What Brings You Here ?

April 3, 2008 at 10:39 am | Posted in Googling | 9 Comments

I analysed my last 100 refered vistors again and here is what I know :

21 people came here searching for day care / preschool in Bangalore
15 people came in search of old TV serials / actors.
2 of them came for Baby Smiles
1 of them came to know “Why woman can’t be Einsteen?”
Of course I had a few from my fellow bloggers
Then there were a few wierd ones like “What are moms for” and “Wrist bands”

Do let me know , what brings you here ?



October 12, 2007 at 5:10 am | Posted in Fun Stuff, Googling, Just Like That | Leave a comment

You Google on …

“What makes a good mom”

Others in the list are :

“tara montessori hsr”
“silky hair fetish”
“when is the”best age to learn””
“books vs mind”
“sparrows hsr layout”
“guess middle name mind tricks”
“Childhood is the best age of all”
“how girls should not get attached too easily”
“I am judgemental”
“define good mother”
“tirupati woodside”
“tirupati mundan”
“blog confessions of my mind”
“Hindi Religious Storybooks”

Well , some of them are valid and they did improved on some, but still it was good fun checking them out 🙂

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