Konkana Sen Sharma

December 1, 2009 at 3:57 pm | Posted in Movie | 19 Comments

I have realized recently , that I have liked Konkana Sen Sharma in most of her movies. Why ? For the simplicity with which she makes her characters so real. Be it Page 3 , Aaja Nachle , Laga Chunari mein daag or Wake up Sid. I just loved her.

And yes, on a seperate note , it does mean that I saw Wake up Sid over the weekend on showcase and it was fun ! Saw New York also and liked it.


BhoothNath is okay for kids ????

May 12, 2008 at 8:55 am | Posted in Movie, Parenting | 7 Comments

Do you think movies like Bhooth Nath are meant for kids and should be shown to kids ???
My answer is NO
Reasons :
1. We do not know ghost exists or not. How can we burden small minds with questions which even great scientists have not been able to answer to satisfaction.
2. Even if they do (if you say so) , I don’t think its wise to tell the kids that people who die would still be around in the form of ghosts.
3. I do not think we should tell our kids to find friends or help from supernatural powers.

Okay , so what there are so many movies made on super natural powers.

1. Yeah , And we need to find the content before we allow our kids to see them.
2. In most of those movies we can tell them that the super natural power is fictional , while here the Grand father comes back as ghost.

A Movie and A Prayer

March 13, 2008 at 11:41 am | Posted in Movie, Parenting | 2 Comments

Taare Zammen Par , its too late to write a review for the movie. And I am sure, I will not be doing any justice if I attempt also. Last weekend we got a chance to see the movie and both of us were touched somewhere deep inside.

Dyslexia is something which I heard recently but the movie and the TV programs and articles after the movie definitely helped me understand it better. But Dyslexia or No Dyslexia , the point here is that we do not try to understand the real problems with our kids and just keep comparing them with siblings or kids in neighborhood. Why talk of someone else , even I do at times , unconsciously. For example , Ohh , Aryan is speaking only 5 words , the other kid in the building speaks so many. Ohh..Aryan is still not potty trained , XYZ is. WHY ?? When his doctor said its normal , why do I compare ?

Its natural I guess to some extent , else how would you know when it is NOT normal.But I think we need to watch the extent to which we compare and watch what we do after we compare. Do we panic , do we put pressure on our kids , do we crib and curse our kids? The movie tells us what should be done. It tells that our kids too like to be the best in what they do , and if they are not then there is a reason to that.It also tells us that everyone cannot be at the top and we have to accept our kids as they are , with all our love.

Another thing that touched me is the fact that , our little kids trust us and love us more than we think they do. They can bear anything in the world , but not an indifferent behavior of their parents. The song “Tujhe Sab hai Pata ..Hai na Ma” made me shiver and sob at the same time.

I was left in an ocean of thoughts and emotions after the movie. And I could conclude only with a prayer, please God give me the wisdom and strength to fulfill my responsibility as a parent, with complete sincerity and dedication.

Aaja Nachle

December 21, 2007 at 7:56 am | Posted in Fun Stuff, Movie | 3 Comments

As always , I am not going to write any reviews here. There are enough number of places to read good and bad reviews about the movie. And one of my blog friend also did a tremendous job of writing a great review for the movie.

What I just want to say is that I liked it, inspite of the fact that I saw a pirated version on small screen with bad sound quality. Infact I happened to watch it , when I switched on my TV on sunday afternoon and tuned into the local channel. And it was irresistable , though I don’t like watching pirated versions (well , not only for ethical reasons , but also because the poor quality spoils the experience.)

It had everything that I expect from Madhuri Dixshit and Yashraj. Cinematography , casting , music , sets , costumes , dialogues , everything was just too perfect. Madhuri was excellent.I was definitely hooked. It can sure leave a impact on big screen.

So why didn’t it clicked ? Probably because it had certain things we would not expect , atleast in India. Like Madhuri had no regrets about eloping and getting married to a wrong person, like she did not comeback looking out for her parents but for her teacher on death bed , like she worked too hard against all odds to keep her dead teacher’s word (in today’s world ?). Also because it left some questions unanswered. Who will take care of theater after she leaves? What will happen to her future? Will she marry the MP ? And her broken hearted lover , who has been waiting for her all these years ?

But then aren’t we supposed to imagine certain things.It was an happy ending , but with a difference . Not the usual , “And they lived happily together” kinds.

I would definitely want to read from people who did not like it.No , not from critics , who sit just to find faults , but from a general audience.

