I hate most..

February 22, 2010 at 12:04 pm | Posted in Dad, Mom, Mummy, Papa | Comments Off on I hate most..

the inability to be with my parents when I should be, even though I know they will be just fine even if I am not there , thanks to my brother.

And the inability to justify the above , to MYSELF.

P.S : All is well at home thankfully, I have disabled comments on this post.


May 21, 2008 at 6:57 am | Posted in Birthday, Dad, Mom | 2 Comments

Found this poem here, and its suits this day JUST PERFECTLY !

All my life you’ve been there
Any time and any where
When I was young
And even now that I am older.
I have always known
You’ve done the best you could
Circumstances change, lives change
But family ties are strong.

I want you to know how much
I respect what you have done
For me, for others,
And even for yourself.

When problems knock you down
You just slowly, steadily,adjust your shoulders
And then move on.
Many others would give up,

On love and on life, but you haven’t.
You’ve continued,
Stronger, calmer, and with determination.
That’s what you are,
strong, loving, caring, and dependable.
And yet still more

You are my mom.
And I love you.
Happy Birthday Mummy!!!!

And since I forgot to write about Papa’s Birthday on 2nd, this one is for him 🙂

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