Whats on my mind literally ?

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The house ..we bought a new house (our first !) that will be our home from next month ! Its a dream come true. All the energy and thoughts these days is to get that ready. Majority of the work will be done by month end and rest we will keep doing as we go.

The kids ..so much is changing with both of them every single day.

He is growing up to be handome and smart. Always excited and happy and full of energy. May be in the second best phase of his childhood after the baby phase. He turns 6 tomorrow. His needs are aΒ lot of time especially with so much happening in school. However he is happy with his ownself nowadays. I am loving him the way he is now πŸ™‚

She is growing up to be naughty. A fussy eater. A charmer. She is on my mind even when she is not around.Β Her smiles keep me going even at midnights πŸ˜›

The job ..which I intend to change. I actually can change today(have something in hand). Just that I need a little more push and support from near and dear ones.

The husband ..who hardly gets any time from me these days and vice versa. Hope to spend more time with him once we settle down in our nest.

And there is more ..the future, the daycare that the kids will soon have to start and that we need to hunt , studies of the elder one , development of the younger one , the corners of the new house that are shaping up in my imaginations , the time which is always less with so much to do, the blog that has been neglected for too long now , the kids blog that is not been updated as often as it should be , my weight that I should loose and what not.

That was what is on my mind literally ..whats on your mind ?



What do you do when ..

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..your five years old son calls you “Moti Mumma” and “Mumma Elephant” πŸ˜›

Happy Birthday son !

July 21, 2011 at 3:07 pm | Posted in Birthday, Photos, Talks about Aryan, Thursday Challenge | 11 Comments

Aryan turns 5 today!! And yellow happens to be his favourite colour..So the thursday challenge today gets to see Aryan in Yellow, an old pic πŸ™‚

A frustated mom needs your help..

June 17, 2011 at 1:38 pm | Posted in Food, Parenting, Talks about Aryan | 21 Comments

and suggestions on what qualifies as “acha sa” school snacks in your house.

Here anything with bread /parantha as base is not “acha sa” anymore 😦

Maggi and pasta are the only 2 yummy things that are qualified and this mumma is not ready to give maggi more than once a week.

So please help the mom ..sob sob

Sibling Rivalary

May 6, 2011 at 12:15 pm | Posted in Aryan ka Baby, Parenting, Talks about Aryan | 9 Comments

I expected this but not so soon. These days if I am slightly loud with him , his response comes as one of these “Baby se gussa ho mujhse nahi” , “Baby ko daanto mujhe nahi” , “Baby bad hai” , “Aap keval mujh se paaru karo , baby se nahi”

And most of these times the reason for the scolding or me being loud has nothing to do with baby. The baby is no where in picture, but the elder brother blames the baby for everything. Sometimes he has gone to the extent of slapping my tummy , since that represents the baby.

I need to learn to handle this. Any suggestions are welcome.

Compliment of the day..

April 21, 2011 at 2:25 pm | Posted in Talks about Aryan | 15 Comments

“Mumma you are looking very cute today”

Needless to say , Mumma is on 11th heaven.

Editted to add : I wonder if its the dress or yesterday’s facial ?

CSA – my thoughts

April 11, 2011 at 1:13 pm | Posted in CSA, Parenting, Talks about Aryan | 10 Comments

A few bloggers are observing this month as CSA awareness month and they are doing a fantastic job. I always knew that there are incidents of CSA around us but I never knew that they happen so often and multiple times with same victims. A lot of stories on the blog left me in shiver.

I believe a kid should be educated about his body and should be told about what is acceptable and what is not but I am not yet sure how much is appropriate at what age. I do not want my child to be scared about every around him. I don’t want to get paranoid and raise paranoid kids. However I do need to do something since I have realized that it is must.

So I started with thinking what did my parents do ? I realized that my mom did advice against letting my father’s cousins hugging and cuddling with me. I do not know if she observed or sensed something or she was just cautious. I do not remember any of my uncles behaving badly with me. However my mother’s advice (I do not remember how it was given, in what words and ways) did impact my relations with them. I was always concious in their presence. I somehow felt that they are not good people and I need to be alert with them. Was that correct , I do not know till date.

Did my mother do the right thing ? I don’t know. She may have protected me with potential threat. But she did impact my relationship with those individuals. What I do not know is may be she saw some real threat and so she actually saved me, since she never adviced me against , playing with my grandfather or father. However I do not remember my grandfather and father hugging and cuddling too much with me ever since I realized that I was a girl.

Now that I bring the topic of gender , my brother was never adviced any of these things. He was allowed to hang around with same uncles without my mom being around. It was considered safe for him.

