Off on vacation..

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..see you on 4th wait for some pics and stories πŸ™‚ And wish me luck !


Wonderful Story Teller ..

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.. is the latest compliment I got , from none other than the man who matters most in my life. While I was telling stories to Aryan , he told me that you make the stories so lively , with actions and sound effects that even I feel like listening.

I was flattered !!

It reminds me that I got first prize in class I in the story telling competition , when I told a story at the annual day πŸ™‚

Read more about the Story of the Story telling here.


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Something for which I have waited too long, Something which was being promised for too long, Something for which I had lost hopes, Something for which I was considering changing job ,only if it was not recession ..the promotion !

P.S : I have always wished to write a looooooong cribbing post about certain things at work , but have restricted myself , since I know that there can be certain people at work who can be reading this blog , though I have never shared it here. Some day ..I would!

P.P.S : Celebrations ..yes after we all recover from this cold …as of now we celebrated with an ice cream inspite of cold πŸ˜€

What was that ?

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Yesterday we went to a store and Aryan was sitting on a strolley for he did not want to walk and I did not want to carry him. So I left him sitting on the strolley and was busy exploring some crockery near by.

It was then when 2 men just pushed the strolley ahead away from us. They just wanted to have fun teasing the kid. But Aryan as well as me got scared. Infact I got more scared than Aryan.I felt like a drop in my heart beat. I felt like shouting at them , how dare they try to scare my kid ?? But I just gave them a dirty look. I did not leave the strolley for a milisecond after that.

I know they had no bad intentions , infact they were smiling at Aryan inspite of my dirty looks later when we saw them again. But somehow I did not like it.

Now I wonder was I being over protective ? Or was it some kind of intution ? Or was it just the anger since they scared my child.

What have I written about..

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in my last 10 posts ..

And on Times of Aryan in last 10 posts
wordsaryanLooks like I write more about myself than about Aryan πŸ˜›

P.S : Picked this up from Monika’s blog

How do they manage to be..

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…Brat , Cute , Naughty and Sweet heart all in a day ??

I was down with fever from last 3 days

The Brat was throwing tantrums, troubling mom and dad and irritating us to the core

The Cute was making us laugh , making silly faces , asking cute questions

The Naughty make the naughtiest face possible and asked dad that he wants to have milk , soon after dad crashed in bed after a day’s work plus taking care of household (given a sick wife) and did not have a sip after it was provided.

The Sweet heart showed concern looking at mumma , kissed mumma’s palm when she had high fever , showered her with kisses every now and then.

The 4 Tag

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Abha is such a darling ! She knows how lazy I am and so she doesnot give me anything difficult. I am being a good girl too and doing my homework right away!


This is a picture Aryan on 18th August 2006, when he was just 28 days old. I reached my mom’s place on that day after my delivery. And this is my crib , renovated all over again for Aryan’s use. Isn’t that lovely!

And now I tag Monika, Asha, Neera and Life Begins. Refer Abha for rules:-)

What do you do when

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Your son says “Mumma” 100 times in 10 minutes ?

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