Can it get more disgusting ?

February 10, 2010 at 11:12 am | Posted in Reality show, TV | 16 Comments

We came across this reality show on UTV Bindaas on a lazy saturday/sunday evening when we were fliping channels in the hope to catch some good movie. Out of curiousity we saw the full episode.

It feels so disgusting. How can you get a fidelity test done for your partner. I saw some latest promos and someone did it after 10 years of relationship. I mean whats a relationship if there is no trust , and that too after 10 years.

How can people expose there so personal feelings on camera to the entire nation. And what is that they are trying to show ? Every couple has one convict and one victim ? Everyother person is cheating his or her partner ?

I find no word better than DIGUSTING to describe the show. And whats better is that the show comes in evening on a weekend. So that all the kids can catch it ?

And then there is a news channel who goes and find out that the show is fake. WOW WHAT A NEWS !!!!

As if all the other reality shows are real. People who came on sach ka samana always knew what questions will be asked and yet they had crocodile tears when they came on air.

People who are attending Swayamvar on Imagine know that Rakhi Sawant and whoever that guy was , actually never intended to marry each other and nor is Rahul doing it for marriage.

Why fool the masses so much ? I feel that TV soaps who have ladies with loads of makeup crying all the time are far better than these shows. Atleast there people are aware that its all scripted.

By the way , if there are any real people who want to go for emotional atyachaar, read this first.



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  1. This is heights!!!!!

    • and weights 😛

  2. These days reality shows are just yuck. No better word to describe them. Looks like the 100’s of channels have zero stuff to show and they make up something that can grab audience’s attention, but really what are they telling the community, i wonder.

    • Exactly !

  3. reason no 11202 why we dont have cable tv at home! hehe!

    but seriously its such crap! its sad. and sooo many people watch it for god knows what cheap thrills!


    • Very true Abha thrill!

  4. I dont belive this.. u and i blogged abt the exact same thing on the exact same day!! wow!!

    • Yeah ..i saw your post in my reader and linked back:)

  5. I agree! It is just disgusting! The lows to which entertainment could sink to!

    • Its sad 😦

  6. On a lateral topic, Thackerey bretheren won’t have any problems with such ‘MORALS’.
    The crass in this country is continuing to rise.

    • Talk about Thackery and the battalion ..don’t they have some work in life ?

  7. Smart thing to do is not watch any of these channels… I simply leave the TV room and read a book or play a game on my laptop or surf the net or listen to my Ipod when my family decides to watch serials… even the make up loaded crying women get to me… !

    Even the news dont appeal… I watch live cricket or highlights… or watch Nat-Geo, Travel n living or movies… !!!!

    these shows are now questioning the intelligence of the viewers… and I seriously cant answer…

    • Your comment makes your irritation so very obvious 🙂 You are actually right , its better to keep the idiot box shut

  8. The line between fiction and non-fiction is blurred in today’s television. For fame now people will do anything. I could never imagine that we will have shows like swayamvar, sach ka saamna etc.

    • so true Sol!

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