The ”Just Married, Please Excuse” Contest

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~nm pointed me to a contest on Y’s blog where we have to write funny incidents during our married life. The contest has generated a few very funny entries and reminded me of few incidents that happened during early days of my marriage.

So here I go …

If you are a north indian or you are exposed to north indian culture , you must be aware that marriage does mean being sleep deprived and extremely tired apart from all the other things. So most of the wedding ceremonies were over except the much hyped “First Night” that typically happensΒ  the next night after the marriage.Β  And the bride and groom have been awake for almost 36 hours if not more , before the first night.

That “NIGHT” ..I was just waiting to retire in my room , was anxious thanks to the movies , but was sleepy ..just so typical me. And at 10 in the night , I was told to change into a fresh sari and do some make up by my SILs. Little did I know that they were asking me to get ready for “First night” and nor did I know that its going to be so FILMY πŸ˜›Β  Not that I minded filmy style πŸ˜‰Β  but then wearing a sari again at 10 pm with makeup and jewellary ..aaaah.

After some time I was all decked up…taken to my room which was decorated with roses and crysanthem and looked lovely and my tall dark and handsome guy stood there in silk kurta …so sweet ..I thought.Β  Then they clicked a few photos , in which I look almost drunk eyes drooping with sleep.Β  And then they left us there alone πŸ™‚

So whatever happened ..or did not happen that night , my husband did woke me up at 4 am in the morning.Β  Well ..can someone be angry with a loving husband , so soon in married life …I almost felt like shouting , its just 4 am. But when I opened my eyes I also was out of the bed within seconds.

The bedsheet was red …okay not with what comes to your mind was red with the rose petals that were spread on it before we sleep.Β  Uff we cursed ourselves for being so filmy and not clearing the bed before lying down.

But what next ..the newly wedded couple scrubbed the bedsheet together in the bathroom , sneaked from the back door and dried it in the back yard and just kept praying that no one questions πŸ˜›

Romantic ..isn’t it !!


Thats not all ..

After a day or so I was packing my stuff for our honeymoon. My SIL’s 4 year old was tagging along with me since I was married , excited and curious about having a Mami πŸ™‚ That meant cute company and not romantic sneak peeks , coz everytime hubby would sneak in , he was there πŸ™‚

So the plan was that FIL would take us to temple and then will drop us to the station for the honeymoon further. My little companion asks me , “Mami aap ja rahe ho”Β  and I said yes. Then he asks …”kiske saath”. And I told ” Mama aur Nanu ke sath” , meaning husband and FIL. Pat came the reply from him in a full volume …” Arreee , honeymoon teen log thode hi jaate hai”..3 people don’t go for honeymoon :P.

I just looked around wide mouthed and cursed myself for underestimating the general knowledge of the little guy πŸ™‚


Now that I have started writing ..I can think of a few more ..but thats for later .

So whats your story ? πŸ˜‰




Love you for all your ways

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The way you say , “You don’t even know how much I love you”
The way you walk around the room restless when I have little fever and the way it makes me feel all the more sick πŸ˜› and the way I still love it !
The way you used to wake up in the middle of the night when I had hunger pangs during pregnancy to get me milk and toast. And the way you tease me for that since then !
The way you get upset if I am mad or stressed.
The way you tell me that my windows server needs a shutdown and so I should better sleep, when I am angry or tired.

The way in which we fight yet love each other …I love you for all your ways.
And I know , how much you love me , may be a 1000 times more than I love you !

Happy Birthday Sweetheart..I know I should have posted yesterday ..but then we were on a date with each other yesterday did not get any time πŸ™‚

Depressed :-(

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My father and both my paternal Uncles have gone through a open heart surgery. My Maternal grand mother had gone for Angio-plasty. So I always knew that I am destined to suffer with some sort of cardio vascular disease in this life time. But I wanted to delay it as much by making some lifestyle changes.

In May 2009, I was quite overweight ,and so I pledged to start some excercise every day. In August 2009 , I did lipid profile test for myself and my LDL came to be 136, which was borderline high. I read that excercise and fibrous food can decrease cholestrol levels and I increased my excercise and became more committed. In the process I reduced about 12-13 Kgs of weight. My physical profile changed a lot and I was showered with compliments all over.

I was a happy person until yesterday 😦

My Husband’s maternal aunts and his mother suffer from type 2 diabetes. So he was almost certain that the disease will knock his door some day. But as its called lifestyle diesease , he thought that by reducing a bit of weight , he will be able to delay it.

