Weekend that was !

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Weekend started with a bang on friday evening. I had a ladies evening out at Artnavy’s house. Yeah, A blogger meet hosted by Art in Boo’s honour. So we had 3 hours of chit chat ,food voood and all that happens in a blogger meet πŸ˜€ Thanks to Abha , M and JLT for giving me lift to and fro !

Saturday was jam packed with shopping. Bought Aryan’s dress and bicycle. He was mighty excited and so were we to see him like that. Went to meet a cousin in the evening and then together we went for dining at Mast kalandar.

Also finished some other important tasks like cleaning and sorting some stuff and fixing movers and packers for the house shifting. Yeah , shifting on 16th of this month.

Sunday , we did our usual shopping for the week. And then in the evening enjoyed loads and loads and loads of home made chat , pani puri , dahi puri and bhel puri πŸ˜€ So a successful day !!

And a satisfying weekend !


Baby Shower ,Awards ,gift and a bit more

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Writer’s block is what I am going through I guess. Either I don’t have much to write or I dont have the time. I wonder when this will end. It will end some day for sure , that I know.
Meanwhile , please bear with me. As for now , here are tiny winy updates.

I received my Indus Lady Cap as a participation gift in women’s day contest for this piece of writing. Its a lovely cap , but I have been forgetting to click a pic everyday. Thanks a lot Indus Ladies !

We did a (Surprise ?) Baby shower for COS on 10th Apr and had loads and loads of fun. Wishing COS a happy baby !

I have registered to online library called Library Wala and have already finished reading my first book from them, which was India’s Bandit Queen πŸ™‚

Aryan is on vacation and is expecting lots and lots of my time. He is cuddling and talking a lot and we are also trying to do a bit of activities too πŸ™‚

Swaram has awarded me
and called me beautiful blogger ..awww

Passing it to Priya , Uma , MM, Pixie and COS!

Before this MM and Priya awarded me for the following :

Passing it to Swaram , Starry and MM.

And this one goes to all those who made it to COS baby shower..you know who you are !

And finally I thank MM, Priya and Swaram officially here for having me on their minds!

A Special Friday Evening !

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Friday evening is a term that I learnt to use after I got married. To my husband friday evening means coming early from office and have something unusual for dinner. Before Aryan it meant a lot more ..but then lets not get there πŸ˜‰

But last friday evening was special. It was an evening with girl friends. Friends who became friends without realization. Friends that had no faces when they became my friends. Friends whom I wanted to meet forever and it did not happen.
Yeah yeah ..blog friends ofcourse !!

Pixie ..we know each other from somewhere in 2007 ..May / June. Thats soon after I started blogging. Pixie and I would comment on each other’s post and most of the comments would sound like , “WOW thats so much like me” , “I would do the same” , “You are absolutely right” , “Are we soul sisters” etc.

And we bonded , I don’t know when. With most of my readers being mommy bloggers pixie was the ONLY non-mommy blogger with whom I bonded and now we can add Swaram to the list.

I don’t remember when she moved to my gmail friends list and when we exchanged numbers. But we never met , until friday !!

Monika came to my world because of Ojas. Ojas is such a adorable baby that even other moms cannot stop looking at his pics. And what a smile he has. You can just keep looking at his pics forever. And then Monika came by to offer contribution to HnT. So sweet of her. And then we chatted on gmail. The journey continues from there. And then we decided to meet and the meet got postponed for one reason or another. But it happened on friday !!

Puja , again she came in for Diya! I have been fascinated with girl childs. I so want one ! And then I got addicted to Puja’s no fuss , no fancy , short and straight posts. And rest of the story is same !! But whats better is I met Diya too this friday and fell in love with her chubby cheeks !!

Iya , a new face to me , absolutely gorgeous and charming. I never realized that I have read so little of her and that she was almost an stranger to me. She got along so well with the gang !!

And we chatted about everything under the sun !! Food, Blogs, bloggers , kids , hubbies , In-laws and even about hubbies of other bloggers πŸ˜‰ LOL !

And it was decided that we will meet again some day for potluck and the invitees would include Abha for sure !! Now don’t ask me why πŸ˜›

Now was that not a special friday !!!

