Books , TV , Harsh realties , Stereotypes and Kids

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I have been thinking a lot about this is past few days and so its best that I sort my thoughts out here.

Last week Aryan got a book from school library which started like ..there was a girl (forgot the name) whose mother had died and she had a step mom who was very cruel.  After reading those 2 lines I kept the book back in his bag and brought a Tulika for him to read. Why not the new library book , he asked and I said , I dont like it.

Why did I not like it I asked myself. For 2 reasons :

1. Why does the kid has to read a story that starts on a sad account of dead mother. It may intiate a thought process of sad and unforseen events in his mind. Ofcourse we read books as food for thought but I sincerely dont think that he can handle thoughts of death , especially of mother’s death. Nor I think I am mature enough to anwer the questions that will be born from these thoughts.

2. Why are step mothers always cruel. I am sure this world has many step mothers who are not cruel. Why don’t someone write a story on those mothers.

I also thought , if at all I would want my son to think about my death , I would want him to think that he will be able to move on and will have nice people around him and not a cruel step mom.

And then this weekend Aryan was watching Chota bheem on TV while I was lying next to him and happened to see what was coming.  I know much had been said about TV shows for kids not been good. But then also I don’t believe in banning TV for kids (the why for another post). So we have an agreement that he will choose 1-2 shows with agreement with Mumma.

Chota bheem was one such show that I allowed , thinking  that it is about a well behaved nice kid , sorts of a super hero , set up in indian back drop. Not too harmful at a glance. However when I watched it closely that day , I saw that girls in the show dont fight wars and dont do kung fu. They are supoosed to sit and take care of injured or cheer for the fighting men. Why ?

Gender stereotyping is already hard to fight and a TV show that encourages that ?

My son loves to help me with household stuff. I helps me with every single work that I do. Sometimes thats a pain too , uninterrupted , the work can be done faster. Sometimes thats a scare too ,especially when he helps me in kitchen , what if he touches a hot pot. But I have never ever discouraged him to help me. However some people sometimes do tell him not to tag along with mumma for its ladies work. I feel a strong itch inside me when that statement is made. I do tell my son later that he can ofcourse do that work some other time.

I sincerely hope atleast the next generation doesnot grow up with gender stereo types like these. Why is it a girls work to cook and wash ? Men also eat , can they not cook ? I would like my son to do all house hold work as I would want my daughter. I don’t mean to teach him all this now , but I am happy that he feels the need to help mumma in daily chores and does it with a full heart. 

I would want my daughter to play foot ball / basket ball / judo or whatever else she would want , if she enjoys that. I would not mind if she doesnot enjoy cooking and if house hold stuff does not come so naturally to her. It still doesnot come naturally to me 😛 However I would love if she learns to cook well and learns to take care of home well too , but thats a wish list and not a mandate.

Chota Bheem is a craze for now and cannot be banned so easily , however I just wish that he gets some good things from it and not the bad ones.

About the book , I was so pissed off that I  wanted to write to school to check if these books are apt for kids.

But then there are lot of fairy tales , indian and non indian and lot of anctient tales which talk about  harsh realities amd stereotypes. Somehow we avoid such books. Which is why Aryan doesnot know about Cindrella and snowwhite.

Not sure if this is the right thing to do though.

Any thoughts ?

P.S : Second post in a day ..not bad !


Some Questions

July 13, 2011 at 7:32 pm | Posted in Advertising, TV | 7 Comments

Have you seen this ad for Lilliput ?
Can these people not think better and creative ?
How can someone make such an ad for kids clothing ?
How do you explain such a stupid ad to your kids ?

Where will this end ?

April 29, 2010 at 3:01 pm | Posted in News channels, TV | 9 Comments

Yesterday while flipping channels , we saw on one of the hindi news channels , that a crane fell over a car and the car was completely crushed. Any human would feel sad and painful looking at such a sight. We thought the channel was as usual criticising the authorties for not taking proper care. But what followed in the news was just too disgusting. The host of the show was asking a quiz question , “what do you think would have happened to those in car ?” sms Y for …

Freedom of press , is this it is for mock over human lives ?

Can it get more disgusting ?

February 10, 2010 at 11:12 am | Posted in Reality show, TV | 16 Comments

We came across this reality show on UTV Bindaas on a lazy saturday/sunday evening when we were fliping channels in the hope to catch some good movie. Out of curiousity we saw the full episode.

It feels so disgusting. How can you get a fidelity test done for your partner. I saw some latest promos and someone did it after 10 years of relationship. I mean whats a relationship if there is no trust , and that too after 10 years.

How can people expose there so personal feelings on camera to the entire nation. And what is that they are trying to show ? Every couple has one convict and one victim ? Everyother person is cheating his or her partner ?

I find no word better than DIGUSTING to describe the show. And whats better is that the show comes in evening on a weekend. So that all the kids can catch it ?

And then there is a news channel who goes and find out that the show is fake. WOW WHAT A NEWS !!!!

As if all the other reality shows are real. People who came on sach ka samana always knew what questions will be asked and yet they had crocodile tears when they came on air.

People who are attending Swayamvar on Imagine know that Rakhi Sawant and whoever that guy was , actually never intended to marry each other and nor is Rahul doing it for marriage.

Why fool the masses so much ? I feel that TV soaps who have ladies with loads of makeup crying all the time are far better than these shows. Atleast there people are aware that its all scripted.

By the way , if there are any real people who want to go for emotional atyachaar, read this first.

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