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When life becomes hectic and there are too many things to do, we just get carried away with day to day things. In the process we loose contact (thanks to the social networks these days we can usually find them again somehow..not in call cases though) with the people who were once too close.

Yes , friends from schools and colleges and friends from life who live far away. But like me , I am sure that still there are days when we all cannot stop thinking about each other.

How can you forget people with whom you shared good times and tears. How can you forget people who meant more than the world someday.

Today is one such day in my life , this day every year I am usually nostalgic. Since its A’s birthday. She was once so close and now she is almost out of touch. I spoke to her just few minutes back , like we do twice an year on our birthdays and it brings back the college life to me.

And another friend , the one I could never get in touch again once I lost contact with her ..her name also starts with A. we studied class 7th to 9th together. Then we wrote letters to each other for few years. And then suddenly she stopped replying. But till this day whenever I think of friends , I have her on top in my list. I so wish someone can help me find her.

I hope, all my friends understand the feeling I am sharing here.. I miss them though that doesnot make me call them every month , but still I find them , somewhere close to my heart.


Cauvery Fishing Camp

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