Except for those uncles also , my mom always reminded me that I am a girl and I should behave a certain way to avoid troubles. I know that many of us , even myself do not consider it a correct way to protect a child from abuse , but then we cannot blame them for what they did. They had little control on outside world and all they could do is influence us. However she never spoke to me clearly about what is private. What should not be allowed etc.

I think my parents did a fair job by protecting me in whatever ways they could. However some of their ways did make me feel rebellous , angry at that age mainly because I felt its happening only to me and not my brother. But as an adult I do not have any complaints against my parents , though I am also certain that I will not use the same approach for my kids.

What have I done till now ? I have a son and he is 4.5 years now. He goes to a daycare and I am not around him all the time. But we do a lot of talking , since he was barely able to speak. I have always encouraged him to tell me about his day , about his feeling about kids and adults around him. I have always repected his feelings. If he doesnot like one of his two teachers because she is strict , he has all rights to feel that way. If he doesnot want to be friends with one boy , it definitely okay. He usually share his feelings with me if not all the details of his day. He sometimes ask me as well about my day at office and I do tell him things that I would expect him to tell me. Like what I ate , how mcuh of work I had , that I missed him , that I had a argument with my boss ,everything that would matter.

Until recently , I had always told him that he should not run around the house naked. I have also told him that he should not pull off his pants in front of all. However about 3-4 months back I realized that I need to take this education to next level. This was when he told me that a kid who is younger to him pulled his pants in daycare to see his stuff. That kid was too small to think of CSA , he might just have been curious. However thats when I told him that those are his private parts and they should not be shown to anyone. And no one should be allowed to touch them as well. And if someone does , you should say NO , I will tell Mumma and should scold that person loudly.

I have been reenforcing the message slowly every few weeks. Recently took a step further and told him that he should also not touch anyone else’s private stuff. I am now sure that he has the word PRIVATE in his mind.

Is this enough for now. I do think so. I do not want to get overboard. If I will have a girl next I plan to do the same with her as well.

What do you think ? How much have you told your 5 year olds ?

If you haven’t anything , then you sure need to visit the CSA blog. If you have , then do share it with all.

Lets all protect our kids!

It was NOT a dream !

January 18, 2010 at 10:53 am | Posted in Surprises, Talks about Aryan | 9 Comments

Yesterday night at 12 AM , an arm curled around my neck , followed by a peck on my cheeks and I opened my eyes to the wide awake little boy with bright eyes , asking for water πŸ™‚


When I asked him about it in the morning ,he giggled for few seconds and then he held my face in his hands and showered me with N number of kisses all over my face πŸ™‚

Cross posted on his blog as well

Happy Birthday to my Little Heart !

July 21, 2009 at 10:23 am | Posted in Birthday, Talks about Aryan | 23 Comments

3 years ..since I slept like a kumbhkaran,
3 years ..since I ate without a messy plate and messy hands,
3 years ..since I became innovative in kitchen,
3 years ..since I thought about myself before anyone else,
3 years ..since I started sharing my pillow and blanket willingly,
3 years ..since I started playing again,
3 years ..since I have been cramming nursery rhymes,
3 years ..since I started thinking about rights and wrongs,
3 years ..since I started reading mommy bloggers,
3 years ..since I stopped feeling yuck, even while doing the yuckiest things :-P,
3 years ..since I loved some one more than the rest,
3 years ..since I became a mom !

On the Eve of your Birthday..

July 20, 2009 at 4:22 pm | Posted in Birthday, Talks about Aryan | 4 Comments

One year to this day , I just look back how the year passed by, and thankfully I have this online diary,to remind me what we were doing this time of the day last year.

It just seems like a dream , another year in fraction of seconds , how were were got excited each and every time you said something new , a word or a sentence !

Your cute role plays and your lovely way to express your love and make yourself more loved with every passing moment.

How you behaved mature and grown up when we least expected that from you , like when we moved to a new house.

And your cute naughty ways to make us laugh like this one and this one πŸ™‚

How you surprised us with your ability to grasp things without us trying hard not once but again and again.

And how you made friends that formed a part of your life , so much so that I kind of felt jealousπŸ˜€

And last but not the least , how you manage to transition to another phase of your life , ofcourse we still have some sobbing in the morning , but its pretty cool ..isn’t it !

I also admit that some work and some laziness , I failed to record so much. And I failed to record so much also because , my words cannot create the magic of your actions and because I cannot write things as cutely as you say them. But still I would try to do a recap of whats not on the blog over next few days πŸ™‚

Love you sweety !

Note : Cross posted here.

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