I plan , to fail :-(

September 29, 2009 at 2:02 pm | Posted in Mood | 22 Comments

Why does it always happen to me ?

I am one nut case you know. I plan too much , tooo much.

Like if I am going on a vacation for 3 days , I would start planning my dresses for each day , night dress too and then Aryan’s dresses , as soon as I book my tickets , which might be 2 months before the D day. I would pack every possible thing required. I would keep spare set of clothes , “what if cold drink spills over dress”.

If someone is visiting us after 2 weeks for lunch , I would start thinking what to cook from today.

If its someone’s birthday (may be mine too), I would plan things from the start of the day to the end , what to cook , where to go , what to eat , how to wish etc etc.

My plans are never GRAND , but always perfect , in their own sense , if you understand what I mean.

But the problem is , even though they look so workable , they never work out. Man (Woman) proposes , God disposes.

Like I wont get Palak or Paneer , in the Super market if I plan to make palak paneer. Like it starts raining if I planned a candle light dinner on the roof top. Or things like that.

I can actually write a long post on how God disposes my plans so many times.

Simple and small things give me lot of pleasure and if they fail , they put me off.

Now why all this today …

As many of you know ~nm is travelling to Europe and Anirudh has comeover (with my in-laws) to stay with us for 10 day.

I started dreaming of this day before ~nm started dreaming of her trip and I can say for sure that she would vouch on this.

I planned what all Anirudh likes and I would cook / get for him. I planned where all we would take him for sight seeing , bannergatta , mysore zoo , planeterium etc etc. I imagined how they would both play with each other and have great time.

I had such a happy and jolly image of these 10 days. But how could all that work 😦

Anirudh has been suffering from throat infection & fever from 25th. The long weekend for us was spent at home. The kids have been sad in their own ways. Aryan has been feeling jealous and left out at times when all the attention goes to Anirudh and also because he has been kind of kept away (by the grandparents) from Anirudh since he might get infected. Anirudh being sad for not been able to go out and enjoy. Plus I am sure he would be missing the comfort that you can get with your mother around , when you are unwell.

I have been trying for all these days to keep both of them as happy as I can.

I really hope he gets well soon and can enjoy rest of his vacation. It was his first vacation with us and I wish him to carry happy memories. Also , it is ~nm’s first vacation without him and it will sure be worrying her so much 😦 I am feeling quite sad for her.


I am honest :-)

September 18, 2009 at 10:26 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 22 Comments

How do you feel when you get award ? Great isn’t it ? And how do you feel when you get an award from someone you never ever expected ? I am on cloud 11. I never knew this lovely lady reads my blog , lurks may be , but then you don’t award (atleast I don’t) the bloggers that you dont really read ..isn’t it πŸ™‚ And that too when its honesty award !! So thanks a ton Swapana for making me feel so happy!!

1.I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link it
2.I must list 10 honest things about myself
3.I must put a copy of Honest Scrap logo on my blog
4.I must select atleast 7 other worthy bloggers and list their links
5.I must notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow the above three requirements also.

10 Honest things about me !!

1. 99.9% of the confesstions on this blog have been honest and straight from heart !

2. I love to write! Though I know I am not a writer , but I love to put my thoughts on paper (now computer) since I was very young.

3. But I cannot write poetry ..except from some naive attempts ..I don’t have poetic bend of mind. My writings are limited to putting my thought flow on paper.

4. I love reading my old posts. I sometimes click on the link on the right of this page and read a random post.
5. Lot of times I do things to please people (mainly relatives and close friends) , since I never want to hurt them. But many times I end up screwing things , since the disagreement that I don’t express in words , gets expressed in actions πŸ˜›

6. Its difficult to convince me. I will give it to you if you convince me , but then thats the tough part. I cannot agree just because you are YOU !

7. I hate lies. But I do hide things sometimes , inorder to avoid conflicts. Some things are best left unsaid.

8. I love everything in my life , from the 2 men , to the family , to the living, all materlistic and non-materlistic stuff but still I sometimes miss childhood and college days and wish to relive everything.

9. I do not hate anyone , even the people who couldn’t have done worse to me. After all they taught me not to trust anyone more than yourself and your family.

10. I believe there is God and I believe he doesnot expect me to pray to him all the time. He just expects me to be honest to myself .

Phew ! That was tough but then I was 100% honest !


7 bloggers to get tagged are


A Special Friday Evening !

