Happy Holi and See you Soon !

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May your life be filled with colours!

Happy Holi to All !
See you on 8th, Women’s day !

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Story of a girl

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Nisha pedalled the bicycle as fast as she could. She wanted to reach home. She was angry and scared at the same time and this strange emotion made her face turn red and her cheeks warm. She applied sudden brake. They were right in front of her , with a broad smile. Their bike stopped her from moving. They wanted to give her a piece of paper. She was scared to accept that. She moved her cycle to side and started pedalling again as fast as she could. She could hear them shout from behind , “Madam stop, suno toh”. She turned into a lane. She tried hard to dodge them moving from one lane to another. She tried to move through the lanes of friends and family , so that she could shout if need be.

She halted for a minute. The name plate read her Uncle’s name. She could have gone inside and asked for help. But what will she tell them. That 2 boys have been chasing her for a week now and its been really bad today. There will be 100 questions , about who are they , why she did not tell earlier etc etc. They might doubt her modesty. Her cousins might tease her later. So many thoughts in fraction of seconds. She heard the bike again and she started to pedal all over again.

Finally she reached home. She managed to dodge them. They could not see her house. Her mom was standing at the gate. How come you are late was her first question. Nisha could not reply. She parked the cycle and went inside. Her face was red and heart was pumping fast. She crashed on the sofa and burst into loud sobs. Her mother looked more worried now and asked what has happened. She could not speak for 5 minutes and went on crying.

5 minutes later she explained it all to her mother. She was scared that she will never allowed to go to tutions again. She was scared that she will never be allowed to go out of house alone. Her father came and asked all the details. She explained the looks of the 2 boys and whatever she could remember , the colour of bike , the sticker on the bike which said “rocky” and things like that.

Her father asked some of his well wishers to trace the guys. The stage was set. Nisha went to tutions as she went everyday. Just that she knew some of his father’s men were waiting for her to spot the guys. They did not come. Probably they realized that they did a bit too much on the previous day and wanted to give Nisha some rest. The police (who was informed , without a formal complaint) however traced the bike and the guys as well.

Nisha never saw them again. She went to tutions the same way for another year. She was thankful to her father and his friends. She was thankful that she told the episode to her family before it was too late.

The memories of that day are fresh in her mind , even today. But she is also thankful that it happened. Because it made her strong in more ways than one. Now she knew she has a family that trusts her.Now she knew that being young and good looking and being teased by men , was not her fault. Now she knew that she can handle all such stupid men with dignity.

She met another such guy one day after an year or so. She was not scared anymore. She never dodged him. Instead she drove with peace. When she reached near her house , the guy wanted to take the opposite lane. She shouted back and told him , why don’t you come home , after all you have come such a long way. The guy never expected such a behaviour and pedalled as fast as he could. She smiled that she gave it back.

Her father saw all of this from the terrace. He asked Nisha, if he was her friend. Nisha smiled and said , no , but he came all the way with me , so I asked him if he wanted some tea at home. Her father smiled back.

Editted to add : Submitted the same for this contest.

And I tag Pixie, Shruti and Abha.

I hate most..

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the inability to be with my parents when I should be, even though I know they will be just fine even if I am not there , thanks to my brother.

And the inability to justify the above , to MYSELF.

P.S : All is well at home thankfully, I have disabled comments on this post.

Mehandi wale haath..

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…Dulhe ke 🙂

Did not find a better pic for today ..Happy Anniversary Sweetheart..half a decade already !!!
I have no words to express what I feel about this day ..no words at all , so

On this day ..I just want to say ..what I want to say ..every single day…

For the simple pleasure of..

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..clicking flowers !

Pictures taken in Kodaikanal

I need your help

February 12, 2010 at 11:18 am | Posted in Animals, Environment, Tigers | 8 Comments

To sit and breathe








To sleep under the sun








To live at peace









I need your help
To let me be me

Help me , don’t kill me.

