Dreams Untold

September 12, 2007 at 6:19 am | Posted in Dreams, Introspection | 8 Comments

Yesterday night Aryan was scared. I guess he was having some scary dreams and every time he woke up and clinged to me. So I thought what could those dreams be and that reminded me of my dreams.So, inspired by NM’s recent post , here I go with a few of my most weird and funny dreams ever. These have no relations to pregancy though.

In my school , in my college and sometimes even now , this one (with some variations) have made me wake up a several times.

I have an exam today and I am already running late. My Rickshaw puller did not turn up. Its raining and I cannot get any transport. Finally I manged to reach school. Our school is strict on dress code and timings and so I got a good scolding on being late. But when they were just letting me in , they realized that I am without any shoes. *Phew*…They told me that I cannot come in without shoes…BARE FOOT :O And I stand crying , for I missed my exam.

Next one wakes me up with a jolt , more often than anything else.

Its a dream where I see myself fall down. Sometimes from bed while sleeping and sometimes from stairs and sometimes from buildings.

Last but not the least. A recent one and the most weird one.

About a month ago I saw that we have a baby monkey in house.The monkey stays like my kid. He sits in my lap. He eats and sleeps next to us. He talks like us. He is my FIL favourite and my FIL gets angry when someone scolded the monkey for something.

Just then Anupam woke me up and I was like ..Ohh I wanted to see the full dream :-We laughed long about the dream , since my FIL hates pets. I wondered if it was Aryan dressed as monkey 😀

Now , what do you think about this being a tag. Come on , share your dreams with us. I tag Naina, Moppet’s Mom, Manasi, Rdbans and timepass


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