Of my memory or lack of it!

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One of my relative is writing a series on facebook, about the life he has lived. This series contains incidents from his early childhood till today. He is over 60 years of age now and I am surprised at the details he remembers.

I must have said it before that I am mighty disappointed at the kind of memory I have. That was one of the primary reasons why I took up blogging, so I do not forget important happenings in life. I am glad I did because when I read my other blog now I realise that I have already forgotten so much about my kids.

I do not remember my childhood in too much detail. When I connected to my school groups on whatsapp, I realized that I cannot put faces to names and names to faces in most cases , with the exception of some really good friends. I do not remember most teachers , seniors and juniors. I do not remember who had crush on whom (except my own ones :P) and who was dating whom. I do not even remember people from my post graduation !!

I do not remember about stuff like which was the first movie I saw in theatre and with whom , when did I first got my hands waxed and what/who was the motivation for it etc. Not that I need to remember any of this. But then these would have formed my bitter sweet memories and when someone talk about theirs , I wish I could have remembered too!

There are certain things that I do remember in detail. Like my first (perhaps only) stage performance, like when I got 7 prizes in a day, like when I saw my parents fighting for first time , like when I got my first periods , like when I fell from rickshaw , like when a boy told the teacher that he would marry me some day (in grade 1), like when I jumped from bus to match to my cool friends and fell.

I do remember all the boys I ever had crush on , even if that lasted for a day πŸ™‚ But I do not remember any stupid things that I might have done at that age to grab their attention.

I remember all the close friends from each school or college , who mattered to me at that time. But I don’t remember all the incidents /moments that I shared with them.

My son remembers a lot more detail about his childhood than I do, of his! My husband remembers more details of our courtship than I do. I read books and then forget that I have read them. I forget the stories too , though while reading them I would think that this story would stay with me forever. But very few of them have lasted with me!.

All the above often makes me wonder if I would develop dementia at old age πŸ˜› If whatever I don’t remember , is too much to be called a disease. Or are there more people like me πŸ˜› I think, I should read up on how memory is formed and why people do or do not remember certain things.

It also make me realize that if I ever write a autobiography, it would be a bland one , with no juicy details, as I am not a person who can remember details. Not that I intend to write one !


The ”Just Married, Please Excuse” Contest

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~nm pointed me to a contest on Y’s blog where we have to write funny incidents during our married life. The contest has generated a few very funny entries and reminded me of few incidents that happened during early days of my marriage.

So here I go …

If you are a north indian or you are exposed to north indian culture , you must be aware that marriage does mean being sleep deprived and extremely tired apart from all the other things. So most of the wedding ceremonies were over except the much hyped “First Night” that typically happensΒ  the next night after the marriage.Β  And the bride and groom have been awake for almost 36 hours if not more , before the first night.

That “NIGHT” ..I was just waiting to retire in my room , was anxious thanks to the movies , but was sleepy ..just so typical me. And at 10 in the night , I was told to change into a fresh sari and do some make up by my SILs. Little did I know that they were asking me to get ready for “First night” and nor did I know that its going to be so FILMY πŸ˜›Β  Not that I minded filmy style πŸ˜‰Β  but then wearing a sari again at 10 pm with makeup and jewellary ..aaaah.

After some time I was all decked up…taken to my room which was decorated with roses and crysanthem and looked lovely and my tall dark and handsome guy stood there in silk kurta …so sweet ..I thought.Β  Then they clicked a few photos , in which I look almost drunk ..my eyes drooping with sleep.Β  And then they left us there alone πŸ™‚

So whatever happened ..or did not happen that night , my husband did woke me up at 4 am in the morning.Β  Well ..can someone be angry with a loving husband , so soon in married life …I almost felt like shouting , its just 4 am. But when I opened my eyes I also was out of the bed within seconds.

The bedsheet was red …okay not with what comes to your mind ..it was red with the rose petals that were spread on it before we sleep.Β  Uff we cursed ourselves for being so filmy and not clearing the bed before lying down.

But what next ..the newly wedded couple scrubbed the bedsheet together in the bathroom , sneaked from the back door and dried it in the back yard and just kept praying that no one questions πŸ˜›

Romantic ..isn’t it !!


Thats not all ..

