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Two different pics for Thursday Challenge:)



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Two-third of the journey almost done !

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And how do I feel ? For past 2-3 days I feel like crying at the drop of a hat. Every single thing is making me cry and I am surprised at myself. For eg , I ordered something from a menu and it was not available and tears started rolling off my eyes πŸ˜› And I am feeling like dejected and angry with all , esp the poor husband 😦

The other things that we have to do in last few months are making my mood swings worse. Like house hunting and the stress of packing and unpacking. Like Aryan’s birthday which I wanted to be GRAND this year but husband is not agreeing since that would tire me out. Like the excitement of having a new baby soon and making the house baby ready and the impatience that has started kicking in πŸ™‚

Health is mostly fine except the minor aches that start appearing with the heavy body. Getting sleep at night is becoming tough and so is waking up in mornings. Have been experiencing BH from 3 weeks now and thats quite a new experience for me , since first time they appeared only in last month and that too I was not really sure if they were BH.

I have a doctor’s appointment on thursday and then I would know how much I gained this month πŸ˜€ I do show a lot in few of my dresses and do not show as much in others but Anupam feels that I did gain a lot this month. So making myself ready for doctor’s bashing πŸ˜€

Rest is all good πŸ™‚

What do you do when ..

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…you collect the pista shells over a period of one month to do some craft with your kid and when you have a bowl full, you take them out to use them the next (Sunday!) morning..

..And your maid throws that all in trash..
..ofcourse you cannot blame her was trash πŸ˜›

Well..I started collecting all over again and decided to keep them hidden till they are finally used πŸ˜›

The cot that was mine..

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..when I was a baby

And this is my entry to thursday challenge for the week.

Wordless Wednesday -4

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A frustated mom needs your help..

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and suggestions on what qualifies as “acha sa” school snacks in your house.

Here anything with bread /parantha as base is not “acha sa” anymore 😦

Maggi and pasta are the only 2 yummy things that are qualified and this mumma is not ready to give maggi more than once a week.

So please help the mom ..sob sob

Wet at Mango Mist!

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This weekend we went to a resort called Mango mist , with a family friend. And you can see how much fun we had. There was pool and mist dance and where there is water there is a happy giggling Aryan !

The pics do serve as my pic for Thurday Challenge as well ek pant do kaaj πŸ™‚


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P.S : Things have been crazy at work , yeah again πŸ˜› I missed the WW and TC post last week. I missed meeting Priya and even calling her back. I missed a hell lot of things :P. I hope things settle down soon enough. But admist this , we still had a good weekend , will share some pics soon πŸ™‚

Its amusing..

June 3, 2011 at 1:30 pm | Posted in Just Like That, Pregnancy | 4 Comments

..when you see people looking at you as if they have an x-ray in their eyes and they whisper and you know what they might have been talking ..”Ohh , see she gained so much weight again, excercise did not help her for long” πŸ˜€

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