What do you do when ..

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..your five years old son calls you “Moti Mumma” and “Mumma Elephant” πŸ˜›



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My Entry to Thursday Challenge!

Bandhan Kache Dhaago Ka (WW)

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This Saturday is Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) , a festival that celebrates the bond of love between brothers and sisters and cousins πŸ™‚

For the first time all 3 of us will celebrate it alone , with none of our brother / sister / cousin around.

Needless to say they will all be missed and will be in our thoughts!

Happy Raksha Bandan folks !

To that white Puma T-shirt..

August 8, 2011 at 2:07 pm | Posted in Mood, Society | 16 Comments

..who flicked my used food bill in Garuda mall yesterday , to get a sandwich from Shiv Sagar without paying for it.

Yeah yeah , I saw you , when you flicked my bill. You thought I was too busy feeding my son. Well I was. For a moment I thought it was the housekeeping guy clearing the plates but then you picked only the bill and not the plate. So I turned to see if it was my husband who came back to take the bill. It was then I realized that it was not my husband but a well dressed guy who flicked my used bill from my table at the food court. It did not make any sense to me, why would someone do that. And then my eyes followed you to get the shock of my life.

You who can afford a Puma T-shirt (Did you flick that somewhere or was it duplicate?? ) , a jeans and sports shoes and who came for an outing with your girl , flicked a bill to save 65 bucks. Shame on your cheapness !! Shame at your upbringing !!

And you thought no one noticed ?? I did. I even walked upto the cashier at Shiv sagar and told him that you flicked my used bill and took the sandwich (for which I payed and I ate already). He was VERY UPSET ..obviously and wanted me to point to that person.

I do not know why I felt pity on the girl who came out with you. I was not sure if she was aware of your cheap ways. I did not want to spoil her evening and so I let you go. I told the cashier that I did not see your face ..but I did ..and I am sure I would never forget the face of an educated thief who sold himself up for 65 rs πŸ˜›
I did show you to my husband and my 5 years old son also and told them that you are a thief.

If you happen to read this blog some day , be thankful to me that I did not rip you off in public.

And yes …I even saw you checking the used bill from another empty table to see if there is anything you can eat from that bill but perhaps you did not find anything worth a try.

Fruit of hard work

August 4, 2011 at 9:43 am | Posted in Fruits, Photos, Thursday Challenge | 6 Comments

Green tomatos in my MIL’s kitchen garden , fruits of her hard work πŸ™‚ My entry to Thursday Challenge

WW :Serene

August 3, 2011 at 1:45 pm | Posted in Landscapes, Niagra, Photos, WW | 3 Comments

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