On The Eve Of The "THE DAY"

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Child Labourers and Beggars

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Today I was catching up with Timepass and this post of her reminded of an incident. Few years back I was in New Delhi and I was sitting in a Blue Line Bus at ISBT.The bus was waiting for a few more passengers before it starts.

Sometime later, I saw a small boy , not more than 10 years of age , dragged himself to the bus.His legs were handicapped and he was dragging himself on his thighs. He was begging and asking for some money for food. I am ususally against beggars , except for the people who are too old or too handicapped. I gave this boy 1 rupee, probably I wanted to give him more but I just restrained.

The bus started moving and the conductor yelled at the boy to get out of the bus.But the boy paid least attention and kept begging. The conductor got furious and he just lifted the boy by his arms and dropped him out of the slowly moving bus. For a second I was furious and fuming at the conductor though I did not say anything. I thought no one can be more inhuman to throw a handicap child out of the bus.

But that was a momentary thought. What I saw the next moment left me numb. I saw the boy , stood up and abused the conductor and ran away. I felt, I am a fool on earth to pity someone and give my hard earned money. Yes, that was only one rupee , but then I gave it with a feeling of helping a little handicap boy and I realized that I was cheated. I wondered why that boy could not find a better job. Ofcourse he was talented for he fooled 50 people in the bus and in a city like Delhi , then why did he choose to beg. And that too , not the easy way. Dragging yourself on thighs on the roads is definitely not easy.

Makes me think something else too. We are all against child labour. Correct ?Then what do we want from the orphans , who have no one to take care of them. Oh yes, we want the society to adopt them and give them a better life. But will that ever happen ? And even if that happens, do we know the deadline ? How do these kids survive till then ?With a population like us , we have more orphans every day than adoptions. Do we expect these kids to sit hungry and wait for someone to adopt them , be it the parents or organizations. Or do we expect them to beg for their food , which again is against the law.

I genuinely feel that we should not stop these kids from doing the work they are capable of.Ofcourse there should be certain kinds of jobs which should be banned for them.We dont stop kids to act in TV ads and movies. Those kids who earn for their well-to-do parents. But we ban the labourers who wish to earn their bread.

I think its better to earn then to beg, even for a child. This will make them confident and self dependent. Your thoughts are welcome ?

Of My Phobia

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Do you remember yourself being scared of something , since you were young and without knowing the reasons of your fear. I have had two such fears ever since I was born. Yes, even before my memory lasts.

I am scared of Buses and Horses. Yes I AM. In my late twenties, I still AM. ‘Why?’ is what I could never know. But yes I did ride a horse and I did ride a bus ofcourse. Funny part is , I am not scared of any of the two , while using them. I mean, when I was riding the horse I was not scared. And I am not scared when I am inside a bus.

But my mom told me that I used to cry at the sight of a bus and it was always tough to handle me at a bus stand. When I was young, I remember my heart beating fast at the sight of a running bus.My friends would laugh at how my bycycle would go off the road , when I would see a bus coming.

Same it was with horses. When a running horse’s feet tap on the road , I feel the tap in my heart and on my head.

Things did improve as I grew up. I am not not THAT scared of buses anymore. I did travel in DTC buses in delhi for 2 years and that helped me wave off 99% of my fear. But still sometimes I feel a slight increase in my heartbeat , when I see a bus , while I cross the road. If thats a Truck , I don’t mind πŸ˜›

Could it be that I was run away by a bus in my previous birth ..hehehe..sounds stupid ..but well that can be the ONLY reason.

Whatever it is , since childhood I have been making a concious effort to get rid of this and success has been coming slowly. Still have to work on horses though πŸ˜€

Do write about your Fears and Phobias , if any ?

Birds and the Bees Tag

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Oh Dear JLT , why did you so this. I always prayed to avoid this tag. When I was tagged I thought of wrting a formal apology. But then I thought, I should not quit , so let me just do it. Here it goes :

On a Saturday afternoon or in any late evening,
when there is silence and the baby is sleeping ,
HE and SHE will find a corner,
And hope the time lasts forever.

Yes thats it , you know I am not too innovative at ANY thing.. πŸ˜€

P.S : I may decide to take this post offline in a few days.

Ohh..BTW ..whoever wishes to be a sport and make it public can pick this up ….

College and Friends

September 26, 2007 at 5:47 am | Posted in IncidentsFromCollege, Memories | 7 Comments

About 8 years back, S took admission in a PG college.It was her Day 1 in college. She was having some butterflies in her tummy. She was perhaps one of the last person to join the class and she had to pay for that.After about 15 mins , a girl came to class in a Sari. She had a pleasant smile and was looking lovely. The entire class stood up to say Good Morning. S, confused, joined everyone. S was thinking , is this lady a faculty or a senior. She was told that her name is J and she is a senior. J asked S to give her introduction and S followed religiously. Then she was told that this was not the correct way of giving introduction and S followed the instructions. Suddenly everyone started laughing. WHY ? Her classmates played a prank on her. J was from same class and Sari , that was the dress code for wednesdays :P.