September 14, 2009 at 3:32 pm | Posted in Blogger Meet | 65 Comments

Friday evening is a term that I learnt to use after I got married. To my husband friday evening means coming early from office and have something unusual for dinner. Before Aryan it meant a lot more ..but then lets not get there πŸ˜‰

But last friday evening was special. It was an evening with girl friends. Friends who became friends without realization. Friends that had no faces when they became my friends. Friends whom I wanted to meet forever and it did not happen.
Yeah yeah ..blog friends ofcourse !!

Pixie ..we know each other from somewhere in 2007 ..May / June. Thats soon after I started blogging. Pixie and I would comment on each other’s post and most of the comments would sound like , “WOW thats so much like me” , “I would do the same” , “You are absolutely right” , “Are we soul sisters” etc.

And we bonded , I don’t know when. With most of my readers being mommy bloggers pixie was the ONLY non-mommy blogger with whom I bonded and now we can add Swaram to the list.

I don’t remember when she moved to my gmail friends list and when we exchanged numbers. But we never met , until friday !!

Monika came to my world because of Ojas. Ojas is such a adorable baby that even other moms cannot stop looking at his pics. And what a smile he has. You can just keep looking at his pics forever. And then Monika came by to offer contribution to HnT. So sweet of her. And then we chatted on gmail. The journey continues from there. And then we decided to meet and the meet got postponed for one reason or another. But it happened on friday !!

Puja , again she came in for Diya! I have been fascinated with girl childs. I so want one ! And then I got addicted to Puja’s no fuss , no fancy , short and straight posts. And rest of the story is same !! But whats better is I met Diya too this friday and fell in love with her chubby cheeks !!

Iya , a new face to me , absolutely gorgeous and charming. I never realized that I have read so little of her and that she was almost an stranger to me. She got along so well with the gang !!

And we chatted about everything under the sun !! Food, Blogs, bloggers , kids , hubbies , In-laws and even about hubbies of other bloggers πŸ˜‰ LOL !

And it was decided that we will meet again some day for potluck and the invitees would include Abha for sure !! Now don’t ask me why πŸ˜›

Now was that not a special friday !!!

And here is the pic of the day :


September 8, 2009 at 11:00 am | Posted in Bangalore, BMTC | 25 Comments

Its been about 4.5 years since I landed in this city for first time. Like every city this city also has its plus and minus and it also has equal number of people on its love and hate list. You can find people endlessly compaining about various things and still will not settle in for any other city.

And all this holds true for all the metros of India. In the past 4.5 years I have also witnessed a quick transition of bangalore to a metro and ofcourse it started few years before I landed.
But this post is not about Bangalore. Its about a fact that I have been growing to admire in past 4 years.

Before I came here I worked in Delhi and used public transport there to commute. I always admired the well planned routes and frequency of buses there. Though I hated the way in which the buses were maintained. They just left it there. Ofcourse they migrated to CNG. But they never thought of upgrading the quality of service & the comfort of commuters. They never thought to attract the users of Maruti 800 and Toyota Innova to bus. They just assumed that it was not possible.

When I came to Bangalore, there was no need for me to use public transport. And if at all it was needed , I used autos which are found in ample in Bangalore. Bangalore probably has more autos than any other city in the world πŸ˜› I noticed those blue and white buses on the roads , in pathetic condition , overloaded all the time and I used to think , public transport is all the same all over India. Whats worse here was that I could not read a thing on the boards of the buses and they were so unusable for me even in emergency.

But BMTC worked on making me feel better :-D. They started the so called Red buses , the volvos. WOW..first time in India , Volvo’s for Intra city transfer. It was a dream of a sort. People thought they will be highly overpriced and BMTC won’t be able to sustain the costs if they reduce the fares and who will use them and that its impossible to change human habits etc etc. But They survived. Its been 3 years I guess. BMTC reduced the fares also and they are no longer overpriced. They came up with ideas of making bus stops in front of IT parks and increased frequency in peak hours and lots of people use them today.

When BMTC started the volvos to Bangalore International airport , then also people said no one will use it. But they tried and they are still trying.

These days you see new kind of buses every day on the road. You can spot some orange volvos and some blue ones and then the green BIG 10 buses and the colourful BIG CIRCLE on ring roads and today I spotted 2 bright blue buses and read about Atal Sarige service. I do not know what are all these services , perhaps they could have communicated about these better , but end of the day I can see people using them and thats what that matters. One can go Ga-Ga about their small steps and the other can keep improving slow and steady.

