Yeah ..its the day again!

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Another year older..

How am I celebrating real plans ..but we are travelling on 3rd for a 2 in 1 trip to USA. 2 in 1 because its work cum pleasure. So I just decided that I can consider that as my birthday gift πŸ™‚

So off I go ladies ..hopefully I will ping you from the other side of the world πŸ™‚


Lotus Thru Lenses!

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Kodaikanal was awesome ! We had a relaxing trip away from all our worries and stress. We lived through 3 days in complete bliss.

Took a train to Kodai road on 22nd night and reached on 23rd morning. From there we went to the hotel, Kodai International through a taxi. On the way we stopped by from some hot coffee. Also saw 2 waterfalls on the wayΒ  (though there was no water) and tasted local fruits. Reached the resort at 9.30 Am and had bath and buffet breakfast. Soon after that we drove to the lake and enjoyed pedal boating. The boat had a mickey mouse seat for the kids and Aryan totally loved it. After boating we had kodai special masala tea outside the boat house and that was very refreshing.

It was followed by cycling and horse riding. The weather was sunny but chilly. Anupam thanked his wife for carrying wollens inspite of the weather forcast on various websites πŸ™‚Β  Cycling brought back childhood memories and we rode through the entire round of lake , with break for ice cream and corn πŸ™‚ I totally loved the colour of the sky and the effect it had on the colour of the water, the lotus in the lake and the weather in general. Aryan got so excited that he literally started dancing by the side of the lake without any music πŸ™‚

After all the fun we hunted for Astoria , a south indian restaurant recommended by the localites. The place was just awesome. The food was absolutely yummicious !!! We loved it so much that we ate 1 meal per day there for all the 3 days πŸ˜€ Aryan slept in my lap soon after food and so we headed to hotel. Sat in the balcony and enjoyed the sun while Aryan slept.

The next day (on 24th), we chilled out in the garden at the resort. Aryan was bit uneasy and wanted to sleep again after breakfast , so we let him for an hour or so.Then we decided to again go for the same stuff as we have not had enough of that. So this time we headed for shikara ride , followed by cycling all over again πŸ˜€

At night, I decided to celebrate Anupam’s birthday on its eve itself , since Aryan cannot be a part of celebrations at midnight and we had to checkout in the morning. So while Anupam went to speak at the travel desk , we closed the room and decorated the table , with some roses , a candle , sponge cake , some wine and a hand made card by Aryan and his mom πŸ™‚ Anupam did not have a hint of it and was pleasantly surprised. What surprised him most was that I carried most of that from Bangalore without him noticing πŸ™‚

On 25th Morning , we checked out after breakfast for sight seeing. There is nothing much to see in kodaikanal except some valley views and most of that was not seen due to fog. At night we had a train to Bangalore from kodai road and reached here on 26th morning πŸ™‚

Only yesterday night I realized that I have to be back to the grind within few hours πŸ™‚
Over all , we had a relaxing trip and did lots of photography πŸ™‚

Leaving you with some pictures of the lake , would come back with more πŸ™‚

Kerala Trip – Part 1 (Munnar)

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Hey All , Back from a 4 days trip to kerala and I have so much to tell that one post would be too short for it.

Let me see how far I can get.

Disclaimer : Some details won’t make sense to you but I want to write them for a record πŸ™‚

28th Apr 2009 – We planned to take a train at 9 PM after office and booked a cab for 6.45 PM (as adviced by everyone) but cab did not turn up till 7.15 PM inspite of blasing them every 5 minutes. We managed to get 2 autos(some how in triple rate) and loaded our luggage and see what , the cab appeared suddenly ! Finally we hurried to the station got in the train 10-15 minutes before time. Phew !

Train ride was pretty smooth except that Aryan refused to share the berth with me and that left me sitting for 2-3 hours.

29th Apr 2009 – Reached Cochin at 8 in the morning and had some yummy breakfast at Udupi and I liked Kerala sytle sambhar :-)Drive to Munnar was beautiful. Enroute we saw 3 water falls , not much water though due to summer. Had some fresh carrots , strawberries , Red bananas , coconut water and pine apple.

Some Green Spices on the way, preserved in vinegar

A Water fall – less water due to summers


Wild Flowers

I had never seen so much of tea plantaion. The resort(T & U) in Munnar was beautiful with lots of flowers all over. After our bath we headed out for lunch (Mahaveer Restaurant) and went for sight seeing soon after. But in the town of Munnar everything except the market closes at 4.30 PM since its usually cold after that.

So we ended up th the town market.It was a so typically hill station kind of market with a difference. There were no shops of local handicrafts. All the shops were selling tea and spices , loads and loads of them. So after some window shopping we came back and enjoyed the garden in the resort.Had candle light dinner in resort and slept nicely.