And here is the pic of the day :

And We Met …AGAIN!

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The planning for the party started more than a month ago and Poppin’s Mom volunteered to host it. The date was decided when Tharini announced her visit with dates. People raised hands to join the party and we were more than 15 bloggers in the list ,

Aargee , our host of the last time , Abha a.k.a Mamma Mia , aka.Monica , COS , Noodlehead . 6. Choxbox, Compulsive Dreamer, D, Orchid: a.k.a Orchie, Bangalore Mom , JLT , Tharini , Usha and Sue.

Pretty tempting isn’t it , to meet so many new people and catch up with the ones I met last time.

It was different this time for , it was on a weekend, kids were invited as well and plus it was open for husbands too πŸ™‚ But I was never sure I would make to it because

It was quite far and I have never been to that part of city. Reaching there in auto / taxi with Aryan was quite a task for me.

Not many husbands were joining and so I ws not sure of taking Anupam along and making him feel out of place.

Aryan developed severe cough and cold from last sunday and it was going worse day by day.

I feel guilty to go out for fun leaving Aryan behind on a weekend(if I decide so). Plus Aryan wants to be with me and considering the distance , I would be almost 4-5 hours. And who wants to come back to an irritated husband and toddler after such an nice evening.

So I was never sure I will go. But then I never said NO to PM because

  • I did not want to loose a chance to meet everyone , esp the people who came from out station and who did not make it last time , like Tharini , Sue , Usha , Shruthi etc.
  • I wanted Aryan to socialize and have fun.
  • Abha came to my resort by saying that atleast her hubby would join for sure. And so Anupam would atleast have some company in PM’s and Abha’s Hubby. Aryan’s cough was still a problem. On thursday I almost decided to call up PM and say NO , because I did not want to go with a sick baby. Anupam asked me to wait till saturday morning and see if he improves.

    But PM called me on friday evening to ask me if I am picking up something for the party and I shamelessly said, “NO”. I did not even ask her , if I should for the fact that I was not sure about my own plan. She did ask me if I was coming and I shared my problem with her and just toold her that I would let her know tomorrow if I am not coming. Now that was bad on my part..Sorry PM..please you do not mind.

    OKAY ..I know I am supposed to talk about blog meet ..but you need to know the background as well πŸ™‚

    So Saturday , we headed towards the venue, a party hall on terrace at PM’s place. On the way I got a sms from Abha , to ask me if I am coming and that I should come fast. I replied that I need a helicopter to avoid the traffic πŸ™‚ Anyways , we reached at 4.15 PM , lesser than expected time.

    In the lift I met CubbyR and his dad and believe me CubbyR is so so so cute πŸ™‚ So we landed up in a room full of ladies and kids. All of them playing around. Nice tasty food was served , including Samosas , Puffs , Chips , Cutlets , Cold drinks and a Yummicious Choclate cake. The cake was the yummiest cake I ever had. (Whoever got the cake , please let me know from which bakery was it ..please) And Pasta for the kids , which Aryan loved!

    I made self introduction to the people whom I never met and when Sue told me her real name , I asked her to please tell me her blog name for me to connect πŸ˜›

    Time just passed chatting , eating and playing with kids. PM got bubble makers for the kids and since Aryan saw that for the first time he was fascinated. In attempt to make bubbles on his own , he resulted in a head bath πŸ™‚ COS was sweet enough to make bubbles for the kids. And KT took Aryan by hand to play with her.

    Aryan made friends with CubbyR and BonBon also and they played along. Aryan’s favourite aunties were Abha , Noodlehead and COS.

    Outside , on the terrace were some swings and it was a treat for the kids. All of them played along and a blast. Breeze was nice and so we enjoyed chit chatting as the kids played.

    About the people , well you know all of them well and some of them ofcourse I wrote about last time as well, but still I would like to mention the little details that formed memories for me.
    Tharini , she is a simple, quiet and smiling person. Frankly I never imagined her to be an introvert person. But when she talks to you, she is a great listener. Winkie is an energetic kid. He ran around the entire place. Made friends with the men. And he told me, “Let us play. What shall me play” πŸ™‚

    Sue was beautiful, tall and slim and full of energy. She was looking stunning in the sari and she made me feel envious. Her son was quiet but naughty and cute πŸ™‚
    Aka Monica’s son was the youngest baby and he least wanted his mom. He was happy playing with all the aunties.

