Its getting scary..

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Four schools in Bangalore have been closed for a confirmed case of swine flu has been detected in each of them. 3 of these schools are in our area and one of these is Aryan’s school. Aryan and myself are at home , since I decided to work from home for 2-3 days.

A girl from one of these schools and Aryan’s day care mate has viral fever. So sending him to daycare is also not an option till we know that her fever is not swine. I really really really pray hard for her ..I hope she is safe.

I also pray for all the affected kids.

Its sure getting scary..God please help!


Big Leap

June 12, 2009 at 4:25 pm | Posted in Parenting, school, Talks about Aryan | 14 Comments

Aryan is no longer a toddler, he is a school going child now. A big leap , isn’t it πŸ™‚

Thanks to all the friends who have pinged , commented and messaged me to ask how did it go. I thought I would wait for a week before I say anything coz a day or two is too early to say anything. Its a BIG leap after all ..and he deserves minimum of a week to adjust.

I am happy to say that it did not go too bad. It did not go great as in he did not wave a smiling by yet , but I did not expect that from him. For me , I am fine that he is happy after he is back. And he doesnot resist the idea of going to school. I am more than happy.

Its a different feeling for me which I cannot explain in words. I know all kids go to school some day. But its the first time for mine. Its nice to see him travelling alone in the bus on the way back (we drop him in the mornings) , holding the handle on the front seat , getting down the bus with his bag and walking with his care taker to his day care. Grown up , yeah my piece of heart has grown up to be a big boy πŸ™‚ Its and exciting and happy feeling and also a strangely emotional feeling.

His eyes do search me around when he is walking inside the school and he cries when he sees that I am out of sight. His eyes do search me around when he walks from his class to his bus and then from his bus to his day care. But he puts a brave front in the mornings and evenings and never complains. Infact he is happy and excited about his day , which he doesnot say in words but in his actions.

I wonder some day he would run inside the school , without waiting for me to say a bye.

Parenting is strange and funny , you get happy and emotional all at the same time for strange and silly reasons πŸ™‚

P.S : Read the day by day details here , if interested.

School Nostalgia

June 2, 2009 at 10:30 am | Posted in Childhood, Memories, school, Talks about Aryan | 13 Comments

Like I said Aryan will be starting his school this week. So this weekend we were supposed to buy his school supplies. Nothing much is required for nursery except a bag , tiffin and water bottle. And I was mighty excited and impatient to finish the shopping. My husband told me , you are more excited than Aryan. OFCOURSE I WAS!!! To Aryan school is just another word , that he has recently added to his english vocabulary.

But to me, for me school brings nostalgia. Friends , masti , fights , crushes , favourite and hated teachers , their saris and sandals, favourite stories , games etc etc.

And a new year meant lot of shopping , just for my own self.Books , notebooks , bags , bottle , tiffin ,uniform etc.

I remember every year how excited I was when the new session would begin. We will buy books , cover them , put labels , write names , pack them nicely in school bags. Everything was so exciting for me. I used to admire my new books and notebooks, cover them with brown paper carefully. The selection of labels/name slips (Chits , as we called them then) used to be a major point of interest for me. I used to pick the cutest ones. And then another major point of interest was what slip to put on what notebook/book. Yeah ..funny it may sound today but my favourite subject like English / science should get the cutest chit on the notebook. And the hated subjects like maths can have a slip with a dragon picture. It also depended on teachers. My favourite teachers should see cutest pictured name slips on my notebook.

And school bags , we were not supposed to buy new school bags every year , since my parents believed in spending judiciously and bags won’t worn out every year. But once in 2-3 years there used to be a new bag. The selection of school bag was quite a task. And then the new bag was handled with utmost care for an year. The second year though , it was handled roughly , in the hope that we would get a new one next year πŸ˜›

When we young , selection of water bottles and tiffins, admiring water bottles of friends was major fun. What colour water bottle should I buy , should / should not it have a straw and important decisions like these would take lot of my time. Again water bottles and tiffins would last more than an year and so I would get a chance to make this descisions once in few years and I used to give them my best πŸ™‚ And then came the fashion of owning a milton water bottle. It was good the first year as we enjoyed the cold water but became so boring the following years. Those bottles were costly and supposed to be used for longer, plus everyone had the same colour and design 😦

Now that Aryan would go to school , I plan to relive parts of my school life. And so we went shopping for Aryan. First destination was staples though we ran back from there without looking back. The smallest school bag was 1200/- :-O :-O I realized that not only I would relive my school life but I would also face what my parents would have gone through ! LOL!

Finally we bought school bag from Spar. The cutest and smallest of the lot there with a garfield on it. Ofcourse I forgot that I have a son and not a daughter and within an year or two , the cuteness will be replaced by the manness and he would love things with spiderman and superman. But for now , I can get him what I love and once choosen I can ask him , if he likes it or not πŸ˜›

Ofcourse while buying bottle and tiffin we looked for the quality of plastic and ease of usability , again only this year , next year he would decide what he wants and I would give in for sure πŸ™‚ Though he loved the pooh bear on one of the 2 tiffins we bought πŸ™‚

So all set for Aryan to begin a new journey. A journey of lifetime.

Share your school stories.

Another Week before his school / my exams ?

May 29, 2009 at 2:10 pm | Posted in school, Talks about Aryan | 14 Comments

How many times you have given board exams in your life.
I gave first board exams in class 10th. I remember the fear of unknown,the butterflies in stomach and the uneasiness and anxiety. It happened the same way in 12th. And then when I was getting married and when I was going to labour and then when I left Aryan in daycare for the first time.

Now I am going to give it the 6th time. Yeah next thursday my exams start.

Thursday 4th June 2009 will be important day in Aryan’s lifetime. Just another week when he starts his school. Cannot believe it at all , he will be going to nursery. I remember when he was just few months old and in a discussion my husband mentioned Aryan going to school , I was like “abhi toh bahut time hai , abhi kya sochna”. I was so wrong, time just flew by. No wonder he will be 21 soon ..yeah soon πŸ˜€

And so me being me , I am having uneasiness and butterflies in my stomach. Will he settle well , he took loads of time to settle in daycare. Will he tell pee and poo to his teachers ? Will he eat his snacks on his own or will they help ? Should I pack his snacks or let him have what the school provides ? What will he like better ? Will he be able to travel back in bus ?

A 100 questions in my mind. My mom told , “hota hai , pehla bacha school bhej rahe ho na” and laughed πŸ™‚

I am just praying and hoping for best. Because I cannot really do much , he HAS to go school some day and that day happens to be next thursday.

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