Whats on my mind literally ?

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The house ..we bought a new house (our first !) that will be our home from next month ! Its a dream come true. All the energy and thoughts these days is to get that ready. Majority of the work will be done by month end and rest we will keep doing as we go.

The kids ..so much is changing with both of them every single day.

He is growing up to be handome and smart. Always excited and happy and full of energy. May be in the second best phase of his childhood after the baby phase. He turns 6 tomorrow. His needs are aΒ lot of time especially with so much happening in school. However he is happy with his ownself nowadays. I am loving him the way he is now πŸ™‚

She is growing up to be naughty. A fussy eater. A charmer. She is on my mind even when she is not around.Β Her smiles keep me going even at midnights πŸ˜›

The job ..which I intend to change. I actually can change today(have something in hand). Just that I need a little more push and support from near and dear ones.

The husband ..who hardly gets any time from me these days and vice versa. Hope to spend more time with him once we settle down in our nest.

And there is more ..the future, the daycare that the kids will soon have to start and that we need to hunt , studies of the elder one , development of the younger one , the corners of the new house that are shaping up in my imaginations , the time which is always less with so much to do, the blog that has been neglected for too long now , the kids blog that is not been updated as often as it should be , my weight that I should loose and what not.

That was what is on my mind literally ..whats on your mind ?



Feels sad

May 31, 2011 at 2:34 pm | Posted in Mood, Work | 8 Comments

To see the kingdom crumble
To see the people leaving
To see the floors empty
To see the cafeteria waiting
Step by step , one by one
Its dying
It somehow feels sad 😦

Back to the grind

May 12, 2011 at 4:50 pm | Posted in Work | 15 Comments

My company realized my worth and asked me if I would like to be retained and outsourced to a different company. Ofcourse after I return my severance. Work profile remains same , only payroll would change.

So I opted for it. I was not ready to be SAHM yet and job hunting was tough while handling the pregnancy.

And hence , back to the grind already πŸ™‚

Change is the way of life

March 11, 2011 at 6:48 am | Posted in Rant, Thoughts, Work | 11 Comments

Yesterday was a significant day in my life. It changed. A change that was thought about n number of times , but I never had agreed to step in that direction, I never had the guts or REAL will.

Things change in IT industry as fast as they can. And so they changed. Our office decided to let go a LOT of employees due to change in their strategy. I would not get in details about the company or strategy on my personal blog , but only what it means for me. It means that my last working day will be in June.

And so there I take a break from my professional life. Yeah , something I thought n number of times but never really did. Never really did because , I could never really imagine myself in a SAHM role (with due respect to all the SAHMs in the world). I have always seen myself as a working mumma. Even when I was not a mumma and I was not working ,in my dreams always pictured myself like that. And I do not know the WHY for this.

So its a big change for me , may be a good one too , only thing is I would need to learn to like it. Wish me luck !

PS : I know some of you might say , I have enough time to switch to a new job. Yeah , thats true , thats what most of my colleagues would do. But somehow certain (good!!) things in my personal life do not allow me to do that at this point in time. The change is so perfectly timed , you see!

Yeah ..its the day again!

October 1, 2010 at 10:51 am | Posted in Birthday, Vacation, Work | 12 Comments

Another year older..

How am I celebrating ..no real plans ..but we are travelling on 3rd for a 2 in 1 trip to USA. 2 in 1 because its work cum pleasure. So I just decided that I can consider that as my birthday gift πŸ™‚

So off I go ladies ..hopefully I will ping you from the other side of the world πŸ™‚

Cauvery Fishing Camp

September 22, 2010 at 9:36 am | Posted in Day Out, Landscapes, Photos, Work | 6 Comments

Some questions for you

March 22, 2010 at 11:11 am | Posted in Thoughts, Work | 18 Comments

How much of your personal life do you discuss in office ?

Do you crib about certain family members / issues at work ?
Do you talk about your/family member’s wedding proposals in detail ?
Do you talk about the talks/fights/Issues/expectations between you and your partner ?
Do you talk about the antics of your kids ?
Do you share stories/pictures about you vacations ?

And whom do you share , if you do ?

With people who you consider friends and would like to be in contact even when you move jobs.
With team members / lunch partners who you just call friends.

I do talk about antics of my son and share pictures of my vacation with colleagues who ask or show interest in the same.

I do not share family issues / had not shared wedding proposals with anyone at work , even when I consider them friends.

I cannot think of talking about things between me and my partner to anyone in the world , except 1-2 people whom I consider my lifetime friends (and who are not at work) and that too in rare cirumstances.