    D got her elder daughter along and she found a company in winkie. Both of them had a nice time.
    COS , I must say was the only mom (of older kids) who spent most of her time with the kids. KT was such darling that any words are less for her. She gave me a hug and a kiss πŸ™‚ COS got goody bags for the kids as well.

    I never met NoodleHead before , not do I read her much(confession) but she was easy to gel with.(I would read now :)) Her daughter was looking like a princess on earth. I managed to click 3 pics of her πŸ™‚

    Abha and M form a sweet and jolly couple and little CubbyR is a darling. CubbyR and Aryan had a race on their fours πŸ™‚

    Poppin was a quiet , sophisticated , ever smiling kid. She was on her own all the time and never messed up with any of the kids. I managed to shake hands with her and I came to know that she is fond of jewellary. PM , please put a kala tikka for her , I loved her chubby cheeks πŸ™‚

    PM and her hubby were great hosts. They had a perfect place for the party of its kind.We had so much that we skipped dinner and they packed for us as well. Thank you so much.

    We missed a lot of people like BM, JLT, Usha, CD, Shruthi, Choxbox and Orchie. You were missed badly ladies 😦

    Special thanks to my dear husband , who gifted me such a nice evening. It would not have been possible without his support.

    And We Met !

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    Yes, we met !!

    Obsessive about puntuality and overwhelmed with excitement , I was the first one to reach. As I pressed the door bell , I was greeted by a lovely lady, with a beautiful warm smile. And then came the little one jumping around. Yes , Aargee’s little bundle of joy. The house was neat and beautifully decorated. The lady had made proper arrangement for the entire gathering. As we sat and sipped our cold drinks. After about 15 minutes the door bell rang again and again. Soon there was a room full of energetic ladies , laughing and chatting in excitement.

    As they entered , I figured out that how bad I was with my imaginations. Except for Abha , Kiran and Poppin’s Mom (Since I had seen their pics) , I could not make out who is who.Poppin’s Mom still does not look like a MTB , even in her 7th month , unless you know the fact and focus on her tummy. Kiran should not be believed when she talks about her double chin and her tummy. JLT looks like directly from school and you need to be shocked when she tells you that she has a four year son. She was as bubbly as she sounds on phone with a magical voice. Mama Mia is sweet, friendly and full of life. Aryan loved the book she got for him and also the cap. COS was calm and simple. And she resembles KT , okay vice versa :-D. Glad that she came exceot for all the problems with health. CD , who was new to the gang , made her self comfortable. She has a lovely smile and a familiar face. So familiar that each of us felt like she is a long lost sister πŸ™‚ Bangalore Mom was so friendly and jolly that you would feel that you know her from ages.

    We did not know that it was already past 2 hours before the lunch arrived. The lunch was yummy and we realized that we can still chat for an hour before we go. And so we did. So in all we chatted and chatted for 4 hours , about kids, schools, in laws, husbands, weight , maid, Bangalore and everthing under the sun. And it was the time when our husbands started calling , thinking that we might decide for a ladies night out , if they don’t call us :D.

    Hope to see you all again soon πŸ™‚

    What will happen when the virtual world will turn real ?

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    What will happen when the virtual world will turn real ? I always imagined how my blog friends look like. I always wondered that there might be one of those working in the same office or same office campus. There will be one of them staying in my own apartment or the next one.

    Now I know their real names. Also where they work and stay. Within some time I will know them by faces. Will I be able to guess who is who. Ofcourse I saw one glimpse of Poppin’s mom ( a pic) long back. I have heard JLT’s voice 2-3 times. I have chatted with Bangalore Mom and Mama Mia. I have seen Kiran on TV. So I know they are real and not virtual. But the very idea of meeting them in reality , makes me excited. And its not just them , I will be meeting COS , Aargee and Compulsive Dreamer too.

    Today I will have so many new friends in this city , where I have always missed having real life friends and family. Ohh..I cannot hold the excitement. Thank you all for inviting me. Will be there in some time πŸ™‚

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