2009 – the year

December 22, 2009 at 11:42 am | Posted in Thoughts, Work | 24 Comments

2009 was another quick year that passed by. It passed by like a night of dreams and it was morning when I just slept.

Just today I realized , how we celebrated cristmas last year for Aryan and Aryan had cut a birthday cake for Jesus. I just realized that how we planned to surprise the only Christain colleague in our team through some cake and a small xmas tree , but he never turned up that day.
And its Cristmas all over again.

Time truly flies. How was the year ? What went well ? What did we achieve ? What went worse ? Are some questions that I happen to be thinking today.

Towards the end of 2008 , I felt life to be so disheartening. I felt nothing was really working. Aryan was in the middle of his terrible twos and life was almost hell at home. I was shouting , crying and cribbing most of the times. Hubby was no different. Aryan was irritated and a brat most of the times. Both of us felt that we are terrible parents.

At work , I lost my dream opportunity. I worked towards the transition of a project with my heart and soul and when it came over , I was thrown out of it due to some politics. More so , I was not even given due credit. Recession made it tough to quit and so I decided to stick even after feeling terrible.

2009 came with hope. I decided to give life another try. Anupam and I discussed to be more patient with Aryan. To avoid shouting and refrain from hitting him unless there is a life threatening situation. We helped each other during our outbursts. Aryan’s behaviour improved , may be because he just grew up. But I would also like to believe that it improved because his parents improved their behaviour towards him…anyway ..as long as it improves ..who cares for a reason 🙂

Aryan also started his school and that was the biggest event of the year. It meant an emotional journey for our little family.

At work , I started seeing some hope again. New responsibilities were followed by a promotion. I recollected all my enthusiasm and sailed through the first 2 quarters in flying colours. Then things changed again , at a level that is way beyond my control and the last 2 quarters were again not rosy. Towards the end of the year I am again where I was towards the end of 2008 at work front, just that my title is little different.

But I learnt , 2009 made me a little better parent , a little more patient , a little more happier , a little more matured , a little more health concious , a little more young..yeah ..I feel a little more young than I felt last year ..strange na 🙂

2010 , brings lot of uncertainity , especially at work. But then it brings hope too. A hope to sailthrough. I lived through 31 new years and I survived ..touch wood …32nd cannot be different ..I trust..I know God will bless us as always !

Editted to Add : Ohh God, bless my parents with good health. They suffered a lot due to various health problems this year.


Konkana Sen Sharma

December 1, 2009 at 3:57 pm | Posted in Movie | 19 Comments

I have realized recently , that I have liked Konkana Sen Sharma in most of her movies. Why ? For the simplicity with which she makes her characters so real. Be it Page 3 , Aaja Nachle , Laga Chunari mein daag or Wake up Sid. I just loved her.

And yes, on a seperate note , it does mean that I saw Wake up Sid over the weekend on showcase and it was fun ! Saw New York also and liked it.

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