But I have seen people doing all of the above. And so I wonder how different I am.

2009 – the year

December 22, 2009 at 11:42 am | Posted in Thoughts, Work | 24 Comments

2009 was another quick year that passed by. It passed by like a night of dreams and it was morning when I just slept.

Just today I realized , how we celebrated cristmas last year for Aryan and Aryan had cut a birthday cake for Jesus. I just realized that how we planned to surprise the only Christain colleague in our team through some cake and a small xmas tree , but he never turned up that day.
And its Cristmas all over again.

Time truly flies. How was the year ? What went well ? What did we achieve ? What went worse ? Are some questions that I happen to be thinking today.

Towards the end of 2008 , I felt life to be so disheartening. I felt nothing was really working. Aryan was in the middle of his terrible twos and life was almost hell at home. I was shouting , crying and cribbing most of the times. Hubby was no different. Aryan was irritated and a brat most of the times. Both of us felt that we are terrible parents.

At work , I lost my dream opportunity. I worked towards the transition of a project with my heart and soul and when it came over , I was thrown out of it due to some politics. More so , I was not even given due credit. Recession made it tough to quit and so I decided to stick even after feeling terrible.

2009 came with hope. I decided to give life another try. Anupam and I discussed to be more patient with Aryan. To avoid shouting and refrain from hitting him unless there is a life threatening situation. We helped each other during our outbursts. Aryan’s behaviour improved , may be because he just grew up. But I would also like to believe that it improved because his parents improved their behaviour towards him…anyway ..as long as it improves ..who cares for a reason πŸ™‚

Aryan also started his school and that was the biggest event of the year. It meant an emotional journey for our little family.

At work , I started seeing some hope again. New responsibilities were followed by a promotion. I recollected all my enthusiasm and sailed through the first 2 quarters in flying colours. Then things changed again , at a level that is way beyond my control and the last 2 quarters were again not rosy. Towards the end of the year I am again where I was towards the end of 2008 at work front, just that my title is little different.

But I learnt , 2009 made me a little better parent , a little more patient , a little more happier , a little more matured , a little more health concious , a little more young..yeah ..I feel a little more young than I felt last year ..strange na πŸ™‚

2010 , brings lot of uncertainity , especially at work. But then it brings hope too. A hope to sailthrough. I lived through 31 new years and I survived ..touch wood …32nd cannot be different ..I trust..I know God will bless us as always !

Editted to Add : Ohh God, bless my parents with good health. They suffered a lot due to various health problems this year.


April 20, 2009 at 5:02 pm | Posted in Work | 12 Comments

Something for which I have waited too long, Something which was being promised for too long, Something for which I had lost hopes, Something for which I was considering changing job ,only if it was not recession ..the promotion !

P.S : I have always wished to write a looooooong cribbing post about certain things at work , but have restricted myself , since I know that there can be certain people at work who can be reading this blog , though I have never shared it here. Some day ..I would!

P.P.S : Celebrations ..yes after we all recover from this cold …as of now we celebrated with an ice cream inspite of cold πŸ˜€

Weddings and Work

November 26, 2008 at 10:59 am | Posted in Vacation, Wedding, Work | 10 Comments

After 3 days , one of Anupam’s near and dear cousin(his mom’s family) is getting married. And we are not being able to make it to the wedding , since we took leaves for diwali recently.And plus I am loaded with work! And as a friend said just few minutes back , work during recession is precious !

I know in today’s busy world’s its tough to attend all the weddings but then still some people are special. And more over I love attending weddings of family members ! No you got it wrong !! Not because it gives me chance to dress up etc and not because I can see latest fashions etc. People who know me closely know that I am not that kind of a person. Getting ready and that too in sari and with jewellary and plus Aryan , I find it a pain. But still I love attending weddings of family members !

It gives me chance to meet people and chit chat. I enjoy the laughters in the house. I love the childhood stories that people come out with when they meet long lost uncles and aunts. And yes I love all of this , even when its Anupam’s side of family for the twinkle in his eyes. I get to hear his childhood stories , some of which I have already heard 10 times. And I get to bond with his family members. Plus this girl’s wedding is more special , coz she is the youngest of the troop and everyone finds a kid sister in her πŸ™‚

Anyways ..Cannot help it. And then there is another story. There are 2 more weddings in Feb. This time in his dad’s side of family. And we had plans to attend both. I mean atleast we have booked tickets.

BUT BUT BUT , here in office they are talking about a short project , which will save milions to company and the time line is between Jan1st to Mar 15th and I am the senior most member of the team πŸ˜› Now will I get leave for 7 days ..million dollar question!

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