Kerala Trip – Part 1 (Munnar)

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Hey All , Back from a 4 days trip to kerala and I have so much to tell that one post would be too short for it.

Let me see how far I can get.

Disclaimer : Some details won’t make sense to you but I want to write them for a record ๐Ÿ™‚

28th Apr 2009 – We planned to take a train at 9 PM after office and booked a cab for 6.45 PM (as adviced by everyone) but cab did not turn up till 7.15 PM inspite of blasing them every 5 minutes. We managed to get 2 autos(some how in triple rate) and loaded our luggage and see what , the cab appeared suddenly ! Finally we hurried to the station got in the train 10-15 minutes before time. Phew !

Train ride was pretty smooth except that Aryan refused to share the berth with me and that left me sitting for 2-3 hours.

29th Apr 2009 – Reached Cochin at 8 in the morning and had some yummy breakfast at Udupi and I liked Kerala sytle sambhar :-)Drive to Munnar was beautiful. Enroute we saw 3 water falls , not much water though due to summer. Had some fresh carrots , strawberries , Red bananas , coconut water and pine apple.

Some Green Spices on the way, preserved in vinegar

A Water fall – less water due to summers


Wild Flowers

I had never seen so much of tea plantaion. The resort(T & U) in Munnar was beautiful with lots of flowers all over. After our bath we headed out for lunch (Mahaveer Restaurant) and went for sight seeing soon after. But in the town of Munnar everything except the market closes at 4.30 PM since its usually cold after that.

So we ended up th the town market.It was a so typically hill station kind of market with a difference. There were no shops of local handicrafts. All the shops were selling tea and spices , loads and loads of them. So after some window shopping we came back and enjoyed the garden in the resort.Had candle light dinner in resort and slept nicely.

Munnar Town



The famous Kerala Parantha being made !

30th Apr 2009 – Day 2 in Munnar ,I so much wanted to see the first rays of sunand hence I had put an alarm in one of our mobiles for 6 AM. The alarm rang but I realized it was dark.So we ordered tea and after tea also it was dark.Then something buzzed in Anupam’s mind and he saw the watch. It was only 5 AM. The alarm rang in the other mobile ๐Ÿ˜› and looks like Aryan had put the alarm while playing with my phone.So Anupam went back to sleep while I justed passed time and went down around 5.45 AM , only to realize that sun rises right in the opposite direction and there is no chance I can see sun rise. Anyways I enjoyed the mist , birds and flowers and loafed around in the park for 30 minutes.

The day was full of sight seeing and fun. Headed to Top Station soon after breakfast , followed by Kundalay dam , echo point and then Mattupatty dam. Did some speed boating there and throughly enjoyed that. Aryan enjoyed as well but got scared towards the end as the boat took a sharp turn.

Top Station

Kundalay Dam

Mattupatty Lake

Had lunch (Munnar Inn) and then headed to KDHP Tea Museum. Saw an documentary (Old Mountains ,New Roads) about the histry of tea in Munnar, learnt some amazing facts about tea and saw a tea processing unit in function. It was an experience of its own, though photography was prohibitted.

Eravikulam national park was the next destination in the hope to see the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. We were not lucky to spot any though. But we enjoyed waling between the clouds , so much so you could not see 5 feet above you.

Lovely Leaf

Some Orchids at a flower show

Came back , played in the resort and slept sound to wake up early for Thekkady.

Stay Tuned for Thekkady and Alleppey !


Spicy Talk

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Spice Garden ,Goa was quite an interesting place to see.Though initially we were reluctant to go there , we enjoyed it at the end of the day.

So where do our most common spices come from :

Betel Nuts (Supari) come from the yellow fruit above

Pepper and white pepper are here.The red fruit is dried for black pepper and boiled for white pepper.

Cardamom appears at the bottom of this herb.

Cinnamon(DalChini) and Bay leaves(Tej Patta) come from one tree

Those green buds are cloves(laung)

All your herbal tea from this lemon grass

Nutmeg(jaiphal) and Mace (javitri) come from this fruit.

Some chillis known to be 800 times stronger than usual ones. I forgot the name.

Cashew Tree

Cashew in all its colours

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