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February 2, 2010 at 10:10 am | Posted in Thoughts | 20 Comments

One of my friend joined a new company and the new company has a dress code for employees.

But thats not it , the dress code is a one page document with 5 bullet points for men and 5 for females and details of each and every cloth thats allowed ..You get the idea !!

Now even though the entire document looked ridiculous , what freaked me out is below :
In the female section :

“No Sleeveless, short skirts, deep-necks, body-hugging Tops/Shirts, shorts”
Horrible !!!

Can some one tell me who are they to tell a female what’s body-hugging and whats deep neck ? How will they define that ? Isn’t it the perception of individuals ? And will they employ a security guard / HR person to see who wore deep neck ????

Now another one , in both male and female section :

“Do not wear clothes which are too flashy/snazzy/colorful.”

I told my friend to show them his wardobe and ask them the definition of
flashy/snazzy/colorful πŸ˜›

Can 20-30 something men and women , professionally qualified , living in metro and working for MNC be not trusted to dress up responsibily ? Do they need a monitor to check on their nail polish and colour of socks like in schools ?



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  1. Hw stupid! We do know to be a Roman in Rome .. I don’t think anyone wud go to office dressed in beach wear πŸ˜›

    And I don’t understand whatz the problem with sleeveless?

    • LOL @ beach wear , I wonder what would happen if they do πŸ˜‰

      And yes , why sleeveless!!

  2. Why not give everybody a uniform instead of specifying on a page.

    • Good idea πŸ˜€ would pass it on πŸ™‚

  3. sadly, i think they do…

    u will be surprised to c some of the stuff we see in office… so, going against the popular tide, i will have to side with the memo..

    btw, my ofc has a memo too!

    • Ours is a brit company and we have a similar dress code. I quote it here.
      Use these, but not in office
      Hawaii Chappals, Floaters
      Tight/Short Western clothes, Shorts, Capris
      Torns/Worn off jeans, Sandblasted Jeans, Jeans with flashy patterns/Patches
      Wrap Around Skirts, Ruffled, Frilled Skirts

      No Chappals, Sandals, Floaters,
      Dhoties, Pathan suits,Shorts,
      T-Shirt with no collars,
      Shirts with flowers or such imprints

      These rules are not old. Before these, there used to be people with all of the above!!!! Exception are dhoties/Lungies!

      • My problem is not with dress code but with making it so elaborate. They could have just written , Mon-Thurs formals and fridays smart casuals. I think something should be left to people.

  4. I have seen this too…with my own eyes!
    Some professional services firms, like legal firms do this kind of dress coding, to be able to present a professional look to the employees. I dont know how much value that adds, but its more like building a culture in the organisation. But it does sound a bit rude at some level!

    • Yes Preeti when its client interaction it makes some sense. But in IT companies , techies don’t interact with customers face to face. Plus like I said in above comment , dress code is fine , just don’t over do it

  5. Dress Code is necessary, becuase of some of the things I have seen being passed as “Office wear” by both men and women are quite shocking!!

    I guess, its a fine line which exists between what is permissible and what would be considered as offensive…

    So, some of these rules are good I think, but, no-sleeveless is kind of stretching it a tad bit too much!!

    • Yes Pixie , I have some nuts in my office too but my office has no dress code at all. I wonder if they have basic dress code , people would be careful to not wear such stuff.

      What I found offending was , sleeveless , deep necks , tight tops , bright colours ..I mean I feel thats over do , these words should not make place in policy documents and who wud judge them anyways .

  6. i think these days most companies have this kinda stuff. i have seen some crazy dressing at my work place. ofcourse a lot of it gets written off media whimsy, so its not strict here.

    but yes, sleeveless etc sounds a bit too stretched! and who decides what is short enough and what is tight enough really!


    • Exactly thats what I wanted to say , who decides whats short and wahts tight and who would measure that. They could just have sticked to basics of formal dressing and left something for ppl to decide.

  7. Hi, I also work in a Company which has very similar dress codes, infact I feel your friend might be in my Company, and yes I am in HR department. And yes, you are right, you actually have to see it to believe the kind of dressing people turn to when they attend office, sphagettis, deep necks and low waist jeans etc are commonplace if there is no dress code in place. And yes , if need be an HR person is deputed to see whether people are adhering to dress code or not, because decent dressing is pleasing to eyes and there is nothing wrong with it. If peoople want to wear beach wear and short skirts etc. they can do that after 6 and also on weekends. Many Corporates apart from BPOs follow such dress codes, it has got nothing to do with whether you are in a Metro or not, you are woman or not , it should be taken in the right spirit.

    take care

    • Hey Rekha , Welcome here ..I agree that ppl shd dress decently at work and low waist jeans and spagettis shd not be worn ..absolutely πŸ™‚ But I found certain things in the document very rude and offending ..anyways ..perception πŸ™‚

  8. talking about 20-30 something men and women , professionally qualified , living in metro and working for MNC dressing up responsibily, u should come to see those “responsible” ones! u will change ur perception of the mentioned above responsible ones!

  9. talking about 20-30 something men and women , professionally qualified , living in metro and working for MNC dressing up responsibily, u should come to see those β€œresponsible” ones in my office! u will change ur perception of the mentioned above responsible ones!

    • πŸ™‚ I see i am in minority here πŸ™‚

  10. A friend of mine joined a new company here,in Melbourne and she was given a similar memo too!!strange!

    • yes it found it too detailed πŸ™‚

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