Celebrating This Day!

February 19, 2008 at 5:50 am | Posted in ExcerptsfromNANMUNsjournal | 3 Comments

Two years back ,on this day, I sensed my little bundle of joy moving inside me.
I am getting nostalgic by reproducing the excerpts from my online journal during pregnancy. This was written in baby language. If interested , read the full thing here

Feb 19, 2006
Mummy papa went for a movie called Rang de basanti.After some 5 – 10 minutes mummy felt some thing pricking in her tummy.She started thinking, was that me…:-D She kept her hand on her tummy sooooooo lovingly.Then she felt pricking again. She told papa that she feels ,nanmun is moving but she is not very sure. Papa was watching movie and did not pay much attention..:( Within few minutes I was quiet. After interval, again she felt me move.Now, she was little more confident that it was me..:D.

Feb 20, 2006
Mummy was very excited about the incident during the movie. She discussed with tai ji but taiji was also not sure if it was me. She discussed with all her friends , the mom- to – be’s in May and July. They all said , it was me and my mumma is soooooooo happy now. She is desparately waiting to feel me again but I am playing hide and seek with her …*giggle*

Feb 24, 2006
Mumma woke up at midnight,she felt the same pricking sensation in her tummy.Similiar to what she felt during the movie.She immediately thought of me.Then she slept with her hand on tummy and a smile on her face.Now she believes even more , that its ME…:D



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