Fire Drill – Why ?

February 15, 2008 at 10:25 am | Posted in FireDrill | 3 Comments

We have a fire drill/evacuation drill at our office today. Which means , the fire alarm will ring and we need to run down the stairs to an assembly point. I have had been to many fire drills in this and previous company. But everytime its only one thing that comes to my mind.

Why do they have to do a pre-announced fire drill. How can they practice the evacuation , when everyone knows there is no emergency. Incase of actual emergency , whats tough to manage is the panic. When we work in a office , we usually know the way out. But in case of actual emergency , its the sudden panic and the rush to escape first that causes the problem. In these pre announced drills , that is not there. People happily wait for the time of the drill , happily walk down the stairs and wait for the head count. Some of them escape the drill by straying at the ground floor.

I feel , that they should either only a proper training , or should do a surprise fire drill. At the most they can announce that there will be a fire drill this week. No date and time should be announced.Only then can they simulate the actual situation. Only then they can know how people will react , what is missing , how much time people actually take to evacuate, what happens to people in meeting rooms and toilets etc , and plan better. Don’t you think so ?


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