After a day or so I was packing my stuff for our honeymoon. My SIL’s 4 year old was tagging along with me since I was married , excited and curious about having a Mami πŸ™‚ That meant cute company and not romantic sneak peeks , coz everytime hubby would sneak in , he was there πŸ™‚

So the plan was that FIL would take us to temple and then will drop us to the station for the honeymoon further. My little companion asks me , “Mami aap ja rahe ho”Β  and I said yes. Then he asks …”kiske saath”. And I told ” Mama aur Nanu ke sath” , meaning husband and FIL. Pat came the reply from him in a full volume …” Arreee , honeymoon teen log thode hi jaate hai”..3 people don’t go for honeymoon :P.

I just looked around wide mouthed and cursed myself for underestimating the general knowledge of the little guy πŸ™‚


Now that I have started writing ..I can think of a few more ..but thats for later .

So whats your story ? πŸ˜‰



Childhood memories – Tulika Blogathon 4

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Tulika is looking for rhymes in various indian languages. So below are few which have so many memories attached to them.

There are perhaps the first two or among the first few rhymes that me and my brother heard as babies.

The Moon that fascinate everyone as a kid :

chanda mama door ke
paue pakaye boor ke
aap khaye thali mein
munne ko de pyali mein
pyali gayi toot
munna gaya rooth
nayi pyali layenge
munne ko manayenge

And elephant , we always wanted elephant to come home and so it goes like this:

Haati raja kahan chale ,
sund utha ke kahan chale ,
kaan hila ke kahan chale,
mere ghar aa jao na ,
halwa poori khao na.

Apart from that , we heard “aate baate” , “aaja ri nindariya” and “akad bakad” several times as kids. My husband on the other hand has fond memories of “gala goli kali gaye …kana patti kana patti Kurrrrr” but we do not remember the complete wordings.

Then as I became about 5 years these were my favourites.

Here 3 or more kids used to play together. 2 kids join hand and make a gate and sing the following. While rest of the kids walk under the gate around the gatemen.

Poshampa bhai poshampa ,
Dhakuo ne kya kiya
Sau rupaye ki ghadi churai
aath aane ki rabadi khayi
ab toh jail mein aana padega
jail ki roti khani padegi
jail ka paani peena padega

And then the gate will close to catch any of the kid who is taking rounds between the four arms , while the challenge for the kids who takes round is to escape.

And then there was a clapping chant in school. I forgot how we used to clap but I can remember the words :

Aa meena , meena ka paala,
isnowwhite , kamyaab , kamyaab,

(now faster clapping and singing)
Aa meena , meena ka paala,
isnowwhite , kamyaab , kamyaab.

Do share your childhood memories.

Raksha Bandhan..

August 5, 2009 at 2:56 pm | Posted in Festivals, Memories | 8 Comments

Then it meant 1 hour for selecting 3 rakhis,
Then it meant writing long letters to cousins,
Then it meant a holiday and puja,
Then it meant getting gift from brothers,
Then it meant teasing and being teased by brothers,
Then it meant sevain ki kheer,
Then it meant a fun filled day

Now it means 10 minutes for selecting 6 rakhis,
Now it means writing 2 liners as cover letter,
Now it means a working day and hurridly getting ready,
Now it means accepting gifts with lot of fuss,
Now it means wishing over the phone,
Now it means nostalgia and memories

Times do change with age

School Nostalgia

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Like I said Aryan will be starting his school this week. So this weekend we were supposed to buy his school supplies. Nothing much is required for nursery except a bag , tiffin and water bottle. And I was mighty excited and impatient to finish the shopping. My husband told me , you are more excited than Aryan. OFCOURSE I WAS!!! To Aryan school is just another word , that he has recently added to his english vocabulary.

But to me, for me school brings nostalgia. Friends , masti , fights , crushes , favourite and hated teachers , their saris and sandals, favourite stories , games etc etc.

And a new year meant lot of shopping , just for my own self.Books , notebooks , bags , bottle , tiffin ,uniform etc.

I remember every year how excited I was when the new session would begin. We will buy books , cover them , put labels , write names , pack them nicely in school bags. Everything was so exciting for me. I used to admire my new books and notebooks, cover them with brown paper carefully. The selection of labels/name slips (Chits , as we called them then) used to be a major point of interest for me. I used to pick the cutest ones. And then another major point of interest was what slip to put on what notebook/book. Yeah ..funny it may sound today but my favourite subject like English / science should get the cutest chit on the notebook. And the hated subjects like maths can have a slip with a dragon picture. It also depended on teachers. My favourite teachers should see cutest pictured name slips on my notebook.

