Weddings and Work

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After 3 days , one of Anupam’s near and dear cousin(his mom’s family) is getting married. And we are not being able to make it to the wedding , since we took leaves for diwali recently.And plus I am loaded with work! And as a friend said just few minutes back , work during recession is precious !

I know in today’s busy world’s its tough to attend all the weddings but then still some people are special. And more over I love attending weddings of family members ! No you got it wrong !! Not because it gives me chance to dress up etc and not because I can see latest fashions etc. People who know me closely know that I am not that kind of a person. Getting ready and that too in sari and with jewellary and plus Aryan , I find it a pain. But still I love attending weddings of family members !

It gives me chance to meet people and chit chat. I enjoy the laughters in the house. I love the childhood stories that people come out with when they meet long lost uncles and aunts. And yes I love all of this , even when its Anupam’s side of family for the twinkle in his eyes. I get to hear his childhood stories , some of which I have already heard 10 times. And I get to bond with his family members. Plus this girl’s wedding is more special , coz she is the youngest of the troop and everyone finds a kid sister in her πŸ™‚

Anyways ..Cannot help it. And then there is another story. There are 2 more weddings in Feb. This time in his dad’s side of family. And we had plans to attend both. I mean atleast we have booked tickets.

BUT BUT BUT , here in office they are talking about a short project , which will save milions to company and the time line is between Jan1st to Mar 15th and I am the senior most member of the team πŸ˜› Now will I get leave for 7 days ..million dollar question!


Our Admission Story

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School hunting was on my mind , since God knows when. The main criteria for me was , reasonably good school (well , don’t ask the denifinition of ‘Good’) , thats near by , has been written about on positive note by strangers, is affordable, has been spoken about on postive note by some known people and is preferably a day school or has a day care.

I found 2 schools for consideration , difference being one of them was not written about at all and other one was kind of over hyped. So it was fairly easy getting admission in the first one , but somehow I was keen for the second one as I had 3-4 known kids studying there.

And so we filled forms in both of these. And on 3rd November the second school called us for interview/meeting with principal on 4th. I do not know why , but somehow both Anupam and I felt that we have an exam tomorrow and we have no control over how we will perform in the exam. Anupam did ask me if we can do any preparation , to make Aryan ready for THE DAY , but I thought it would be best to leave things as is and go extempore.

So we reached the school sharp on time. Only to know that our admission form has been misplaced , by an otherwise efficient but overworked office staff.
Within 5-10 mins , she did found our form and told us that there are some 3-4 parents(and kids) in queue before us.

So we waited and waited. Fed breakfast and snacks to Aryan (Thank god , I was carrying that , though I forgot spoon :-P) And then he spotted the play ground and was busy with swings and slides. It was 2.5 hours already past the appointment when we were called for the meeting.

As soon as we entered the room , Aryan started crying for slides. The principal showed him some puzzles and tried hard to make him stay in the room , but he refused. So she asked Anupam to go with Aryan to slides , while she will talk to me.

Now , I thought , is it good that I have control over the exam πŸ˜› Well it proved to be. As I passed my exam after a few questions and Aryan got admissions. School starts in June and there will be an orientation program before that.

So that was our admission story , whats yours.

P.S :I know you have been waiting for updates on my trip , but this was something of more significance to me. Trip updates will keep coming with pics πŸ™‚

What would you do if..

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..Some one at a party asks you , if you are already expecting baby no 2 and you are actually not ?

Wish I had found a well to jump in , then and there πŸ˜› Here I am writing about it shamelessly πŸ˜›

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