Munnar Town



The famous Kerala Parantha being made !

30th Apr 2009 – Day 2 in Munnar ,I so much wanted to see the first rays of sunand hence I had put an alarm in one of our mobiles for 6 AM. The alarm rang but I realized it was dark.So we ordered tea and after tea also it was dark.Then something buzzed in Anupam’s mind and he saw the watch. It was only 5 AM. The alarm rang in the other mobile πŸ˜› and looks like Aryan had put the alarm while playing with my phone.So Anupam went back to sleep while I justed passed time and went down around 5.45 AM , only to realize that sun rises right in the opposite direction and there is no chance I can see sun rise. Anyways I enjoyed the mist , birds and flowers and loafed around in the park for 30 minutes.

The day was full of sight seeing and fun. Headed to Top Station soon after breakfast , followed by Kundalay dam , echo point and then Mattupatty dam. Did some speed boating there and throughly enjoyed that. Aryan enjoyed as well but got scared towards the end as the boat took a sharp turn.

Top Station

Kundalay Dam

Mattupatty Lake

Had lunch (Munnar Inn) and then headed to KDHP Tea Museum. Saw an documentary (Old Mountains ,New Roads) about the histry of tea in Munnar, learnt some amazing facts about tea and saw a tea processing unit in function. It was an experience of its own, though photography was prohibitted.

Eravikulam national park was the next destination in the hope to see the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. We were not lucky to spot any though. But we enjoyed waling between the clouds , so much so you could not see 5 feet above you.

Lovely Leaf

Some Orchids at a flower show

Came back , played in the resort and slept sound to wake up early for Thekkady.

Stay Tuned for Thekkady and Alleppey !

Nostalgia Revisted

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Like you know we took a 10 days off and went to attend 2 weddings. So I managed to steal 3 days of f the hectic wedding routine and went to see my parents. And from there we went to my grand parents house(kind of a farm house) for a day. The house which we spent our childhood in and the house where I stayed with my uncle’s family for my PG.

It was like a dream come true for me. In last 4 years (after wedding) this was my 2nd visit to that place. Earlier I went for an hour without Anupam when Aryan was only a month old. Like I mentioned in one of the posts long back , that house has got so many associated memories to it. I so much wanted to share all that with Anupam. Wanted to show him the famous places in the house about which he has been hearing since long. Yeah yeah , famous means the places with associated incidents and memories , like a dried pond in which we played cricket with a hockey stick :P. And my favourite spots of introspection and self study.

I so much wanted to see Aryan running into the fields like we did , catching birds and butterflies. I know he is too young for my stories but still I was sure he would enjoy the open space and he did !

I also took Anupam around the city to my eat outs. And he acknowleged that it was worth it , especially with all the excitement and happiness on my face πŸ™‚ So sweet of him πŸ™‚

We met all the relatives and spent nice time.

Apart from that trip , at my home , we spent lovely time with my parents and brother’s family. Aryan played his role as big brother , only when his cousin was away from Anupam and me. As soon as we took Tejas (brother’s son) he cried to be carried as well. Good partΒ was that he was okay if we carried both together. Tejas is the most adorable and happy baby I have ever seen ! Touchwood! He became so possessive about me that he wanted to be in my lap and did not want me to take aryan at all.
My sis in law treated us with loads of rajasthani dishes served in rajasthani style.

Here are a few pics :

“Big Brother rocking the cradle”

“Trying to get hold of birds”

“My Cricket field”

“Aryan and Tejas with My dad”

“Roaming in fields”

“Yay..dream come true !”


“My Favourite spot to study”

“My Favourite Temple”

“Running in the temple”

Also checkout wedding pics here.

Weddings and Work

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After 3 days , one of Anupam’s near and dear cousin(his mom’s family) is getting married. And we are not being able to make it to the wedding , since we took leaves for diwali recently.And plus I am loaded with work! And as a friend said just few minutes back , work during recession is precious !

I know in today’s busy world’s its tough to attend all the weddings but then still some people are special. And more over I love attending weddings of family members ! No you got it wrong !! Not because it gives me chance to dress up etc and not because I can see latest fashions etc. People who know me closely know that I am not that kind of a person. Getting ready and that too in sari and with jewellary and plus Aryan , I find it a pain. But still I love attending weddings of family members !

It gives me chance to meet people and chit chat. I enjoy the laughters in the house. I love the childhood stories that people come out with when they meet long lost uncles and aunts. And yes I love all of this , even when its Anupam’s side of family for the twinkle in his eyes. I get to hear his childhood stories , some of which I have already heard 10 times. And I get to bond with his family members. Plus this girl’s wedding is more special , coz she is the youngest of the troop and everyone finds a kid sister in her πŸ™‚

Anyways ..Cannot help it. And then there is another story. There are 2 more weddings in Feb. This time in his dad’s side of family. And we had plans to attend both. I mean atleast we have booked tickets.

