Lotus Thru Lenses!

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Kodaikanal was awesome ! We had a relaxing trip away from all our worries and stress. We lived through 3 days in complete bliss.

Took a train to Kodai road on 22nd night and reached on 23rd morning. From there we went to the hotel, Kodai International through a taxi. On the way we stopped by from some hot coffee. Also saw 2 waterfalls on the wayΒ  (though there was no water) and tasted local fruits. Reached the resort at 9.30 Am and had bath and buffet breakfast. Soon after that we drove to the lake and enjoyed pedal boating. The boat had a mickey mouse seat for the kids and Aryan totally loved it. After boating we had kodai special masala tea outside the boat house and that was very refreshing.

It was followed by cycling and horse riding. The weather was sunny but chilly. Anupam thanked his wife for carrying wollens inspite of the weather forcast on various websites πŸ™‚Β  Cycling brought back childhood memories and we rode through the entire round of lake , with break for ice cream and corn πŸ™‚ I totally loved the colour of the sky and the effect it had on the colour of the water, the lotus in the lake and the weather in general. Aryan got so excited that he literally started dancing by the side of the lake without any music πŸ™‚

After all the fun we hunted for Astoria , a south indian restaurant recommended by the localites. The place was just awesome. The food was absolutely yummicious !!! We loved it so much that we ate 1 meal per day there for all the 3 days πŸ˜€ Aryan slept in my lap soon after food and so we headed to hotel. Sat in the balcony and enjoyed the sun while Aryan slept.

The next day (on 24th), we chilled out in the garden at the resort. Aryan was bit uneasy and wanted to sleep again after breakfast , so we let him for an hour or so.Then we decided to again go for the same stuff as we have not had enough of that. So this time we headed for shikara ride , followed by cycling all over again πŸ˜€

At night, I decided to celebrate Anupam’s birthday on its eve itself , since Aryan cannot be a part of celebrations at midnight and we had to checkout in the morning. So while Anupam went to speak at the travel desk , we closed the room and decorated the table , with some roses , a candle , sponge cake , some wine and a hand made card by Aryan and his mom πŸ™‚ Anupam did not have a hint of it and was pleasantly surprised. What surprised him most was that I carried most of that from Bangalore without him noticing πŸ™‚

On 25th Morning , we checked out after breakfast for sight seeing. There is nothing much to see in kodaikanal except some valley views and most of that was not seen due to fog. At night we had a train to Bangalore from kodai road and reached here on 26th morning πŸ™‚

Only yesterday night I realized that I have to be back to the grind within few hours πŸ™‚
Over all , we had a relaxing trip and did lots of photography πŸ™‚

Leaving you with some pictures of the lake , would come back with more πŸ™‚

About Many Things and yet Nothing :-)

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Blogging on this blog has been slow for past sometime for various reasons.

Like I wrote , a lot has been changing in life , especially in office and thats on my mind most of the time these days. And since I refrain from ranting about office on the blog (for the various reasons , most importantly since NO Blog can be really Anon on internet , mine is anyways with my real name), hence no posts.

Apart from that Aryan is majorly on mind. Well its not that he was not earlier but these days he is growing up too fast πŸ˜€ What I mean by this is that he does new things , says new words , talks sweetly , expresses his love and hate emotions , dances and is learning new arts and crafts at school and wish to do the same at home , basically at a peak of some grwing phase. And thats when they want you most ! So apart from office all I can think is of Aryan and I do blog about that here.

Apart from that towards the end of 2009, I finished reading 34 bubblegums and Candies by Preeti Shenoy , a veteran blogger and a sweet person. I loved the book because its very close to life. 34 incidents that you can connect with.

Now I am slow reader anyways and reading has become slower after Aryan , not that I want to blame it to him , its just about time and priorties. So I do buy simple and easy reads and read them at my own pace.

That reminds me that I forgot to buy 2 States. A lot of people have written recently and I thought a night journey by train would be good time to read the book 😦 Yeah , I am travelling tonight !!!

We are going to kodaikanal for 2-3 days and I am excited since I love hills as much as I love sea. And plus it will be Anupam’s Birthday on 25th and we will celebrate it a bit differently this time. I hope I will be able to arrange some tiny-winy surprise too. And plus it will a break from office , which has been really stressful for both of us for all the reasons except work. I just hope that we can unwind and spend some nice time πŸ™‚

So see you after 26th and Happy republic day to all !

Each Vote Counts

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Please vote and help educate 40,000 young Indians all over our country!

