Back to our roots ..for good

August 31, 2012 at 4:06 pm | Posted in Introspection, Society | 5 Comments

Sometime back I did this post about how we , this generation , has been moving from some good practices to bad ones , just in an attempt to become cool.

Today I recalled this after reading a discussion on a face book group , about cloth diapers and sanitary pads 🙂

Do you remember those triangular pieces of clothes that were used before tinycare and pampers days ?

Do you remember the cotton pads between old cloth / gauze that our moms made once in a month..when carefree was unaffordable and ultrathins unimaginable ?

Those days are back for good , however this time in style. And we are soon going to adapt those practices again , coz the west has already started doing so 🙂

Check out these links

Don’t they look COOL !


To that white Puma T-shirt..

August 8, 2011 at 2:07 pm | Posted in Mood, Society | 16 Comments

..who flicked my used food bill in Garuda mall yesterday , to get a sandwich from Shiv Sagar without paying for it.

Yeah yeah , I saw you , when you flicked my bill. You thought I was too busy feeding my son. Well I was. For a moment I thought it was the housekeeping guy clearing the plates but then you picked only the bill and not the plate. So I turned to see if it was my husband who came back to take the bill. It was then I realized that it was not my husband but a well dressed guy who flicked my used bill from my table at the food court. It did not make any sense to me, why would someone do that. And then my eyes followed you to get the shock of my life.

You who can afford a Puma T-shirt (Did you flick that somewhere or was it duplicate?? ) , a jeans and sports shoes and who came for an outing with your girl , flicked a bill to save 65 bucks. Shame on your cheapness !! Shame at your upbringing !!

And you thought no one noticed ?? I did. I even walked upto the cashier at Shiv sagar and told him that you flicked my used bill and took the sandwich (for which I payed and I ate already). He was VERY UPSET ..obviously and wanted me to point to that person.

I do not know why I felt pity on the girl who came out with you. I was not sure if she was aware of your cheap ways. I did not want to spoil her evening and so I let you go. I told the cashier that I did not see your face ..but I did ..and I am sure I would never forget the face of an educated thief who sold himself up for 65 rs 😛
I did show you to my husband and my 5 years old son also and told them that you are a thief.

If you happen to read this blog some day , be thankful to me that I did not rip you off in public.

And yes …I even saw you checking the used bill from another empty table to see if there is anything you can eat from that bill but perhaps you did not find anything worth a try.

We, the Confused Generation

February 1, 2010 at 11:25 am | Posted in Environment, Introspection, Society, Thoughts | 27 Comments

Disclaimer : This post is not against any culture or society , but about me , about us, about our generation in INDIA

When I was in school , I always had a hankerchief in my hand/pocket. It was inseperable from me. I never used to forget it. And my friends admired and adored me for being so methodical about it. Proud I used to feel. Tissue papers were rare then. We used to see them only in expensive restaurants and we never frequented such places. Expecting tissue paper at a chat shop or ice cream wala was stupidity and people like me were considered elite as we always had a hankey to wipe our leaking nose and sticky hands.

Then we grew up. I moved to bigger cities and India moved to better economy. I realized that in bigger cities no one carries a hankey in their hands /pockets. Everyone uses tissue. Most places have tissue available and even if it was not there females have tissues in their bags , wet/dry face tissues. Hankeys look so dirty and so behanji style here. And I moved to tissues within few months of this realization.

All of us have seen this transition , in one way or other. How many of us have seen tissue papers , toilet paper , paper towels , kitchen rolls in ample amounts when we were kids. How many of our mothers use them even now. How many of us were wiped with papers when we were kids , but I am sure all of us have used paper to wipe the face and bums of our kids.

We moved with the trend. Some realized it and some did not. But what we did not realized is that we moved from a better setup to worse. In the process of moving with the trend or western society we learnt to waste paper. Washable cheap hankeys were better than tissue papers and instead of being proud and saying that I use them because I want to save paper , I moved to tissue papers.

Its not just about paper though. There are so many such practices that we accquired from west recently , because they are convienent or just cool but that are bad for the society and environment.

