Some Questions

July 13, 2011 at 7:32 pm | Posted in Advertising, TV | 7 Comments

Have you seen this ad for Lilliput ?
Can these people not think better and creative ?
How can someone make such an ad for kids clothing ?
How do you explain such a stupid ad to your kids ?


What an Idea Sir Ji

July 1, 2008 at 7:45 am | Posted in Advertising, Innovation, Just Like That, Society | 5 Comments
I am sure all of you in India ould have noticed Idea Cellular advertisements, featuring Abhishek Bachhan. I must say they are among the most innovative advertisements of the recent times.

The one, where a Panch of the village orders people to be identified with their mobile numbers rather than castes.Addresses a big problem of leaders winning elections due to their caste.

The one, where a deaf and dumb communicates through sms. Tells you that being differently abled doesnot stop you from enjoying the life.

And the recent one ,sees Abhishek as the head of an educational institution. When challenged by the traditional, physically bound classroom methodology that prevents spread of education, he uses mobile telephony to overcome the barrier.

Advertising is all about innovation. And if advertising comes with a social message , nothing like that.Whoever is the brain behind these campaigns , I would like to say to him , “What an Idea Sir ji”

Could not find the image/video of the latest campaign. Read about it here.

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