Where will this end ?

April 29, 2010 at 3:01 pm | Posted in News channels, TV | 9 Comments

Yesterday while flipping channels , we saw on one of the hindi news channels , that a crane fell over a car and the car was completely crushed. Any human would feel sad and painful looking at such a sight. We thought the channel was as usual criticising the authorties for not taking proper care. But what followed in the news was just too disgusting. The host of the show was asking a quiz question , “what do you think would have happened to those in car ?” sms Y for …

Freedom of press , is this it is for ..to mock over human lives ?



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  1. Thatz heights! I can’t believe ppl r so bad when it comes to being sensitive to issues 😦

    • Sick 😦

  2. actually the fault is yours that you turned on that channel…. !!!

    I have left watching all news channels since over a few months now… recently when I wanted to see the highlights of murali vijay’s scintillating century i went to news channel and all that i could see was Shoaib / Sania..

    too bad a girl cant even decide to marry someone of her choice… the silly hounds are at her… the most ridiculous are these news channels..

    • Ohh ya..the fault was all mine ..rather husband’s ..he tuned in there πŸ˜›

  3. horrible make me so sad out media is gone mad

    • Its highly insensitive ..so intolerable

  4. it looks like.. as civilization grows people are becoming less civilized and less humane.. everything is hyped and seen from purely business perspective.. no value for emotions involved 😦

    • 😦

  5. so so very sad and extremely insensitve!

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