When we were children we never saw plastic bags inside dustbins. It has plus points that its easy to clear and less messy and easily transportable. BUT , a plastic dustbin under each desk with a plastic bag in each of it and we want to make this world plastic free ????

Aryan’s school serves snacks to kids in disposable plates,hygeine they say! Wow! I wonder how can small kids handle fragile disposable plates. I think it would have been better to invest in colourful plates once and emloy 1-2 people to clean those up everyday.

In Bangalore many roadside food vendors , place a plastic sheet over the plates and serve food over that plastic. Idea is to save the effort of cleaning the plates and customers too find it hygenic. Smart !! I felt when I saw it first , while walking by one on them. I was also surprised that the plastic sheets are made affordable even to them !! On second thoughts though I don’t feel the same.

I wonder how confused we are , we as in INDIA. We want to move with the trend and become modern ..err..western. In the attempt we are loosing some of our good practices. At the same time , we are concerned about environment. We want to save paper , ban plastic and save natural resourses.

I also feel that our generation is the only generation that can make the change. We trasitioned from previous stage to this one and now we only have to step back. If we make our kids used to what we learnt for the worse , we can never hope to save paper. And we need to start today. Good that I realized this atleast today 😛

P.S : Abha did a excellent post on this long back , couldnot locate the link though

Each Vote Counts

January 20, 2010 at 11:25 am | Posted in India, Society | 3 Comments

Please vote and help educate 40,000 young Indians all over our country!

One of India’s most trusted and credible NGOs, GiveIndia is taking part in a competition on Facebook to win a US$1 million grant. The winner will be the NGO that gets the highest number of votes from Facebook users. The prize of $1 million will help put or keep 40,000 children across India in school for one year!

Imagine the IndiBlogger community coming together to spread the word and help the underprivileged children of India. The impact would be tremendous and together, IndiBloggers and GiveIndia would be able to gather the votes we need to win.

Voting in the competition is for one week only, from Friday, January 15 – Friday, January 22, 2010. Can we make a difference in the next 5 days? We sure hope so!

The link for voting, where you can also see more details of the competition is

There’s been lots of talk about how social media can bring change and make an impact on the world we live in. Well, here is one tangible way for us to take a small action that could have a HUGE outcome.

In case you have more questions about this, please write to and a GiveIndia team member would be happy to reply.

If you are a facebook user , all you need to do is just click here.

Another Horrifying Incident

January 6, 2010 at 12:10 pm | Posted in autos, Society | 27 Comments

Husband told me about this yesterday and its on my mind since then.

when she alighted from the auto, the driver demanded excess fare. As the woman refused to pay excess fare and started walking away, the auto driver held her hand and started pulling her towards the auto. She said that though there were many onlookers, none came forward to help her. She had to return home with bruises and torn clothes and a case was registered with the Byappanahalli police on Sunday.

I have never been “keep the change” kind of person. I can be seen as a miser by some , but its just that I value the hard earned money and I am not a overspending person. I will pay whats deserved but I dont believe in giving huge tips. I also believe that any tip should be by choice of the giver and not by demand.

I have also walked off so many autowallas who have demanded excess money several times . I rarely argue but just walk off telling that I have already paid correct amount. The husband has always adviced me to not to argue for change and disturb my peace. My logic had been that if we keep giving extra , this will never end , they will keep demanding. And I have always hated the argument (by some friends) of them being poor and so we should be generous. Being poor should not give you that right to being corrupt and tamper meters. I wonder why the cops don’t do a surprise check for their meters. They put challan if someone drives car at 62 when speed limit is 60 , but they never say a word to auto wallas who break all traffic rules all the time and plus ask excess money.

But I have mellowed down a bit and do leave the change sometimes , for the peace of my mind and my huband’s mind. I also need to confess here that I have mellowed down after THAT incident.

That day , it was dusk and the meter was showing triple the money. As usual I paid the due amount , told him that its triple and walked off. The auto driver followed me and started abusing. That was at a major junction of the city. There were atleast 100 people around and no one said a word. I just did not say a word and stood in the crowd.

Today when I recall that , I feel I could have ended like the lady in the above news had it not been such a crowded place.

