Who Says A Woman Can’t Be Einstein ?

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This is a interesting article…“Who Says A Woman Can’t Be Einstein ? “ Scientists say that men and women differ in their brain sizes and brain development.This explains why men and women perceive things differently.

What’s more interesting and thought provoking is that boys and girls should not be studying in coed , when young..coz..their brains are different and it affects their performances in certain subjects.
This is what brews my head most.I have always been pro coed education and have been advocating the same to friends and relatives.I have my reasons to that.I have been in coed since day one of my schooling. In my later years , in college as well as job , i have observed that girls and boys who came from coed where more confident or rather comfortable talking to the other sex than the others.They do not have anxiety while interacting with teachers /collegues or class mates of the other sex.So I strongly advocate coed especially for girls , since it makes them feel more confident when they get out of their cosy homes and interact with the world.
The article says is that since our brains develop differently we may out perform boy in a subject and may lag behind in another and vice versa , which in turn make us feel distracted and detached to the subject.
It even says that boys at a certain age can not hear as good as girls at that age.
Now this leaves a question mark …if all what it says is true..then it make sense that girls and boys study in seperate class rooms , but then how do they get to know each other ?

Another question is that Can Girls perform as good as boys in science and related subjects ? I would say YES !! Not because I am a woman ,but because if I see around I can see so many successful women.Neither can every woman be Einstien nor can every man. But woman can excel in any field , be it science or literature. IT industry today has 25 % women population in a country like India.There is not an equal percentage and probably their will never be an equal percentage of women in IT , or for that matter in any field , not because our brains are less developed for a subject , but because of the structure of our society.Women has another set of reponsibilities.Responsibilites of raising kids ..now i don’t mean that guys do not contribute to that , but when it comes to sacrifising career , it has to be woman.
If we believe that the findings mentioned in this article are true , then we have to believe that each brain develops to what it is practised to.So I believe a woman can definitely be Einstein,Napolean,Hitler,Gandhi,Kalam or for that matter anyone.
Just that we have to believe , we can do.


Recollect the scattered …

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Recollect the scattered …An attempt to know myself better..:D. Like everyone else’s ,it wanders ..all around ..let ME find out “Whats on my MIND !!!”. So this blog is just about anything and everything that comes to my mind…an attempt to align my thoughts.

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