What will happen when the virtual world will turn real ?

May 16, 2008 at 5:36 am | Posted in Blogger Meet, Blogging | 3 Comments

What will happen when the virtual world will turn real ? I always imagined how my blog friends look like. I always wondered that there might be one of those working in the same office or same office campus. There will be one of them staying in my own apartment or the next one.

Now I know their real names. Also where they work and stay. Within some time I will know them by faces. Will I be able to guess who is who. Ofcourse I saw one glimpse of Poppin’s mom ( a pic) long back. I have heard JLT’s voice 2-3 times. I have chatted with Bangalore Mom and Mama Mia. I have seen Kiran on TV. So I know they are real and not virtual. But the very idea of meeting them in reality , makes me excited. And its not just them , I will be meeting COS , Aargee and Compulsive Dreamer too.

Today I will have so many new friends in this city , where I have always missed having real life friends and family. Ohh..I cannot hold the excitement. Thank you all for inviting me. Will be there in some time 🙂



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  1. I’m so ENVIOUS!!!

    Do let us know how it goes! I know you all will have a balst and i feel so left out sitting here in this other part of hte county 😦

    Oye Delhi bloggers, lets meet up soon yaar!!

  2. Hey…me mighty excited as well!!

  3. Wow! you guys met? how cool… 🙂
    how was it? did u have fun? details plz…

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