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Spice Garden ,Goa was quite an interesting place to see.Though initially we were reluctant to go there , we enjoyed it at the end of the day.

So where do our most common spices come from :

Betel Nuts (Supari) come from the yellow fruit above

Pepper and white pepper are here.The red fruit is dried for black pepper and boiled for white pepper.

Cardamom appears at the bottom of this herb.

Cinnamon(DalChini) and Bay leaves(Tej Patta) come from one tree

Those green buds are cloves(laung)

All your herbal tea from this lemon grass

Nutmeg(jaiphal) and Mace (javitri) come from this fruit.

Some chillis known to be 800 times stronger than usual ones. I forgot the name.

Cashew Tree

Cashew in all its colours

Goa Fun – A Lttle in Detail

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We started off to Goa on 21st afternoon. That day we had little time for the beach. So we decided to go for a sunset cruise. Though there was no sun (it was cloudy) , we thought cruise would still be fun. And it was ! Breeze was nice and so was the view. Aryan enjoyed the music and clapped along. He even went to dance on the floor , though he was feeling a little scared due to too many people on the floor.He was not interested in returning from the ship at all. Aryan slept on way back. (For my personal records , the ship was called Santa Monica). The day was completed with nice food at the guest house.

On 22nd morning, Aryan opened his eyes and started dancing.It was good enough to prove the fun he had previous night.We started off the day , to see the dolphins in Arabian Sea. It was a 45 minutes boat ride. On the way we saw central jail and the prisioners waved to us. And Mallaya’s private ship and a diamond merchants house were also among the tourist attraction. Dolphins did appear but only for a short while. I guess they were scared of the boats chasing them. Aryan had good fun watching the birds though , while we clicked the nature.

After the boat ride we went to agoda fort and beach. Aryan ran above the water tank. He was amused to see such a open play ground may be πŸ™‚ Agoda beach was not much of attraction for us.

Then we headed for Bagah Beach and started off with great food at a shack. Soon it started raining. Aryan wanted to run around in rain. He made a friend and walked around with her in rain. Weather got cold and we decided to call off the day , and postponed the beach fun for Sunday.

Sunday , 23rd was whole lot of fun. Morning we went to Anjuna Beach. The water was blue and clean and it was such a peaceful heaven.After spending soemtime in a shack we moved on to Bagah Tod beach. We all enjoyed a bath there. Aryan had a blast and did not plan to come out of water. Later part of the day was spent at Calangute , with good food , lazying around the beach and getting wet time to time. The day was closed by watching Chake De on TV in our room πŸ™‚

We had our flight on 24th at 4.00 pm and so we decided to checkout after breakfast and spend the rest of the time in South Goa , which was still unexplored. We saw Bom Jesus church , Mangesh Mangal Temple and Shanta Durga Temple. The day was closed at spice garden with a tour to the farm and a buffet.

There could not have been a better vacation πŸ™‚

Goa Fun

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I took monday off for a long weekend in Goa. Here are a few pics :

In the cruise

Cruise Driver πŸ™‚

Aryan is style

From the Boat

Another view

They called it “Queen of Hearts”

Agoda fort -Spot me πŸ™‚

Aryan Smiles

Happy to be drenched

Lovely water

Splash πŸ™‚

More Fun

Food time

Sea at its best

I love this pic

I thought of doing a detailed post..but I think pics say all. Look forward for more beach pics on Times of Aryan. And for spice garden and Church pics here.

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