ThunderStorm and Aryan

April 30, 2008 at 7:30 am | Posted in Talks about Aryan, ThunderStorm | 5 Comments

Yesterday night Aryan experienced his first Thunderstorm. When I say experienced , that does not mean that we were out under the sky. Thankfully we got in just 5 minutes before it started. Soon after , we could hear the noise of wind and falling leaves. Then of unbolted doors and tin sheets from the neighbourhood.

Initially Aryan did not pay any attention. Soon the sound of rain made the whole sound effect more horrifying.Aryan was having a confused look and was little distracted at times but then when I told him , all is well, he got little relieved.

It was not long when power went off. Now Aryan got too clingy to Mumma. The emergency light was switched on , but since this was the first power sutdown for the year , he was not able to understand the logic. He insisted on switching on the fan. When we told him that its not possible he insisted on for the TV to watch his rhymes.

I did not expect the cook and so was worried about cooking the dinner too, but Aryan decided not to go to his papa too. So Anupam made Maggi for instant relief and we decided that we would think about dinner later. When the storm settled we got out and inquired with the security , only to know that there will not be any power whole night. A tree has fallen and taken a poll along. Anupam decided to walkdown to a near by restaurant to fetch some dinner.

Aryan remained clingy to my shoulder /lap till the time he slept. Thankfully he slept peacefully in the mosquito net for the rest of the night.

Electricity did come later in night , only 1 phase though. Today morning also Aryan was not comfortable with the darkness and I finished the work somehow.We read the paper to know that a lot of trees fell down and took so many electricity polls along. One tree fell on some’s Honda Civic and the car got crushed. I was wondering what would have the owner went through. I mean a new car and that too Honda Civic 😦

I hope we will have electricity by the evening.

Note : Photo from Times of India


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