Aryan, Identity and the Confusion

May 13, 2008 at 12:21 pm | Posted in Conversation, Identity, Mom | 8 Comments

Prologue : My Parents have become internet savy recently. All they do is check their mails for Aryan’s photographs and read Aryan Times.Yesterday evening I got a call from my parents.This is how the conversation went through.”

Mom : “Tu bahut nalayak hai” (you are useless)

Me : “Kyo

Mom : “Tune Aryan ke liye cycle khareed li , hume bataya bhi nahi” (you bought a cycle for Aryan and did not even tell us)***They wanted to buy him a cycle and I have been postponing that***

Me(confused) : “Maine , Nahi, Kab” (Me,No,When)

Mom : “Haan

Me : “Nahi , aapko kisne bola” (No,who told you)

Mom : “Tune Aryan ki site par likha hai“(You wrote on Aryan’s site)

Me(More confused, has someone hacked my blog, who wrote, when ) : “Nahi

Mom : “Haan ,tetra cycle

Me(Relaxed now) : “Nahi woh doosra Aryan hai” (No thats another Aryan)

Mom : “Nahi , woh Aryan ki site par aa raha tha

Me : Sigh !!!

It took me a long time to explain them that they would have reached the other Aryan’s blog by clicking at some of her’s comment or her blog link on my blog.


Confused Identites

April 28, 2008 at 7:19 am | Posted in Identity | 4 Comments

I knew it for long that people have been confusing me with two different bloggers , but today I realized that this confusion has been huge. It all started when I went into hibernation due to some personal reasons and while I was away , there cam two different active bloggers namely “Aryan’s Mom” (who writes on her son Aryan’s behalf) and “Swati“. Phew..what more to ask for.

Both the Aryan’s are of same age too. When the other Swati commented on my blog , people thought I have been commenting on my post 😛 I considered changing my name from Swati to something else , but then that would have led to further confusions.

So recently when the Doula Gang (as in few mommy bloggers around) arranged for a online baby shower for the MTB’s(Mothers to be) and when Sue got confused with me being “Aryan’s Mom” , I realized that its not only she , but a lot of them from Tharini to Gauri.

So all the (CONFUSED) ladies out there , here I solve another riddle for you.
And yes , here is the blog (Times of Aryan) for my son Aryan.

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