Experimenting with Comfort Zone

April 10, 2008 at 7:29 am | Posted in Comfort Zone, Introspection | 15 Comments

Disclaimer : This is again a long(=boring) introspectory post. You can read it at your own discretion. Your views and advice are always welcome.

In 5 years of my career , I have worked in 2 well known and reputed companies.

I never wanted to switch from my previous company inspite of the fact that the culture in the company was not too great and there was too much of politics.I was not even paid too well. The reason I would give to myself was I was a respected employee , who was considered to be bright and was given quality work. I did switch since I had to shift to another city after marriage.

I have been in this company for past 3 years. This again is a BIG Brand. I have no issues with my manager. Life is cool and work is not too hectic. But then , there is hardly any growth. And yes, there is politics , which I understand well , but not good when it comes to applying it to use. But I still do not want to switch.

You may say there is no reason , but I feel that a stagnant career is enough reason for so many people. I know people , who shift jobs every once in an year. I don’t believe in shifting jobs too often , but yes you should shift when you think there is a need. And yes, just to clarify , money is not a prime motivator for me for any of my decisions.

Then why I do not want to switch. Because though I like change , I am not always ready to come out of my comfort zone easily. I may readily accept a new challenging task in the same company , under the same manager but when it comes to a job shift , I feel uncomfortable to take the risk.

And this is not only with job. It goes with so many other things.Like my pair of sandals. I have more than half a dozen of footwear. But most of them are as new as they were at the showroom. Why , coz I am very comfortable with my simple flat sandals. I can walk easily with them , run if needed. So all the seven days of week , I wear them when I go out. Even on weekends , when I go in car , coz I fear that I will not be able to walk in my new slippers from parking to the shop or on the stairs πŸ˜› (Don’t laugh ..I am not sick !!!) So till the sandals decide to abandon me I will stick to them. And this was the case with my previous pair of favourite footwear too.

And my handbag , which decided to abandon me last friday. I was using it for over an year now. For it was quite comfortable. Nice , easy yet safe pockets. When I need to travel in a local bus ,I need a backpocket to keep the change. Now I have not travelled in bus after I came to Bangalore with 1-2 exceptions , but you see I should always be ready for exceptions πŸ™‚ So now the bag’s zip stopped working and the handle is broken , I have no choice but to find another comfortable choice from my collection or from the market. Remember I told you once that I have a bag full of hand bags and I love them.

I dislike changing my shampoo and my mosturiser and even my comb. And I am quite loyal to the brands I use.

Comfort zone , as per Wikepedia, “denotes that limited set of behaviors that a person will engage without becoming anxious.” So now that you know that I am quite an old fashioned, boring female, let me tell you that its not that I have never stepped out of my comfort zones. I do and I did when I felt that there is a desperate need.

But why this post today , coz I think its time for change , for a makeover. In so many things, from personal to professional. From footwear to job. From mobile to umbrealla. From IE to Firefox πŸ˜› I should change unless it becomes too monotonous. And no , this post is not even 1% inspired by husband or anyone else. Its truly an introspection. I think I should learn to experiment and come out of my comfort zone more often. I should do it for me and myself. As whenever I come out of my shell and do something different , I find myself evolving into a more confident person. I should also do it for Aryan , coz if I am not open to a change , I may mess up Aryan’s life. Like Usha said , that we like change when its not too close to home. Aryan is a different generation and I need to open my mind and heart to accept the changes that come with another generation.

What do you have to say ?


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