and for taking bath soon to avoid cold and we secretly enjoying that

rain coats ..the blue one

walking in water thats upto the knee in school and collecting the red flowers that will fall off the trees

or a rainy day holiday from school that some one would inform while we were already half way and that would bring the biggest grin possible.

Now ..rains mean..

clothes in the balcony that will not dry for 2 days

kids who will soon catch cold

Ants …when near my elder one ..make him freak and when near my younger one , make me freak.

puddles ..that make me worry about my footwear and dress

getting wet and making my house wet…and kids getting wet and catching cold

maid who is the only one to still claim a rainy day holiday

When did I stop enjoying simple pleasures of nature ? Is that what adulthood does to you 😦


Childhood memories – Tulika Blogathon 4

June 23, 2010 at 10:02 am | Posted in Blogging, Childhood, Memories | 8 Comments

Tulika is looking for rhymes in various indian languages. So below are few which have so many memories attached to them.

There are perhaps the first two or among the first few rhymes that me and my brother heard as babies.

The Moon that fascinate everyone as a kid :

chanda mama door ke
paue pakaye boor ke
aap khaye thali mein
munne ko de pyali mein
pyali gayi toot
munna gaya rooth
nayi pyali layenge
munne ko manayenge

And elephant , we always wanted elephant to come home and so it goes like this:

Haati raja kahan chale ,
sund utha ke kahan chale ,
kaan hila ke kahan chale,
mere ghar aa jao na ,
halwa poori khao na.

Apart from that , we heard “aate baate” , “aaja ri nindariya” and “akad bakad” several times as kids. My husband on the other hand has fond memories of “gala goli kali gaye …kana patti kana patti Kurrrrr” but we do not remember the complete wordings.

Then as I became about 5 years these were my favourites.

Here 3 or more kids used to play together. 2 kids join hand and make a gate and sing the following. While rest of the kids walk under the gate around the gatemen.

Poshampa bhai poshampa ,
Dhakuo ne kya kiya
Sau rupaye ki ghadi churai
aath aane ki rabadi khayi
ab toh jail mein aana padega
jail ki roti khani padegi
jail ka paani peena padega

And then the gate will close to catch any of the kid who is taking rounds between the four arms , while the challenge for the kids who takes round is to escape.

And then there was a clapping chant in school. I forgot how we used to clap but I can remember the words :

Aa meena , meena ka paala,
isnowwhite , kamyaab , kamyaab,

(now faster clapping and singing)
Aa meena , meena ka paala,
isnowwhite , kamyaab , kamyaab.

Do share your childhood memories.

School Nostalgia

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Like I said Aryan will be starting his school this week. So this weekend we were supposed to buy his school supplies. Nothing much is required for nursery except a bag , tiffin and water bottle. And I was mighty excited and impatient to finish the shopping. My husband told me , you are more excited than Aryan. OFCOURSE I WAS!!! To Aryan school is just another word , that he has recently added to his english vocabulary.

But to me, for me school brings nostalgia. Friends , masti , fights , crushes , favourite and hated teachers , their saris and sandals, favourite stories , games etc etc.

And a new year meant lot of shopping , just for my own self.Books , notebooks , bags , bottle , tiffin ,uniform etc.

I remember every year how excited I was when the new session would begin. We will buy books , cover them , put labels , write names , pack them nicely in school bags. Everything was so exciting for me. I used to admire my new books and notebooks, cover them with brown paper carefully. The selection of labels/name slips (Chits , as we called them then) used to be a major point of interest for me. I used to pick the cutest ones. And then another major point of interest was what slip to put on what notebook/book. Yeah ..funny it may sound today but my favourite subject like English / science should get the cutest chit on the notebook. And the hated subjects like maths can have a slip with a dragon picture. It also depended on teachers. My favourite teachers should see cutest pictured name slips on my notebook.

And school bags , we were not supposed to buy new school bags every year , since my parents believed in spending judiciously and bags won’t worn out every year. But once in 2-3 years there used to be a new bag. The selection of school bag was quite a task. And then the new bag was handled with utmost care for an year. The second year though , it was handled roughly , in the hope that we would get a new one next year πŸ˜›

When we young , selection of water bottles and tiffins, admiring water bottles of friends was major fun. What colour water bottle should I buy , should / should not it have a straw and important decisions like these would take lot of my time. Again water bottles and tiffins would last more than an year and so I would get a chance to make this descisions once in few years and I used to give them my best πŸ™‚ And then came the fashion of owning a milton water bottle. It was good the first year as we enjoyed the cold water but became so boring the following years. Those bottles were costly and supposed to be used for longer, plus everyone had the same colour and design 😦

Now that Aryan would go to school , I plan to relive parts of my school life. And so we went shopping for Aryan. First destination was staples though we ran back from there without looking back. The smallest school bag was 1200/- :-O :-O I realized that not only I would relive my school life but I would also face what my parents would have gone through ! LOL!

Finally we bought school bag from Spar. The cutest and smallest of the lot there with a garfield on it. Ofcourse I forgot that I have a son and not a daughter and within an year or two , the cuteness will be replaced by the manness and he would love things with spiderman and superman. But for now , I can get him what I love and once choosen I can ask him , if he likes it or not πŸ˜›

Ofcourse while buying bottle and tiffin we looked for the quality of plastic and ease of usability , again only this year , next year he would decide what he wants and I would give in for sure πŸ™‚ Though he loved the pooh bear on one of the 2 tiffins we bought πŸ™‚

So all set for Aryan to begin a new journey. A journey of lifetime.

Share your school stories.

