Feels sad

May 31, 2011 at 2:34 pm | Posted in Mood, Work | 8 Comments

To see the kingdom crumble
To see the people leaving
To see the floors empty
To see the cafeteria waiting
Step by step , one by one
Its dying
It somehow feels sad 😦


The lady and the man who love me

May 25, 2011 at 5:00 pm | Posted in Mummy, Papa, Parenting | 10 Comments

I do not know why I am writing this today. Today is no mother’s day or father’s day nor its their birthday. Nothing special happened today. Its just one of my usual working days.

Still suddenly I found myself thinking of those eyes. Eyes of my mom , when she saw me in my wedding attire. She held my cheeks and said that I look beautiful. But her eyes said much more. My mother , who never expresses her emotions in words. We have never heard her saying that she loves us or that she is worried about us. We have seen her like this forever and so we don’t really mind it. But that day , I saw a pair of eyes full of emotions , happiness and satisfaction.

Also that day I noticed someone who looked more beautiful than the bride. Yeah , my mom. She looked really pretty at my wedding. She got lots of compliments too. She attributed it to her makeup and hair do. Since she never goes to parlour , she said that the change made her look different and pretty. I don’t agree , she looked beautiful for she was happy, may be happier than the bride.

Thinking about those eyes , I also remembered about a man , who told me that he is blessed that he has a daughter like me. I just could not believe my ears. I have given him enough troubles. I would have disowned a daughter like myself perhaps , I thought. Still this man says he is blessed ??

What did God make parents off ? Will I be so giving/forgiving ever ? Can I be a good parent ?

Wordless Wednesday – 1

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Ram Ram Sa

May 23, 2011 at 4:59 pm | Posted in Chokhi Dhani, Photos | 9 Comments

Halfway :)

May 20, 2011 at 11:15 am | Posted in Aryan ka Baby, Parenting, Pregnancy | 20 Comments

Yeah ..I am already halfway and it deserves a post atleast. These 20 weeks have been full of ups and downs in my life.

There was a lot of stress at work. And I spent most of my time thinking about those things. There were times when I felt that I am doing injustice to the baby by not thinking about her/him as often as I should.

On top of that I had nausea , especially in the evenings and lots of acidity and gas. And my cook decided to leave us alone when we needed her most. Ofcourse together we managed the cooking somehow.

All this left little time for us to really realize that I am expecting and so time passed pretty fast. The baby however decided to tell mumma about her/his existence in 16th week , earlier than mumma thought. May be because mumma used to keep forgeting about her.

Since then she gives me a knock off and on whenever she wants attention. Since then mumma has decided to dedicate some of her time thinking about the little one.

The older brother however makes sure that we talk about baby every single day. Earlier it was mainly about excitement and waiting. In between he suddenly became envious. Then one day he told that the baby is bad since he is making the wait too long and not coming out πŸ™‚
These days suddenly the baby is not that bad again. He loves to know about the size of the baby and I used to give him comparison with fruits , inspired by baby center’s news letter.
So yesterday when I told him that baby is as big as a banana, he could not think of a fruit longer than that. So he was like now baby should come out πŸ™‚

We will have our next scan this month end and this time we plan to take Aryan with us. I am all excited to see how my kids react when they see each other for first time πŸ˜› , well not literally though πŸ™‚

So long , so good ..keeping my fingers crossed.

Back to the grind

May 12, 2011 at 4:50 pm | Posted in Work | 15 Comments

My company realized my worth and asked me if I would like to be retained and outsourced to a different company. Ofcourse after I return my severance. Work profile remains same , only payroll would change.

So I opted for it. I was not ready to be SAHM yet and job hunting was tough while handling the pregnancy.

And hence , back to the grind already πŸ™‚

Life is what you make it – Preeti Shenoy

May 12, 2011 at 12:16 pm | Posted in Books | 2 Comments

Nope , this is not a book review. I cannot really write a book review , especially for such a sensitive book.

I am just writing to tell you how much I loved it. Its was an awesome read. I felt so much for Ankita , as if I was one of her friend. I could not stop thinking about her while I was not reading. And I just could not stop reading when I was reading.

Great job Preeti !!

Sibling Rivalary

May 6, 2011 at 12:15 pm | Posted in Aryan ka Baby, Parenting, Talks about Aryan | 9 Comments

I expected this but not so soon. These days if I am slightly loud with him , his response comes as one of these “Baby se gussa ho mujhse nahi” , “Baby ko daanto mujhe nahi” , “Baby bad hai” , “Aap keval mujh se paaru karo , baby se nahi”

And most of these times the reason for the scolding or me being loud has nothing to do with baby. The baby is no where in picture, but the elder brother blames the baby for everything. Sometimes he has gone to the extent of slapping my tummy , since that represents the baby.

I need to learn to handle this. Any suggestions are welcome.

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