Don’t you love these colours ?

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These were some candid clicks at Innovative Film City on Jan19th, 2009.Β  Do wait for pics from wedding πŸ™‚


Hangover not over :(

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Its wednesday and I have joined back office after 10 days of vacation on monday but …

I still cannot get up at 6.30 in the morning , and I feel like I will collapse in few seconds when I get up.

I have been starting for office at a time when I should be reaching the office.

I forgot my ID on day 1, hair clip on day 2 and my handbag on day 3. I realized only after getting into the car.

I am still eating loads of sweets that I got from the weddings.

My bags are still not unpacked.

I still not feel the need to sleep early at nights.

I still feel I have loads to talk to my mom and other family members.

I still hear the giggling of kids and see the happy face of Aryan.

Now what is this if not hangover !

Stepping into Next Generation

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Do you remember the advertisement of an hair dye , where a young guy calls a lady in mid 30’s “aunty” and that got her thinking and she opted for a dye to look younger. Ofcourse they had to sell the dye.

But then we all go through this phase 2-3 times in our lives , when suddenly someone shakes us and tells are growing old or you are looking old.

I remember once when I was in college and one kid in neighbourhood called me aunty and I was like :O. But then I thought if I was her may be I would do the same πŸ™‚

And then in happened last year , when a gang of college kids called me aunty. I was like I woke up from sleep. Hello !! you are 30 , have a kid in your lap , you used to call all the ladies in their 30s with kids aunties when you were in college. Now its your turn πŸ™‚

And I know it will happen again , some day when some one in 30s-40s will call me aunty. We don’t realise when we grow up and cross the line from one generation to the next.

And now there is a funny part to it , when I go to my mom’s place , all the Uncles and aunts in the neighbourhood shops and houses (as I used to call them before wedding , when in college) , I feel I am already in their generation , and I can no longer call them uncle and aunts. No doubt they had 2 years old kids when I was in college but then now they have 6-7 years old kids and so they cannot be called uncles by me πŸ˜›

Have you faced such an situation ? When someone shakes you up and tells you , you are getting old sweetheart or when you realize that you have someone whom you called Uncle is no longer an uncle ?

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