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Milestone Month !!

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I don’t usually write updates. It just don’t click to me. But DECEMBER was the MILESTONE month for Aryan. So “update toh banta hai bhaiya” ..:D

And why do I say so ?

1.My little Aryan walks now. Though he is still to discover that walking is better than crawling. To him , walking is still a game. But he does !!!! And he enjoys…you should see that acheivement on his face !!!!This was something which was on my mind since so long and its such a relief now.

2.Remember the fight we had over his feeding bottles in the month of August. We have compromised on a sipper. They always win you see but I did not loose this time.

3. He keeps learning and forgeting words. So now that he has forgotten to say “Nahi” , he has learnt to say “Bow Bow”

4. He has recently started loving books and he likes to spend some time with his favourite animal book every day.

4. He knows his ‘nosy’ and his ‘tummy’ and he can show you as well.

Bangalore Moms : Calling for HELP !!

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Bangalore has so many so many young working moms. Why don’t we have some good day cares and playschools. I have not seen even a single daycare/playschool with enough space , confident and capable staff. Either the place is small or dark. Or the staff is new and inexperienced. Not a single place with a lawn.

I really need help. Infact we can help each other. Please list down a few places here. Lets compile a list of “Playschool and Daycare” here. Please leave me names as comments and I will publish those here.

Here is what I know :
Sparrows Care , HSR Layout – DayCare and PlaySchool
1. DayCare and PlaySchool in one Premises
2. Commodious and Clean
3. Good Cots and Matresses
4. Freshly cooked Food
5. Camera , so that we can see baby from our offices.
6. Lot of activities with all kinds of toys.


1. The owner is not experienced for running a day care and sounded too theoritical.
2. Felt like she was insisting too too much on schedule and I am not sure that kids can be programmed to a schedule so well (includes food and sleep timings) and how good is that for their normal physical and more importantly physcological growth.
3. Diapers , why will anyone bother for potty training when baby is in diaper.
4. TV, who wants little kids hooked to TV.
5. Staircase inside the house.

Baby’s Day Out , Basavnagar,HAL -DayCare
1. The Old Lady is well experienced ,not only being old , running the place from 2 years.
2. Baby will get a homely environment.
3. No Diapers , so faster potty training
4. Baby’s routine and food will not be changed much , just that he will need to get adjusted to new place.
5. Kid :Adult ratio is good.

1. No planned activities. Baby will just spend time as he/she wants.
2. No Playschool
3. 2 kms inside the main road.
4. Small space , no open area.

VidyaArambh, Outer Ring Road – DayCare and PlaySchool
1. Spacious
2. The director was focussed and planned the schedule well.
3. No Diapers
4. Ecomomical compared to others

1. The Daycare was across the busy road
2. No open area to play
3. The day care teachers were not confident enough.
4. Staircase inside the house.

Vibgyor High, Marathalli – DayCare and PlaySchool
1. Spacious and open. Lot of space to play
2. Play School was satisfactory

1. The Daycare was not a facility but a priveledge given. No Matress , no furniture , no toys.
2. Food was out sourced from a caterer and they were already complaining about it being spicy.
3. Expensive
4. Approach road has no “road” and has no lights.

Aaja Nachle

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As always , I am not going to write any reviews here. There are enough number of places to read good and bad reviews about the movie. And one of my blog friend also did a tremendous job of writing a great review for the movie.

What I just want to say is that I liked it, inspite of the fact that I saw a pirated version on small screen with bad sound quality. Infact I happened to watch it , when I switched on my TV on sunday afternoon and tuned into the local channel. And it was irresistable , though I don’t like watching pirated versions (well , not only for ethical reasons , but also because the poor quality spoils the experience.)

It had everything that I expect from Madhuri Dixshit and Yashraj. Cinematography , casting , music , sets , costumes , dialogues , everything was just too perfect. Madhuri was excellent.I was definitely hooked. It can sure leave a impact on big screen.

So why didn’t it clicked ? Probably because it had certain things we would not expect , atleast in India. Like Madhuri had no regrets about eloping and getting married to a wrong person, like she did not comeback looking out for her parents but for her teacher on death bed , like she worked too hard against all odds to keep her dead teacher’s word (in today’s world ?). Also because it left some questions unanswered. Who will take care of theater after she leaves? What will happen to her future? Will she marry the MP ? And her broken hearted lover , who has been waiting for her all these years ?

But then aren’t we supposed to imagine certain things.It was an happy ending , but with a difference . Not the usual , “And they lived happily together” kinds.

I would definitely want to read from people who did not like it.No , not from critics , who sit just to find faults , but from a general audience.

One Memorable Day

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My marriage was a typical Indian arranged marriage , though we did fall in love with each other soon ,way too early to our own expectations. So the arranged marriage did convert into a love marriage and I did write the story here.

He was in a different city and me in another and engagement for us was an opportunity to meet after 1.5 months.It was a sunny winter afternoon.I was sitting in a room and could see the main gate. My eyes waited for the guests to arrive. When they arrived , I could see a pair of eyes looking desperately for someone. I enjoyed those moments.Amongst all the traditional ceremonies , we stole some glances.Somehow , we managed to steal 5 minutes from everyone and chat.

Later those 5 minutes became a reason for being teased by both of ours siblings and cousins.My husband says , that I looked pretty and glamorous and probably I looked the best in my life on that day.And how can I deny ? ๐Ÿ˜›

It surely was one of the few most memorable days of my life.

(Mnamma : This one was for you)

Number Four!

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Here I am completing another home work given by Madam Naina ๐Ÿ™‚ ..Tag of Four ..

Four Ladies I admire

My GrandMother
My Director in Office
Kiran Bedi
My Mother

Four Favourite Foods

Rajma Chawal
Chole Bhature
Masala Dosa…. well, I can write more here..;-)

Four Favourite Drinks

Strawberry milkshake
Jal jeera

Four Fondest memories

Of Summer Vacations at my Grandparents place
Of Planning and construction of our house
Of my hostel life in delhi
Of my Honeymoon at Manali

Four Unforgettable Days

First day to PG College
My First date with Anupam
My Wedding Day
The day Aryan was born

And now time for confession …Four things I should work on

My Weight
My Time Management
My Professional Growth
My Temper

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