Toilet train at night ?

April 8, 2010 at 4:56 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 Comments

Aryan has been diaper free during day for long long time now. But we still use diapers at night. All ideas to toilet train him at night are welcome. Needless to say I am a sleepaholic and once I sleep I cannot get up on my own i.e . with out a alarm or shake. But I do get up when Aryan calls me , even from my deepest sleep.



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  1. For startes, keep the diaper on, but wake up and take him to the loo at regular intervals – whatever you think is right.. Then he’ll get used to the pattern…you can then wean him off the diapers.

  2. stop putting diapers totally.. usea rubber n a thick bedsheet under his bed.. trust me, it’ll b ok. If u can’t get up.. put toilet duties to ur hubby for some time till u both get a hang of it.

    • yep.. right..this should work. Did the same for Ammu n Adi.

      • Thanks ..will do the same

        • toilet duties to ur husband is the key πŸ˜€

          hows it been till now?

          • Some days are good shruti and some bad ..let me keep trying πŸ™‚

  3. Oh this is a surprise.. Ishaan got toilet trained for night before the day thing happened. I just removed the diaper and let him sleep. Several times a night, i would get up and chk for susu. (u can use alarms by the hour) and wld change his lower if there was susu.

    It took abt 3 days. Now i just put a diaper at abt 6-7 in the morning so he can sleep longer. But no diaper all night otherwise.

    • lucky you !

  4. oh well. i wanna start too and thought summer would be a good time considering its so hot n all. but have been lazy. i guess taking them to pee at regular intervals is the way. it will ruin our sleep, but what the heck! :p

    tell me what worked!


    • Question is who will wake me up πŸ˜€

  5. Hey Swati ..
    I recently trained my daughter ( 2.5 yrs) for night. One important thing is Reduce or better stop , any liquid intake atleast 2 hrs before sleeping. So we stopped her bedtime milk and added one at evening time. Initially for a week, I woke up around 12 – 1 to take her to the loo. But now, its totally dry. Just one accident when I forgot to get up. She wakes up and tells me she wants to pee. Yay !!
    Its very simple. I didn’t use any rubber sheets, but you can try those too.

    Good Luck ..

    • YAY !! its great seriously !

  6. Thank you all ..looks like there is no way without giving away my sleep. Let me try in this summers cannot wait more is what i feel.

  7. Yes, best time is to try on summers…..make him sleep without diapers, that is best start…

  8. Hv an award for u on my blog πŸ™‚

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