Weekend was a weekend !

August 6, 2007 at 9:32 am | Posted in Just Like That, Movie | 2 Comments

We lived it in our own way.Three of us did whatever we wanted to with no schedules and hurries. Aryan slept for 6 hours during the day on saturday in two shifts which gave us ample time to do the cleaning.So I arranged Aryan’s cloths (summer cloths went in and winter ones popped out) and re-arranged the racks in my room.

Afternoon we slept to the fullest.Evening we had fun playing with Aryan.Late evening ,after Aryan slept, we saw “Hyderabad Blues 2“. The movie was good and we both enjoyed it.No big star cast but yet it kept us hooked in typical Nagesh Kukunoor style.

Sunday also it was cold and drizzling so we did not plan an outing.We played with Aryan and I stock checked my kitchen.After lunch Aryan had a good nap and then we went to buy our weekly grocery and veggies(a fixed schedule for each week). On the way back we bought VCD of “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom“. So we saw that during the evening and enjoyed.Nothing new , but yet an enjoyable movie.Lot of peppy music ,great star cast, typical Yashraj style. The day was closed with dinner of Aalo Paranthas with egg bhurji and curd…what more to ask for :-P.

So , that was all ..a weekend of rest , masti and ofcourse the cleaning 😀 Thats why I say , weekend was a weekend.

Ta Ra Rum Pum

June 26, 2007 at 9:22 am | Posted in Fun Stuff, Movie | 2 Comments

I saw another movie on Saturday.That was Ta Ra Rum Pum.I had great expectations from the movie, considering that it was a Yashraj movie and also Rani and Saif were repeating themselves after Hum Tum and ofcourse because of the promos.But I guess I was disappointed.Nothing to blame the actors ofcourse , who played their roles well , including the kids and the dog too.But something was missing. The story was not new , well that ofcourse is never new in any of the Yashraj movies. Its only the treatment of the story , that makes it happening. They tried to treat this differently too. The Car Racing was an innovative thought in Bollywood.But then the poverty shown in the movie was too old fashioned (not sure if thats the right word).

He was a so very successful man , with two kids and an intelligent educated wife.He had a trauma of an accident and could not do what he was best at.Okay , understandable, but his wife who is known for her forsightedness , did not see the rainy days ahead and waited till they are hand to mouth. She simply sat at home for 2 years (one when he was bed ridden and next when he was looking out another team).For those 2 years , she neither completes her degree , nor searched a job.And suddenly one fine day they don’t have anything to eat.

What more , they decide to hide everything from their kids and let them go in the same top school.Okay..school is understood , but I feel they could have told their kids that they have some hard days ahead.Now , as in most hindi movies , the kids suddenly start behaving as adults and so did the little girl , when they realize that they are poor.Now, I could not digest the love of the kids for their school, so much that they were ready to skip lunch everyday and eat from dustbins.

The movie gets super slow in second half.It you forget the motor racing and the foriegn location , you will feel like you are watching a movie in 1960’s rather than in 2007.The climax was an obvious one and no one could have expected otherwise.

Bheja Fry

June 26, 2007 at 5:28 am | Posted in Fun Stuff, Movie | 3 Comments

Ohh..it surely was!!! Sunday evening we all had our bhejas fried in our own living room with Mr Bharat Bhushan(Vinay Pathak) , the star of the movie.Now don’t you ask me what was the story about and questions like that.Infact if you ask me , what made me cry, thats also tough , cause we all laughed so much that we had tears.

Mr Thandani calls Mr Bharat Bhushan for a dinner ,to make him a bakra in front of his friends.But they could not leave for the dinner , because of Mr Thandani’s broken back.
So , two of them are at Thandani’s house , with Mr Bhushan entertaining Thandani with his music and Thandani laughing at the idiot.Soon they came to know that Thandani’s wife has left the home (for no obvious reason) , may be forever. So imagine Mr Thandani pissed off with his broken back and then with his wife and in company of a super idiot.

Thandani is dependent on Bharat Bhushan , because of his broken back.Mr Bhushan gives ideas and suggestions to Thandani to get his wife back or atleast find out where she was.All the ideas seemed to work , only until the idiot screwed them up.

The dialogue delivery is what makes you laugh like anything.All the actors have played their part well.Vinay Pathak and Rajat Kapoor were amazing ,while Pathak stole the show.

The climax made me imagine , who was the real Bakra, coz all through the movie Mr Bhushan made bakra of Thandani using his idioticity.

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