Soon the class was full and there was a faculty. A was another girl in the class. Next day another female joined the college , her name was S1. Now it was a class of 40 students and S was one among the four girls.

J was a simple girl , with a sweet smile and a pleasing personality.She was not extraordinarily beautiful , but yet had a charm that could win n number of friends.She stayed in a hostel.

A was exremely thin , simple , but sharp and witty. She was a day scholar.

S1 was quiet and shy. She believed in not messing with anyone and just to the needful. She again was a day scholar.

S , well she is the storyteller and you all know her already. She was a day scholar too , but she stayed with her Uncle.

They were all different , but yet they had something in common , which led them to a great friendship. They shared an good chemistry and always complimented each other. J would run into some problems due to her irresistable charming nature and she would have A and S for her rescue. J and S1 would compete with each other for “who will be the topper” and A and S would closely follow. And together they would give a complex to the boys. S1 and S would drive A and J to their places and to markets on their 2 wheelers. Ohhh , there are some hundred stories like that.

Now , time has passed and as they graduated they progessed in life. They are happily married in different corners of the country. They have not met together for atleast 3 years now. J and S surely met , but that too about 1.5 years back. But atleast on days like today, they still think of each other. Like now , S is thinking, “Why is A not picking her phone ? Is she in some problem (God Forbid) ? Is she out of station? Did he changed her number ? Is she just sleeping ?” She is thinking , if there is any other way to wish A , A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! Happy Birthday dear friend.

Secret Desires

September 21, 2007 at 12:54 pm | Posted in Introspection | 10 Comments

Few things I would like to do once(atleast) in my life

  • Go to a lonely hilltop/island/forest for 3 days , stay in a hut , with all greens round.Ofcourse the hut should have all basics and I will take Anupam along.)
  • Fly high in a hot air baloon and click pictures.
  • Paragliding.
  • See a snowfall except in movies.
  • Get drenched in water on a beach.
  • Go Rafting with Husband (Done rafting once, but want to go again with Anupam.)
  • Travel in a Cruise.
  • Ride a Water Scooter.
  • Visit Goa, Kerala, Kashmir and Leh (Ofcourse do photography)
  • Take Aryan to Disneyland.
  • See a Cricket Match in Stadium. I am not a Cricket crazy ..but just want to feel the excitement.
  • Wear a beautiful black evening gown and look gorgeous. (I did mention this before I guess, and I know this will never come true ..coz I need a figure for that :P)

That is it I guess , but wait ..I won’t even mind a trip around the world πŸ˜›

Where did it come from ?

September 20, 2007 at 9:57 am | Posted in Memories | 6 Comments

Today at lunch time , one collegue found an insect in the food. We all had a good time , wondering where it came from (if that was a Company property or Vendor’s) , pitying the quality of food and discussing ways to complain (some of us took pictures of the bug ..thanks to mobile cameras :P).

This incident reminds me of an old incident. While on vacation to my Tauji’s place, I went to have a glass of water in a summer afternoon.I took a fresh empty glass (IT WAS EMPTY) and took water from the water dispenser (which had a tap). And as i drank the water I saw in the glass…eeeeeeeeeeeek…the glass fell down of my hands , I jumped at my place and I felt pukish. There was a small lizard in the glass ..yuck! Still can’t believe it , that it fell down in the glass from the roof while I was drinking and I did not realize. Then where did it come from ? There is no other logical explanation.

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to All

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Birthday Plans :(

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This year beginning , when we saw the calender to find out that a leave on my Birthday , makes it an extra long weekend, we thought we can go for a vacation then. Our most awaited destination for a vacation has been Goa. And so we thought of a Goa trip. But with the situation today I had to turn it down. About 15 days to my Birthday , things are not as I expected.

Aryan is just up from severe infection and still in recovering phase.Don’t know if he will be able to take the stress. Plus with 4 leaves taken during his sickness , one more seems costly.

Aryan is still on bottle feed , and I am not sure how to manage hygine while travelling.

Aryan still does not walk. I expected him to walk by now.

No , I am not blaming it to him. Just that I don’t feel confident. Some of you may say , I never will. Others will say I am not sporty enough.But then my instincts doesn’t allow me.

So , probably my Birthday will be jsut another working day. Lets see.

Language Problem

September 14, 2007 at 7:45 am | Posted in Language Confusion, Parenting, Talks about Aryan | 8 Comments

Our mother tongue is Hindi and I know no other language except Hindi and English. And that is what we use to communicate with Aryan , mostly Hindi and sometimes a little English. Aryan goes to a day care and the owner of the place and most of the maids over there are Tamilians. Some of the maids are Kannadica. So what should Aryan do ? At this age my little sweetheart has to listen 4 different languages. What does he pick ? Another problem is , if he picks a word in Hindi , the maids will not understand him and if he picks a word in Tamil , we won’t understand.Anupam and I have been thinking about this from quite sometime and this has driven us nuts. How will Aryan learn to speak in such a situation ?

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