What do you do when ..

August 14, 2012 at 12:07 pm | Posted in Mood, What do you do when | 7 Comments

..you feel too low.

well ..I just read few of my old posts from kids blog ..doesnot help today 😦

Don’t ask me the reasons please ..coz there is hardly any πŸ˜›



To that white Puma T-shirt..

August 8, 2011 at 2:07 pm | Posted in Mood, Society | 16 Comments

..who flicked my used food bill in Garuda mall yesterday , to get a sandwich from Shiv Sagar without paying for it.

Yeah yeah , I saw you , when you flicked my bill. You thought I was too busy feeding my son. Well I was. For a moment I thought it was the housekeeping guy clearing the plates but then you picked only the bill and not the plate. So I turned to see if it was my husband who came back to take the bill. It was then I realized that it was not my husband but a well dressed guy who flicked my used bill from my table at the food court. It did not make any sense to me, why would someone do that. And then my eyes followed you to get the shock of my life.

You who can afford a Puma T-shirt (Did you flick that somewhere or was it duplicate?? ) , a jeans and sports shoes and who came for an outing with your girl , flicked a bill to save 65 bucks. Shame on your cheapness !! Shame at your upbringing !!

And you thought no one noticed ?? I did. I even walked upto the cashier at Shiv sagar and told him that you flicked my used bill and took the sandwich (for which I payed and I ate already). He was VERY UPSET ..obviously and wanted me to point to that person.

I do not know why I felt pity on the girl who came out with you. I was not sure if she was aware of your cheap ways. I did not want to spoil her evening and so I let you go. I told the cashier that I did not see your face ..but I did ..and I am sure I would never forget the face of an educated thief who sold himself up for 65 rs πŸ˜›
I did show you to my husband and my 5 years old son also and told them that you are a thief.

If you happen to read this blog some day , be thankful to me that I did not rip you off in public.

And yes …I even saw you checking the used bill from another empty table to see if there is anything you can eat from that bill but perhaps you did not find anything worth a try.

Feels sad

May 31, 2011 at 2:34 pm | Posted in Mood, Work | 8 Comments

To see the kingdom crumble
To see the people leaving
To see the floors empty
To see the cafeteria waiting
Step by step , one by one
Its dying
It somehow feels sad 😦

I plan , to fail :-(

September 29, 2009 at 2:02 pm | Posted in Mood | 22 Comments

Why does it always happen to me ?

I am one nut case you know. I plan too much , tooo much.

Like if I am going on a vacation for 3 days , I would start planning my dresses for each day , night dress too and then Aryan’s dresses , as soon as I book my tickets , which might be 2 months before the D day. I would pack every possible thing required. I would keep spare set of clothes , “what if cold drink spills over dress”.

If someone is visiting us after 2 weeks for lunch , I would start thinking what to cook from today.

If its someone’s birthday (may be mine too), I would plan things from the start of the day to the end , what to cook , where to go , what to eat , how to wish etc etc.

My plans are never GRAND , but always perfect , in their own sense , if you understand what I mean.

But the problem is , even though they look so workable , they never work out. Man (Woman) proposes , God disposes.

Like I wont get Palak or Paneer , in the Super market if I plan to make palak paneer. Like it starts raining if I planned a candle light dinner on the roof top. Or things like that.

I can actually write a long post on how God disposes my plans so many times.

Simple and small things give me lot of pleasure and if they fail , they put me off.

Now why all this today …

As many of you know ~nm is travelling to Europe and Anirudh has comeover (with my in-laws) to stay with us for 10 day.

I started dreaming of this day before ~nm started dreaming of her trip and I can say for sure that she would vouch on this.

I planned what all Anirudh likes and I would cook / get for him. I planned where all we would take him for sight seeing , bannergatta , mysore zoo , planeterium etc etc. I imagined how they would both play with each other and have great time.

I had such a happy and jolly image of these 10 days. But how could all that work 😦

Anirudh has been suffering from throat infection & fever from 25th. The long weekend for us was spent at home. The kids have been sad in their own ways. Aryan has been feeling jealous and left out at times when all the attention goes to Anirudh and also because he has been kind of kept away (by the grandparents) from Anirudh since he might get infected. Anirudh being sad for not been able to go out and enjoy. Plus I am sure he would be missing the comfort that you can get with your mother around , when you are unwell.

I have been trying for all these days to keep both of them as happy as I can.

I really hope he gets well soon and can enjoy rest of his vacation. It was his first vacation with us and I wish him to carry happy memories. Also , it is ~nm’s first vacation without him and it will sure be worrying her so much 😦 I am feeling quite sad for her.

Me-Me Day!

August 25, 2009 at 12:22 pm | Posted in Just Like That, Mood | 10 Comments

To those who asked me how was my holiday yesterday ..

Every year my company gives me 1-2 holidays that are different from what my husband gets. And those are the holidays I wait for all the year long πŸ˜› And if there is a day when Husband and Aryan both are working (schooling is also like working for kids !) and I have off, I just looooooooove those days.

SELFISH !! Yeah it sounds like that. But may be I am. I love those days for the “ME” Time that I get. And what do I do.

I usually plan a parlour visit. Do a lesiurely facial , without checking my watch and pedicure. Then take loong bath , again withoout worrying about whats happening behind the door. And then I eat something different than usual , it may be just bread with leftover veggies but then its different you see ! Watch some waste TV show/movie. Sleep till I exhaust !

Basically do what I want!! I pamper my own self !!

On less usual times I clean some otherwise ignored corners of the house and that too at leisure. I clean a shelf in double the usual time , arrange and rearrange them to look best , though I know it would end up same way in a week. But then I love looking them well arranged for some time /days πŸ™‚

And then I check with husband if he can come a bit early so that we can spend some “WE” time before we pick Aryan πŸ˜‰

So you get the idea ..if I am selfish ..I love being like that πŸ˜›

P.S : Another me-me day on 21st Sep ..so this time I would do the less usual πŸ™‚


April 17, 2008 at 5:25 am | Posted in Bored, Mood | 4 Comments

I was BORED yesterday. Told this to a friend and she thought I am Vella , as in without any work. But NO , I had work.Search for the word “Bored” on google and you will get 76,000,000 links, from bored.com to i-am-bored.com.And they tell you fun things to do when you are bored for lack of work.

But what when you have work to do, people to chat, blogs to read and recipes to make and yet you feel bored ??? I was BORED of the other type …yeah the other type ..when you have so much to do but yet you don’t want to do anything. You feel as if the switch is OFF. You get what I mean. People usually don’t. They tell me interesting things to do. But all I can do at that stage is to SLEEP OR EAT. Yeah , I eat when I am bored …now you know the secret of my good health ..hehehehehe.

Funny is that I am never bored without work , coz then I can do so many things , make my long pending calls to old friends , sleep , eat(again), find and try new recipes for us or Aryan (food ..:-P) , blog , find new blogging friends, watch some stupid movie on TV , Listen to music…so much and so how can I be bored without work.

But worst is that my switch gets off when I have so much to catch on. And why does the switch gets off is what I am still to figure out. I know a few reasons , like a fight with husband or cancellation of my weekend plan or cancellation of any long awaited moment or office politics , but sometimes its none of these. Sometimes I am off the mood JUST LIKE THAT , even on weekends. Is this NORMAL πŸ˜› or I need to see a Physco ..Solitaire please help!!!!


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