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October 11, 2007 at 6:30 am | Posted in Food | 8 Comments

I am a hardcore foodie…you name any dish..ofcourse salads and soups are not included ..and what you get to hear from me …”Wow..thats my favourite”,”Aree waah…” and similiar sorts of statements..:-P My husbands says , “Is there anything , thats not your favourite , especially among the sweets.”..*sob*

Tell me , if your kids would react like that to foods , how would you react ? You sure will be the happiest Momma on earth. And even my Mom was. Whenever I used to get home from hostel, I would have something ready especially for me. My brother would tease me , that this “Kheer” or “Rajma” were prepared 2 days back and since no one liked it , we kept that for you. And you think I would give an ear to him …well thats not me…I would happily have whatever it is πŸ™‚

In college , I would cover my books with mother diary advertisements ..those tempting ice cream…*slurp*…and the explanation was I feel good to see them when I I get bored of reading. Before I had a kid , my wall papers would either have a landscape or a tempting ice cream.
But now things are not same. I was always a chubby little girl , but then no one wants a chubby big Mom or a Chubby (*fat*) big Wife. All that I ate then and all that I eat now , is showing everywhere. And I know well , that except for others , I need to reduce it for my own self too.
My father , my husband and all those who care for me , would tell me every alternate week (sometimes every week too) and all that it does is , it irritates me , coz I know what they have been telling and everything around me reminds me of that , especially my wardrobe 😦
And what do I do about it..barely anything. Yes I do try to control. Every afternoon , I would make resolutions like “to not to have sweets from tomorrow.” , “to have just one bite” , “to quit rice” etc etc. I may succeed for a day or two but then what do I do with my taste buds ..*sigh* ..why the hell can I be not determined.
So , since yesterday I have decided to quit sugar in milk..lets see for how long.


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  1. 11:50 pm here. Was going to read one last post before dropping dead. To see this pic of ice cream?

  2. Hehehehhe…now you will have sweet dreams πŸ™‚

  3. Good Luck!!
    My mom has sugarless tea/coffee but is not able to avoid SWEETS!!! And dad always teases her abt this. She is not diabetic but since it runs in the family she wants to be safe. lets see how u handle?

  4. Thats my favourite topic too! I was so known to be a food freak at work that my colleagues would tease me if you can’t find ~nm, look for food, she will be right there πŸ˜›

    And those pics are soooooooooooo tempting!! makes me want to dig into my PC screen πŸ˜›

    I had written something like this long it and you will know you are not alone!

  5. All the best!!
    Ice creams! Yum!!

  6. plastering walls with food pics?! you’re a confirmed hopeless case πŸ˜‰ are you into the food blogs? they indulge your senses like no other…

  7. You’re trying this in Diwali season. Sorry to say but you’re going to have so much temptation how are you going to resist. Better think of an action plan now…

  8. Timepass : Even I can still not resist SWEETS 😦

    nm : I read your post then and there. Some one like me , gives me hope , but you sure don’t have that much to shed.

    Pixie : Thanks.

    K’Mom : Not on walls , on computer monitor. But anyways I know I am hopeless 😦 Nope I resist food blogs thankfully.

    Suiggles : You sure know my problem , Diwali is sure the worst time…but then any day is bad for a person like me πŸ™‚

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