One of India’s most trusted and credible NGOs, GiveIndia is taking part in a competition on Facebook to win a US$1 million grant. The winner will be the NGO that gets the highest number of votes from Facebook users. The prize of $1 million will help put or keep 40,000 children across India in school for one year!

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Voting in the competition is for one week only, from Friday, January 15 – Friday, January 22, 2010. Can we make a difference in the next 5 days? We sure hope so!

The link for voting, where you can also see more details of the competition is


There’s been lots of talk about how social media can bring change and make an impact on the world we live in. Well, here is one tangible way for us to take a small action that could have a HUGE outcome.

In case you have more questions about this, please write to giveindiachase@gmail.com and a GiveIndia team member would be happy to reply.

If you are a facebook user , all you need to do is just click here.

It was NOT a dream !

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Yesterday night at 12 AM , an arm curled around my neck , followed by a peck on my cheeks and I opened my eyes to the wide awake little boy with bright eyes , asking for water πŸ™‚


When I asked him about it in the morning ,he giggled for few seconds and then he held my face in his hands and showered me with N number of kisses all over my face πŸ™‚

Cross posted on his blog as well

Candid Clicks at Lal Bagh

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Another Horrifying Incident

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Husband told me about this yesterday and its on my mind since then.

when she alighted from the auto, the driver demanded excess fare. As the woman refused to pay excess fare and started walking away, the auto driver held her hand and started pulling her towards the auto. She said that though there were many onlookers, none came forward to help her. She had to return home with bruises and torn clothes and a case was registered with the Byappanahalli police on Sunday.

I have never been “keep the change” kind of person. I can be seen as a miser by some , but its just that I value the hard earned money and I am not a overspending person. I will pay whats deserved but I dont believe in giving huge tips. I also believe that any tip should be by choice of the giver and not by demand.

I have also walked off so many autowallas who have demanded excess money several times . I rarely argue but just walk off telling that I have already paid correct amount. The husband has always adviced me to not to argue for change and disturb my peace. My logic had been that if we keep giving extra , this will never end , they will keep demanding. And I have always hated the argument (by some friends) of them being poor and so we should be generous. Being poor should not give you that right to being corrupt and tamper meters. I wonder why the cops don’t do a surprise check for their meters. They put challan if someone drives car at 62 when speed limit is 60 , but they never say a word to auto wallas who break all traffic rules all the time and plus ask excess money.

But I have mellowed down a bit and do leave the change sometimes , for the peace of my mind and my huband’s mind. I also need to confess here that I have mellowed down after THAT incident.

That day , it was dusk and the meter was showing triple the money. As usual I paid the due amount , told him that its triple and walked off. The auto driver followed me and started abusing. That was at a major junction of the city. There were atleast 100 people around and no one said a word. I just did not say a word and stood in the crowd.

Today when I recall that , I feel I could have ended like the lady in the above news had it not been such a crowded place.

One of the husband’s colleague justified the auto fellow , saying that he is illitrate and so he can do anything. The lady should not have done anything provocative. Horrible justification I told him. If you are illeterate you can kill anyone , rape anyone , molest anyone , is it ?? And we should be afraid of you ?

I do not know how to react at this incident. I just feel sad. Sad about the society , the people around us , who watched the incident like a drama. Sad about the mentality of people. Sad about the system in general.

Happy Twenty Ten !

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Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year !!

So what did everyone do in holiday season ??

On the record , I did not do anything , anything at all , at home and at work ..I had complete holidays , even though I was not on leave. But then that doesnot sound great , so let me see if I can count something πŸ™‚

Slept as much as I had not slept in the year.

Spent great time with Aryan , he made me laugh and also cry . We both did loads and loads of masti and a bit of craft. Also read so many books πŸ™‚

And Yes !! saw the idiots πŸ™‚ Loved it , had me ROFL !
Hirani proved all over again that entertaining movies need not mean action , special effects and cheap comedy. Over the recent controversy , read this today (Vir Sanghvi) and it makes sense to me.

Also not to forget , I dropped by to a blog meet yesterday , just to say Hi to everyone. It was just for about 30 minutes , thanks to the husband. I had planned to go with Monika but sadly she fell sick. The place was quite far and unexplored and looking at my off mood , hubby aggreed to drive me to the place. But then it was too much of a ask to treat him just as a driver πŸ˜› , and so I came back with him only.
The best part was I could meet everyone after missing so many earlier meets πŸ™‚

Do comment and tell what you did πŸ™‚

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