BMTC sure has proved that they are the most innovative public sector transport corporation of the country and no wonder they are the most profitable as well.

I never realized when I started prefering Volvos over the autos. And when I started using them I realized that though they have ample buses and frequency perhaps they need more work on proper route planning.

And somehow I felt like trusting them , they must be already working towards it.

Working where your husband , father or brother works ?

September 1, 2009 at 4:32 pm | Posted in Introspection | 37 Comments

Whats your take about working in the same company where your husband , father or brother works ?

I had a debate about the same with a colleague at lunch.My take is I don’t ever want to work in the same company for which my husband , father or brother work. And its not about men , I did not mention sister and mom because I don’t have a sister and my mom is a home maker.

I have atleast 4 reasons, though you may choose to disregard all of those like she did.

One is a simple and practical reason , if me and hubby are in same company and if the company crashes both of us will be in soup. Though this is a very pessismistic thought ..its a valid one.

Another and more important reason (atleast to me). I do not want to live like a shadow or be a shadow to someone. I want my individuality.

I graduated from a college where my father was a teacher. I was not considered “Swati” there but as “his daughter”. I was a kid to his colleagues and a “teachers daughter” to my classmates.Today I do not have any friends from graduation. And thats not my fault , since I have friends from school and from Post Graduation. But for 3 years of my graduation, I could not win any friends , except the ones that came over with me from school , since no one ever considered me a part of their life.

After my post graduation my father asked me to join his college as a faculty and I told him that I would prefer to stay at home than do that. I told him , I want to work because I want to known by who I am. I do not want to be known just by my surname. I am not sure if he got what I told , perhaps he might have thought I want independence..but frankly it was not at all about independence, I just did not want to be a kid all my life. And so I joined a different profession with my parents consent ofcourse.

Same applies to (atleast to some extent) with having husband / brother/ sister / any close relative as my colleague. I don’t want people to think I am like them , not because they are good or bad , but because they are different.

Also because I don’t want them to advice me with what I do I work , how I walk/talk/behave at work. I share every bit of my work life with my husband. He is such a good listener that he remembers every bit of it. He shares and advices also ..when I need it..yeah when I need it.He knows the things as I put them , he doesnot have his own prejudices attached to the people I talk about. So his opinion is fair and not biased by his personal prejudices.

Third is because I need a break. We all do. Life is not just me and my family
, its beyond that. And I wish to experience that too. I want a life outside my house…not as literally though as it sounds. And I do not really know how to explain this also πŸ˜›

And last but not the least , I do not want to bring office to home and take home to office. I wish to keep prfessional and personal lives seperate. I cannot imagine fighting over an office issue or person in my living room or bedroom πŸ˜‰


My colleague though said that she doesnot mind working around close family members. She would rather like a guidance and support round the clock. She would not mind taking benefits of his contacts and she would love a daily pick and drop to office.


My take on her views : We are different in so many ways πŸ™‚ May she get a life partner in this company only πŸ˜€
You are on which side ?

The “S” Tag

September 1, 2009 at 2:58 pm | Posted in Tags | 14 Comments

Monika tagged me for the alphabet tag..

1. What is your name: Swati

2. A four Letter Word: Sure

3. A boy’s Name: Sagar

4. A girl’s Name: Sneha / Sapna / Surbhi etc etc

5. An occupation: Store Keeper

6. A color: Sky Blue

7. Something you wear: Sandals

8. A food: Sandwiches ..yeah I a big sandwich lover

9. Something found in the bathroom: Sink πŸ˜›

10. A place: Srinagar

11. A reason for being late: Sleep ..how much ever I sleep ..I never feel like getting up in the morning , esp for office πŸ˜€

12. Something you shout: Shut Up

13. A movie title: Sadma ..thats a classic ..has an ever lasting impression in my heart

14. Something you drink: Strawberry Shake ..Yumm ..I just looooove it !

15. A musical group: No music group ..Singer can be accepted right ..so ..Shubha Mudgal and Shreya Ghosal

16. An animal: Squirrels

17. A Street name: swami vivekanand marg ..Don’t ask me where is it ..Kahin toh hoga πŸ˜€

18. A type of car: Swift

19. A song title: Sathiya yeh tune kya kiya

20. A verb: Sleep ..cannot think beyond that πŸ˜›

And I tag

Imp’s Mom

Do it with your kid’s names πŸ˜€

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