Finding a Day Care ????

May 11, 2007 at 11:45 am | Posted in Day Care | 5 Comments

The Process is going on and on and on…We do not belong to Bangalore but then nobody does really belong to a Metro. Whats more problemtic is , we hardly have company of people of our age group. So here I am searching for a day care for my little one even before he was born.
But I still stand no where.Now he is about 10 months old and in another 2 months we have to put him in a daycare. If only anyone could tell me , where do I lack effort :

1. I asked all friends and relatives in Bangalore , with and without kids.
2. I asked all of collegues,even the bachelors.
3. I read all the classified , message boards and sources available on internet.
4. I posted ads whereever possible.
5. I called Just dial several times.
6. I called all preschools to ask if by any chance they run a day care too.
7. I visited day cares in various localities , so that if any one suits my needs , I may even shift my house.

But nothing worked till date. Could all the women out there tell me ..HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO WORK !!!!!!



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  1. Where do you stay in B’lore? Lemme see if I might have help for you…

    I stayed at home till Sonny boy was old enough for pre-school. Now he spends the morn at school, sleeps the afternoon away and in the evening, hey presto! Amma and Achcha are back!

  2. Only because i can leave brat with mother and MIL…. Thank the lord…

  3. Hey Just like that ,recently I found good one in HSR. Lets see. Good that Amma and Achaa are back !.

    Kamickids..welcome here. You are lucky !!!

  4. hey..are you going for the bangalore meet? you can find the link on poppin’s page.. she is linked to my page. and there you will meet other like minded mothers for future help in bangalore.

  5. Thanks MM …I read that. Let me see if I will be able to join.

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