In May 2009 , he was diagnosed pre-diabetic with fasting Sugar as 105. He started running, swimming and excercising and reduced about 10% of his weight. He thought that he was on right track until yesterday 😦

We both did the respective tests yesterday again and the readings are worse for both of us.

Depressed is what we feel 😦

Does your spouse call you during his/her day ?

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Does your spouse call you during his/her day ?

Mine does and so do I. Whenever we need , we call each other and talk about ..whatever ..whats happening in offices , what is the plan for evening /weekend , what is happening with Aryan, What did my mom say over phone ..whatever ..but we talk ..everyday …atleast once. Sometimes our talks last for only 30 seconds and sometimes 5 minutes or so, depending upon how we are placed at work.

Do you think its unusual ? I don’t think so. But one of my colleague does. He saw me talking to my spouse and asked if that was my Mom. When I told , no it was husband , his response was “WOW”. I said , “why WOW ? ” and there was another question , “he calls you everyday ?” , I said the obvious and he goes “Great !!!!”. Confused I asked , whats so great about it and he says , that he finds time to talk to you !!!

Now , first of all , not “HE” , “WE” find time to talk to each other. Second , we never really make any effort to find time to talk , it comes naturally to us. I look upto him when I have anything to talk and so does he. Its how we are. Its how I think all couples should be.

The colleague , is middle aged , married for long person. But he found it extraordinary.

Another friend of mine told me once that she and her husband hardly talk after they get home. She told that most of the time husband is busy with newspaper , while she takes care of house and kids. And at night too , she sleeps with the kids while husband , gets to bed late. And they are a happy couple. To me this is what is strange. How can you live with a person without a heartful talk. I feel stressed unless I tell my husband everything important that happened during the day. Having his point of view makes me feel relaxed. And I believe he sails in same boat.

Is this unusual ? How is it with you ?

Of Memories & Surprises

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Yesterday one of my friend asked me for ideas to celebrate her first anniversary and gifts for her husband. I was clueless. Then she said , to share the ways I have celebrated my anniversaries.

So I told her that I do silly things and I don’t really know what to gift him when. I always believed in greeting cards and buy the most apt ones for all occasions. And she requested me to share those silly things. And here I go. Though I don’t really remember , what I did for anniversary ,what for his birthday and what for valentines day , I will share all.

Once , I remember that I was expecting and was adviced bed rest. It was his birthday and I tried hard for a week to order a cake , but could order just a bouque. So I ordered the bouque a day in advance and hid it in balcony. Got up before midnight , prepared his favourite halwa and decorated a heart on it with cashews. Decorated a table , with halwa , flowers and candles and woke him up at 12.00.

Once I ordered dinner and served it on terrace , candle light ofcourse.

Once I got a plane cake and did the icing at home and surprised him πŸ™‚

Once I sent him perfumes and shirt on office address, on the D day.

Once I gifted him a personalized calender with pics of Aryan.


Once, I got up at midnight, took a RED polythene bag and cut out hearts from it , wrote love quotes and pasted it all over the house (mirror,fridge,bathroom ad where ever he would notice). This was accompanied by some heart shaped ballons as well. He was thrilled to see all that next morning.

So thats about it. Its all for you J. And for you Mama-Mia , since you asked me to share my surprise stories πŸ™‚

Thank you for helping me record these memories πŸ™‚

Editted to add : Just thought of making this a tag , and I tag ~nm,WIAN,Life Begins,Poppins and DDMom. Share you surprise stories πŸ™‚

Compliment From Him!

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What is the biggest compliment you have ever got about your blog ?

When I started blogging , my husband once read a few of my posts and told me that , I have good writing skills and he loves the flow in posts.

I thought it was BIG COMPLIMENT. Mind it I had ZERO readership then. His compliment was a BIG MOTIVATION for me then. And I continued writing. The husband would read some of my posts once in a week , from home , when he would have nothing much to do. I never prodded him to read more often as I knew that there are few husbands who actually read their wife’s blog.

And then recently I noticed that he is reading that quite often. As in once in 2 days and sometimes even daily. And he discusses my posts and give special comments. So day before yesterday when he was looking at the map on the blog , I told him that I have a new reader right at home. And he asked “who ?” πŸ˜› I told him “you”.

Guess what he said ?? He said “Yes , its really interesting.” Period. I need no more compliments πŸ™‚

And yesterday evening he told me that he read my blog from office , when he was free for 30 minutes. And this is when he is REALLY busy these days and working late as well. So that was another compliment πŸ™‚

(NOW , thats a different story that he doesnot really read any blogs and so he does not really know the meaning of INTERESTING BLOGS …good for me **wicked smile**)

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