And school bags , we were not supposed to buy new school bags every year , since my parents believed in spending judiciously and bags won’t worn out every year. But once in 2-3 years there used to be a new bag. The selection of school bag was quite a task. And then the new bag was handled with utmost care for an year. The second year though , it was handled roughly , in the hope that we would get a new one next year πŸ˜›

When we young , selection of water bottles and tiffins, admiring water bottles of friends was major fun. What colour water bottle should I buy , should / should not it have a straw and important decisions like these would take lot of my time. Again water bottles and tiffins would last more than an year and so I would get a chance to make this descisions once in few years and I used to give them my best πŸ™‚ And then came the fashion of owning a milton water bottle. It was good the first year as we enjoyed the cold water but became so boring the following years. Those bottles were costly and supposed to be used for longer, plus everyone had the same colour and design 😦

Now that Aryan would go to school , I plan to relive parts of my school life. And so we went shopping for Aryan. First destination was staples though we ran back from there without looking back. The smallest school bag was 1200/- :-O :-O I realized that not only I would relive my school life but I would also face what my parents would have gone through ! LOL!

Finally we bought school bag from Spar. The cutest and smallest of the lot there with a garfield on it. Ofcourse I forgot that I have a son and not a daughter and within an year or two , the cuteness will be replaced by the manness and he would love things with spiderman and superman. But for now , I can get him what I love and once choosen I can ask him , if he likes it or not πŸ˜›

Ofcourse while buying bottle and tiffin we looked for the quality of plastic and ease of usability , again only this year , next year he would decide what he wants and I would give in for sure πŸ™‚ Though he loved the pooh bear on one of the 2 tiffins we bought πŸ™‚

So all set for Aryan to begin a new journey. A journey of lifetime.

Share your school stories.

The 4 Tag

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Abha is such a darling ! She knows how lazy I am and so she doesnot give me anything difficult. I am being a good girl too and doing my homework right away!


This is a picture Aryan on 18th August 2006, when he was just 28 days old. I reached my mom’s place on that day after my delivery. And this is my crib , renovated all over again for Aryan’s use. Isn’t that lovely!

And now I tag Monika, Asha, Neera and Life Begins. Refer Abha for rules:-)

Nostalgia Revisted

March 4, 2009 at 12:43 pm | Posted in Childhood, Memories, Vacation | 6 Comments

Like you know we took a 10 days off and went to attend 2 weddings. So I managed to steal 3 days of f the hectic wedding routine and went to see my parents. And from there we went to my grand parents house(kind of a farm house) for a day. The house which we spent our childhood in and the house where I stayed with my uncle’s family for my PG.

It was like a dream come true for me. In last 4 years (after wedding) this was my 2nd visit to that place. Earlier I went for an hour without Anupam when Aryan was only a month old. Like I mentioned in one of the posts long back , that house has got so many associated memories to it. I so much wanted to share all that with Anupam. Wanted to show him the famous places in the house about which he has been hearing since long. Yeah yeah , famous means the places with associated incidents and memories , like a dried pond in which we played cricket with a hockey stick :P. And my favourite spots of introspection and self study.

I so much wanted to see Aryan running into the fields like we did , catching birds and butterflies. I know he is too young for my stories but still I was sure he would enjoy the open space and he did !

I also took Anupam around the city to my eat outs. And he acknowleged that it was worth it , especially with all the excitement and happiness on my face πŸ™‚ So sweet of him πŸ™‚

We met all the relatives and spent nice time.

Apart from that trip , at my home , we spent lovely time with my parents and brother’s family. Aryan played his role as big brother , only when his cousin was away from Anupam and me. As soon as we took Tejas (brother’s son) he cried to be carried as well. Good partΒ was that he was okay if we carried both together. Tejas is the most adorable and happy baby I have ever seen ! Touchwood! He became so possessive about me that he wanted to be in my lap and did not want me to take aryan at all.
My sis in law treated us with loads of rajasthani dishes served in rajasthani style.