BUT BUT BUT , here in office they are talking about a short project , which will save milions to company and the time line is between Jan1st to Mar 15th and I am the senior most member of the team πŸ˜› Now will I get leave for 7 days ..million dollar question!

This Time of Year !

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You know how much I love it …right ? Ohh you don’t ? Read it here and here and here.

So its the same time of the year , yeah diwali time , meaning vacation time , meaning family time !

Time when I get to stay with my parents , in my first home !
Time when I get to meet Bhaiya Bhabhi and Anirudh , yeah the same famous Anirudh!!
Time when I get to stay in my second home with my new family !
Time when I see Aryan excited and happy and pampered !
Time when I see Anupam glow !
Time which is filled with happiness and excitement !
Time for which each member (including both set of parents) of our family look forward to !

Yes , and time when we plan all special occasions too !

This year also , we have 2 functions lined up. One is the “Janamotsv” , as in welcome ceremony for my brother’s son.
And the other is the “Grah Pravesh” that is house warming of our (in-laws) home.

So this makes this special time of year more special πŸ˜€

And I am going tomorrow see you with loads of photos and updates , after 29th October.

Bye and Happy Diwali !

Goa Fun – A Lttle in Detail

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We started off to Goa on 21st afternoon. That day we had little time for the beach. So we decided to go for a sunset cruise. Though there was no sun (it was cloudy) , we thought cruise would still be fun. And it was ! Breeze was nice and so was the view. Aryan enjoyed the music and clapped along. He even went to dance on the floor , though he was feeling a little scared due to too many people on the floor.He was not interested in returning from the ship at all. Aryan slept on way back. (For my personal records , the ship was called Santa Monica). The day was completed with nice food at the guest house.

On 22nd morning, Aryan opened his eyes and started dancing.It was good enough to prove the fun he had previous night.We started off the day , to see the dolphins in Arabian Sea. It was a 45 minutes boat ride. On the way we saw central jail and the prisioners waved to us. And Mallaya’s private ship and a diamond merchants house were also among the tourist attraction. Dolphins did appear but only for a short while. I guess they were scared of the boats chasing them. Aryan had good fun watching the birds though , while we clicked the nature.

After the boat ride we went to agoda fort and beach. Aryan ran above the water tank. He was amused to see such a open play ground may be πŸ™‚ Agoda beach was not much of attraction for us.

Then we headed for Bagah Beach and started off with great food at a shack. Soon it started raining. Aryan wanted to run around in rain. He made a friend and walked around with her in rain. Weather got cold and we decided to call off the day , and postponed the beach fun for Sunday.

Sunday , 23rd was whole lot of fun. Morning we went to Anjuna Beach. The water was blue and clean and it was such a peaceful heaven.After spending soemtime in a shack we moved on to Bagah Tod beach. We all enjoyed a bath there. Aryan had a blast and did not plan to come out of water. Later part of the day was spent at Calangute , with good food , lazying around the beach and getting wet time to time. The day was closed by watching Chake De on TV in our room πŸ™‚

We had our flight on 24th at 4.00 pm and so we decided to checkout after breakfast and spend the rest of the time in South Goa , which was still unexplored. We saw Bom Jesus church , Mangesh Mangal Temple and Shanta Durga Temple. The day was closed at spice garden with a tour to the farm and a buffet.

There could not have been a better vacation πŸ™‚

Goa Fun

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I took monday off for a long weekend in Goa. Here are a few pics :

In the cruise

Cruise Driver πŸ™‚

Aryan is style

From the Boat

Another view

They called it “Queen of Hearts”

Agoda fort -Spot me πŸ™‚

Aryan Smiles

Happy to be drenched

Lovely water

Splash πŸ™‚

More Fun

Food time

Sea at its best

I love this pic

I thought of doing a detailed post..but I think pics say all. Look forward for more beach pics on Times of Aryan. And for spice garden and Church pics here.

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Hi All,I am back from my vacation and we had a blast. Especially Aryan, no words can express how much he enjoyed the attention and pampering from friends and family.

The vacation was just as I wanted, long and enjoyable and eventful ofcourse. We spent time with all the family members (both sides of families) , celebrated Deepawali,walked and shopped around the local markets , visited my favourite places in Delhi,Jaipur and my hometown. Enjoyed the authentic north indian foods , sweets and chats.
Above all , my brother got engaged and the ceremony was memorable.Could steal some time for a lunch with my sister in law too.
And guess what more …Aryan got to meet Anirudh and NM πŸ˜€
So , you have now realized , how much do I have to write , except for the pending Tags…and one post is too less …so rest later …
But before that ..a few pics of engagement.

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