One of the husband’s colleague justified the auto fellow , saying that he is illitrate and so he can do anything. The lady should not have done anything provocative. Horrible justification I told him. If you are illeterate you can kill anyone , rape anyone , molest anyone , is it ?? And we should be afraid of you ?

I do not know how to react at this incident. I just feel sad. Sad about the society , the people around us , who watched the incident like a drama. Sad about the mentality of people. Sad about the system in general.

This left me shivering..

November 12, 2009 at 2:18 pm | Posted in Bangalore, news, Society | 7 Comments

I am sure you would have read this ,

Bangalore: A nanny hired by a couple in India’s IT hub of Bangalore regularly drugged the seven-month-old baby in her care and rented him out for Rs100 a day, to be used by street beggars, the Times of India newspaper reported yesterday.

Please explain..

August 28, 2008 at 11:16 am | Posted in autos, Society | 19 Comments

Why am I expected to waive off any money less than Rs 10 , to auto drivers , street vendors and service providers ? Is it wrong on my part to wait or ask for my money ? Does that mean I am money minded ? Does that mean I am a miser ? Does that mean I am not BIG at heart ? Is it the only and the right way to show my generousity ? Why am looked with a strange hatred when I do so ? Please explain..

Don’t Test Our Patience !

July 28, 2008 at 5:59 am | Posted in Bangalore Bomb Blasts, Society, Terrorism | 7 Comments

Friday afternoon Bangalore was struck with serial blasts. We were asked to head for home at around 4.00 and transport was arranged. Evening was spent in front of TV , watching the details on TV , anticipating who it could be , thanking God on not much damage , thanking God for the fact that we were not the victims , thanking God for no near and dear ones were the victims , calling and answering calls by near and dear ones.

But what after that ? Saturday life resumed to its normal. We went out for our weekly grocery shopping. Took around my parents who are visiting us these days. Called over some relatives for dinner.Sunday was also similiar.

Ofcourse life did change for the victims(thankfully not too many in Bangalore) and their families , for some of them that change would be BIG. But no change is bigger than life. We miss loved ones when they go , but life moves on.

So YOU who wants to create panic , forget it. YOU who wants to bring our lives to still , forget it. With each of these incidents YOU make us stronger emotionally , mentally and may be physically also , to fight against YOU. Do not forget that India has lost no battles and it will not loose this in house war too.

P.S : Read an interesting analysis , of why Bangalore and Ahemdabad were the chosen ones here.

What an Idea Sir Ji

July 1, 2008 at 7:45 am | Posted in Advertising, Innovation, Just Like That, Society | 5 Comments
I am sure all of you in India ould have noticed Idea Cellular advertisements, featuring Abhishek Bachhan. I must say they are among the most innovative advertisements of the recent times.

The one, where a Panch of the village orders people to be identified with their mobile numbers rather than castes.Addresses a big problem of leaders winning elections due to their caste.

The one, where a deaf and dumb communicates through sms. Tells you that being differently abled doesnot stop you from enjoying the life.

And the recent one ,sees Abhishek as the head of an educational institution. When challenged by the traditional, physically bound classroom methodology that prevents spread of education, he uses mobile telephony to overcome the barrier.

Advertising is all about innovation. And if advertising comes with a social message , nothing like that.Whoever is the brain behind these campaigns , I would like to say to him , “What an Idea Sir ji”

Could not find the image/video of the latest campaign. Read about it here.

Inhuman Cops :(

October 16, 2007 at 12:23 pm | Posted in Society | 1 Comment

Ten policemen have been convicted by a court in Delhi for killing two innocent businessmen in the ten-year-old sensational Connaught Place shootout case. Read the full piece of news here.The widow of the victim explained , as to how one usual day turned out to be a nightmare for her life.

I do not know the inside out of this story ,except what I read and saw onTV , but then killing innocent people for the sake of promotions is beyond my imagination. What can promotion mean …ohh yes..may be it meant more black money for some.

I know there is a lot of debate about encounters and fake encounters , but what about this. Killing someone , planting pistols in their car and expecting promotions ..and they even did not take care of basics like firing some shots from the planted pistol. May be they were trying to copy some Ram Gopal Varma movie , without applying their own brains.Heights of inhumanity and insensitivity ..:(

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