Depressed :-(

May 17, 2010 at 11:21 am | Posted in cholesterol, Diabetes, Health, Husband | 17 Comments

My father and both my paternal Uncles have gone through a open heart surgery. My Maternal grand mother had gone for Angio-plasty. So I always knew that I am destined to suffer with some sort of cardio vascular disease in this life time. But I wanted to delay it as much by making some lifestyle changes.

In May 2009, I was quite overweight ,and so I pledged to start some excercise every day. In August 2009 , I did lipid profile test for myself and my LDL came to be 136, which was borderline high. I read that excercise and fibrous food can decrease cholestrol levels and I increased my excercise and became more committed. In the process I reduced about 12-13 Kgs of weight. My physical profile changed a lot and I was showered with compliments all over.

I was a happy person until yesterday 😦

My Husband’s maternal aunts and his mother suffer from type 2 diabetes. So he was almost certain that the disease will knock his door some day. But as its called lifestyle diesease , he thought that by reducing a bit of weight , he will be able to delay it.

In May 2009 , he was diagnosed pre-diabetic with fasting Sugar as 105. He started running, swimming and excercising and reduced about 10% of his weight. He thought that he was on right track until yesterday 😦

We both did the respective tests yesterday again and the readings are worse for both of us.

Depressed is what we feel 😦



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  1. Awwwwwwww. Pls pls take care of ur health. Do a regular blood sugar test. I’m sure with your young age and constant monitoring u can keep it in check n lead real normal lives. I’m sure u know all this already.. Hugssssssssss it’ll b better.

  2. Oh! That’s bad but then don’t give up. I am sure with regular exercise and monitoring, you can keep these health diseases in check.
    Don’t worry. Thinking positive helps. So practice it.

  3. Hey, don’t give up…just keep up all the good work that you’ve both started. Getting depressed can make the illness worse… lifestyle changes and a positive outlook can work miracles…don’t give up hope so soon..

  4. U both hv been dng all that u cn Swati .. so, pls take care and dont be so depressed. Sugar hs spread its roots on my Mom’s side too and all of her siblings were affected pretty young, despite their efforts to keep it @ bay. But, it hs been in good control with diet and exercise. Hugs to u!

  5. Oh…take care! Just keep going on with lifestyle changes and get regular tests done…it can all be controlled if you really wish so… we have some similar problems this side. Just keep the faith and keep going oin with your efforts!
    Hugs n Best wishes!!

  6. Thanks all ..I know what you all say is right ..but somehow it still feels so disheartening

    • I cn understand .. its easy for all of us to say, but it does take time for u. Our best wishes r with u. Take care πŸ™‚

  7. Oh welcome to the club! I also got a bad diagnosis in November last year, and tried exercise and food change. Feeling much better symptomatically, i decided to test again.
    Come Feb, and the tests are worse. I try even more with a vengeance. Come April, and the results are hopeless. Guess they got sth wrong with that exercise and diet changes hypothesis.

  8. Hugs! Take care and I am sure you will be able to control it with exercise and food control. And why not take the tests again, it might just be a false result. Take care and I am sure you both will be fine.

  9. Hey…I know how you feel…don’t worry too much…just continue taking the efforts, and visit a well known dietitian, who can guide you properly with the food part. You will also get a lot of good info on

    Cheers and hugs ()

  10. My sympathies. But depression will not help at all. You have a healthy lifestyle. So enjoy the present. You do get Chinese green tea that is supposed to bring down sugar levels, that’s what I give my husband.
    Count your blessings and smile πŸ™‚

  11. awww I can understand ur depression when u work hard towards and a goal and acheieve but still the final results elude u its tough… but keep the faith… dont give up


  12. Hugs and more hugs dear!

    Please change doctors if that’s needed and maybe a change with doctors and a different diet and excerce routine might help?

    Have faith and please don’t give up…

  13. Oh.. depressing no doubt! But the fact that you are aware and consciously making efforts towards good health is very heartening… dont give up hope πŸ™‚ Positivity is key here! I’m sure you know that.. just trying to pep u up a bit πŸ™‚
    Cheers and best wishes!

  14. It happens sometimes, my hubby is the most careful eater and very active and health freak, but still he has so many health problems, but I nevr let them take over us….today one can battle with anything, you just heed the mindset..think positive and nevr let them dominate you, thats what once a doctor told me and I follow that religiously.
    Take care!

  15. Thanks all , We feel better , perhaps we just need to be patient and sought some expert advice. We had not seen any doctor till now , coz we thought the readings are just marginally high and we can control them with improvising our otherwise sedentary life style.

    Now we are considering to go for the tests again , to be doubly sure and then consult some experts.

  16. Aw. Hugs Swati. Don’t worry, everything will turn out ok, at least you’ve been alerted to it early which is something so many people haven’t been.

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