Save our Tigers! Read this and this to know more

Can it get more disgusting ?

February 10, 2010 at 11:12 am | Posted in Reality show, TV | 16 Comments

We came across this reality show on UTV Bindaas on a lazy saturday/sunday evening when we were fliping channels in the hope to catch some good movie. Out of curiousity we saw the full episode.

It feels so disgusting. How can you get a fidelity test done for your partner. I saw some latest promos and someone did it after 10 years of relationship. I mean whats a relationship if there is no trust , and that too after 10 years.

How can people expose there so personal feelings on camera to the entire nation. And what is that they are trying to show ? Every couple has one convict and one victim ? Everyother person is cheating his or her partner ?

I find no word better than DIGUSTING to describe the show. And whats better is that the show comes in evening on a weekend. So that all the kids can catch it ?

And then there is a news channel who goes and find out that the show is fake. WOW WHAT A NEWS !!!!

As if all the other reality shows are real. People who came on sach ka samana always knew what questions will be asked and yet they had crocodile tears when they came on air.

People who are attending Swayamvar on Imagine know that Rakhi Sawant and whoever that guy was , actually never intended to marry each other and nor is Rahul doing it for marriage.

Why fool the masses so much ? I feel that TV soaps who have ladies with loads of makeup crying all the time are far better than these shows. Atleast there people are aware that its all scripted.

By the way , if there are any real people who want to go for emotional atyachaar, read this first.

Songs :)

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Now that I posted Aryan’s favourite songs , I thought I should post mine too 😀
You know I am sitting on a bench for past 1 week and listening to songs 😛 (LOL !I am sure IT gals would understand the jargon , for others basically I have no work from a week 🙂 )

So here is a list of my recent and not so recent favourite songs :

Dil toh bacha hai ji – Ishqiya

Iktara – Wake up Sid

Tera Hone Laga hoon – Azab Prem ki Gzab Kahani

Sapno se Bhare Naina – Luck by Chance

Hum Jo Chalne Lage hai – Jab we met

Tum se hi – Jab we met

Behti Hawa sa tha woh – 3 Idiots

Jshane Bahara – Jodha Akbar

Kaise Mujhe -Ghajini

Take a bus!

February 3, 2010 at 9:45 am | Posted in autos, Bangalore, BMTC | 6 Comments

Now , I did a post recently about how I have become a fan of BMTC over the past few years. I am happy to announce that they are still living up to my trust. They have started a bus from near my house(1.5 kms) to my office 😀 Yay! I have reduced the use of autos further down , yeah you know how I have been hating them.

So now you know what I meant when I said I am sure bmtc is working towards better route planning 🙂

Anyways , tomorrow is BMTC bus day , Take a bus !!

BMTC will be celebrating bus day on 4th of every month , starting tomorrow. They wish to encourage people to park their vehicles and take a bus atleast once a month and see how it eases traffic chaos. Nice idea , if we really make use of it !!

Dress Code

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One of my friend joined a new company and the new company has a dress code for employees.

But thats not it , the dress code is a one page document with 5 bullet points for men and 5 for females and details of each and every cloth thats allowed ..You get the idea !!

Now even though the entire document looked ridiculous , what freaked me out is below :
In the female section :

“No Sleeveless, short skirts, deep-necks, body-hugging Tops/Shirts, shorts”
Horrible !!!

Can some one tell me who are they to tell a female what’s body-hugging and whats deep neck ? How will they define that ? Isn’t it the perception of individuals ? And will they employ a security guard / HR person to see who wore deep neck ????

Now another one , in both male and female section :

“Do not wear clothes which are too flashy/snazzy/colorful.”

I told my friend to show them his wardobe and ask them the definition of
flashy/snazzy/colorful 😛

Can 20-30 something men and women , professionally qualified , living in metro and working for MNC be not trusted to dress up responsibily ? Do they need a monitor to check on their nail polish and colour of socks like in schools ?

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