Here are a few pics :

“Big Brother rocking the cradle”

“Trying to get hold of birds”

“My Cricket field”

“Aryan and Tejas with My dad”

“Roaming in fields”

“Yay..dream come true !”


“My Favourite spot to study”

“My Favourite Temple”

“Running in the temple”

Also checkout wedding pics here.

Of Memories & Surprises

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Yesterday one of my friend asked me for ideas to celebrate her first anniversary and gifts for her husband. I was clueless. Then she said , to share the ways I have celebrated my anniversaries.

So I told her that I do silly things and I don’t really know what to gift him when. I always believed in greeting cards and buy the most apt ones for all occasions. And she requested me to share those silly things. And here I go. Though I don’t really remember , what I did for anniversary ,what for his birthday and what for valentines day , I will share all.

Once , I remember that I was expecting and was adviced bed rest. It was his birthday and I tried hard for a week to order a cake , but could order just a bouque. So I ordered the bouque a day in advance and hid it in balcony. Got up before midnight , prepared his favourite halwa and decorated a heart on it with cashews. Decorated a table , with halwa , flowers and candles and woke him up at 12.00.

Once I ordered dinner and served it on terrace , candle light ofcourse.

Once I got a plane cake and did the icing at home and surprised him πŸ™‚

Once I sent him perfumes and shirt on office address, on the D day.

Once I gifted him a personalized calender with pics of Aryan.


Once, I got up at midnight, took a RED polythene bag and cut out hearts from it , wrote love quotes and pasted it all over the house (mirror,fridge,bathroom ad where ever he would notice). This was accompanied by some heart shaped ballons as well. He was thrilled to see all that next morning.

So thats about it. Its all for you J. And for you Mama-Mia , since you asked me to share my surprise stories πŸ™‚

Thank you for helping me record these memories πŸ™‚

Editted to add : Just thought of making this a tag , and I tag ~nm,WIAN,Life Begins,Poppins and DDMom. Share you surprise stories πŸ™‚

The Generations Are Coming Closer

May 30, 2008 at 7:18 am | Posted in Cousins, Memories | 14 Comments

I have 3 cousins (SA, S and A) and all of them have been 6-8 years younger to me. I some how always thought of them as kids, only to realize recenty that they are already in their late teens and early twenties. It wondered that this is almost the same feeling that I would have when Aryan will be 18 and I kind of had when Aryan celebrated his first birthday.

These little girls , may have never thought that I consider them almost like my kids , when we stayed tegther and discussed everything under the sun. I would help them with their studies and projects. They would come to me with their adoloscent doubts and I would tell them what I thought was good enough for them to know at that age. They used to talk to me about the boys (and girls ) in their class and when I laughed along with them , I also used to get surprised by how I already feel a generation gap between them and myself. I thought I knew too little of this and that when I was that young. I secretly worried about their well being and always tried to find out where they are heading.

I would somethings get too protective and sometimes too authorative unintentionally and would scold them like elders would do. I know that perhaps at those times they would have wondered why am I being so different. But they never argued and always obeyed.

I do not know why I am writing this today. Perhaps I just had a glimpse of how parents would feel when kids grow up to achieve something. Perhaps I realized today that I am getting old. Perhaps the generations are coming closer. Here is the blog of A , started recently. And I loved her work. And that is what initiated this flash back !

By the way , Do let me know , how is the new look of this page !

Editted to add :

One Memorable Day

December 3, 2007 at 4:20 pm | Posted in Memories, Tags | 11 Comments

My marriage was a typical Indian arranged marriage , though we did fall in love with each other soon ,way too early to our own expectations. So the arranged marriage did convert into a love marriage and I did write the story here.

He was in a different city and me in another and engagement for us was an opportunity to meet after 1.5 months.It was a sunny winter afternoon.I was sitting in a room and could see the main gate. My eyes waited for the guests to arrive. When they arrived , I could see a pair of eyes looking desperately for someone. I enjoyed those moments.Amongst all the traditional ceremonies , we stole some glances.Somehow , we managed to steal 5 minutes from everyone and chat.

Later those 5 minutes became a reason for being teased by both of ours siblings and cousins.My husband says , that I looked pretty and glamorous and probably I looked the best in my life on that day.And how can I deny ? πŸ˜›

It surely was one of the few most memorable days of my life.

(Mnamma : This one was for you)

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