Depressed :-(

May 17, 2010 at 11:21 am | Posted in cholesterol, Diabetes, Health, Husband | 17 Comments

My father and both my paternal Uncles have gone through a open heart surgery. My Maternal grand mother had gone for Angio-plasty. So I always knew that I am destined to suffer with some sort of cardio vascular disease in this life time. But I wanted to delay it as much by making some lifestyle changes.

In May 2009, I was quite overweight ,and so I pledged to start some excercise every day. In August 2009 , I did lipid profile test for myself and my LDL came to be 136, which was borderline high. I read that excercise and fibrous food can decrease cholestrol levels and I increased my excercise and became more committed. In the process I reduced about 12-13 Kgs of weight. My physical profile changed a lot and I was showered with compliments all over.

I was a happy person until yesterday 😦

My Husband’s maternal aunts and his mother suffer from type 2 diabetes. So he was almost certain that the disease will knock his door some day. But as its called lifestyle diesease , he thought that by reducing a bit of weight , he will be able to delay it.

In May 2009 , he was diagnosed pre-diabetic with fasting Sugar as 105. He started running, swimming and excercising and reduced about 10% of his weight. He thought that he was on right track until yesterday 😦

We both did the respective tests yesterday again and the readings are worse for both of us.

Depressed is what we feel 😦


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