Nostalgia Revisted

March 4, 2009 at 12:43 pm | Posted in Childhood, Memories, Vacation | 6 Comments

Like you know we took a 10 days off and went to attend 2 weddings. So I managed to steal 3 days of f the hectic wedding routine and went to see my parents. And from there we went to my grand parents house(kind of a farm house) for a day. The house which we spent our childhood in and the house where I stayed with my uncle’s family for my PG.

It was like a dream come true for me. In last 4 years (after wedding) this was my 2nd visit to that place. Earlier I went for an hour without Anupam when Aryan was only a month old. Like I mentioned in one of the posts long back , that house has got so many associated memories to it. I so much wanted to share all that with Anupam. Wanted to show him the famous places in the house about which he has been hearing since long. Yeah yeah , famous means the places with associated incidents and memories , like a dried pond in which we played cricket with a hockey stick :P. And my favourite spots of introspection and self study.

I so much wanted to see Aryan running into the fields like we did , catching birds and butterflies. I know he is too young for my stories but still I was sure he would enjoy the open space and he did !

I also took Anupam around the city to my eat outs. And he acknowleged that it was worth it , especially with all the excitement and happiness on my face πŸ™‚ So sweet of him πŸ™‚

We met all the relatives and spent nice time.

Apart from that trip , at my home , we spent lovely time with my parents and brother’s family. Aryan played his role as big brother , only when his cousin was away from Anupam and me. As soon as we took Tejas (brother’s son) he cried to be carried as well. Good partΒ was that he was okay if we carried both together. Tejas is the most adorable and happy baby I have ever seen ! Touchwood! He became so possessive about me that he wanted to be in my lap and did not want me to take aryan at all.
My sis in law treated us with loads of rajasthani dishes served in rajasthani style.

Here are a few pics :

“Big Brother rocking the cradle”

“Trying to get hold of birds”

“My Cricket field”

“Aryan and Tejas with My dad”

“Roaming in fields”

“Yay..dream come true !”


“My Favourite spot to study”

“My Favourite Temple”

“Running in the temple”

Also checkout wedding pics here.

Are we killing their Childhood , Their Freedom ?

July 31, 2007 at 9:13 am | Posted in Childhood, Parenting | 9 Comments

Apart from school , he goes to a skating class everyday.Then on Mondays he has an Abascus and a drawing class.On Wednesdays and Fridays he has Music classes. Thats the weekly schedule for a 10 year old.And they plan to start his French and German classes soon , as soon as they find a good teacher. Since they think he still has some bandwidth on Tuesdays and Thursdays and weekends ofcourse.

A conversation with the mother today made me ponder.Is it right ? She said , this is the best age to learn and I agree. But at the same time this is the only age to enjoy.She said she wants him to be the best and survive the competetion ahead.Its true that I wish my son to be a master of all but then I guess this is over kill. Should they not have sometime of their own. Just play with whatever they like.Enjoy the innocence of their childhood ,feel the world around and find happiness and joy with simple things.Skating is enjoyable , but then not if its compulsary to do it everyday.You will master it but in the process you may loose the fun of it.Schools these days have lot of extra curricular activities and I don’t mind extra classes for 1-2 skills during weekends , but I guess I am not pro about this over burden.

I did wrote about this some time back too.If my kid is extra passionate about music /drawing or whatever , I would go an extra mile for him to master that.But is it okay to force him for a french class just because I wish him to learn that at the age of 10.I thought this is the only age when you have freedom to live , sleep , eat and play and when we had that , how could be take that away from our kids ?

Woh Kagaj Ki Kashti…Of my Childhood

July 17, 2007 at 7:06 am | Posted in Childhood, Memories | 7 Comments

Remember the song by Jagjit Singh.I am sure you do , if you are a Gazal lover.This is one of my favourite gazals ever.Two reasons ,the words which brings nostalgia and memories and jagjit singh ofcourse.Some of my favourite lines followed by some memories :

kadii dhuup mein apane ghar se nikalanaa,
vo chidiyaa vo bulabul vo titalii pakadanaa,
vo gudiyaa kii shaadii mein ladanaa jhagadanaa,
vo jhuulon se giranaa vo gir ke sambhalanaa,
vo piital ke chhallon ke pyaare se tohafe,
vo tuutii hui chuudiyon kii nishaanii.

Our ancestral house was kind of a farm.We had a tubewell , lot of trees , some agricultural land,a dried pond,2 wells and a small house in the center. Though my father worked in a different city ,we lived there for 4 years in early childhood.Later also, we would travel to our grand parents in every possible small vacation and 2 months of summer vacations.I and my brother loved it there.Though the place was very much in the city , still we used to call it as our village.During summers even the other cousins joined us there and it used to be fun.

The tubewell was used to irrigate the lands and we used to utilize it for water play and bath. It was so much fun to follow the paper boats to the lands.We used to hide behind the walls , to see the squirrels closely and would immitate the ways she ate.Inthe afternoons , elders would sit under the trees(as you know , power cuts made it difficult to sit inside) and we would chase the butterflies.Climb up the fruit trees and fight over raw and ripe fruits.Make utensils from leaves.Collect broken glass bangles and make designs from them.Loved watching frogs and tadpoles when it rained.

At nights , we used to sleep under the moon (power cuts and the nice breeze) and watching the stars(sometimes counting too !!) and identifying constellations were my favourite pass times.Ohh how can I forget the competition of who catches the fire fly first!!

Ohh..I am lost ..stuck with words..Will leave here with few more of my favourite lines …

bhulaae nahiin bhuul sakataa hai koi,
vo chhotii sii raaten vo lambii kahaanii .

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